World News – USA – Windows 10 users warned to uninstall Flash ASAP


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Windows 10 has started sending notifications to users’ desktops warning them to uninstall Adobe Flash Player as soon as possible.

According to a report from GHacks, you will see a message that support for the product has officially ended and should be removed from your system if you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer.

“Thank you for using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe will use Flash Player after Dec.. December 2020 no longer support « , it says in the message.

“To ensure the security of your system, Adobe will block from the 12th. January 2021 the execution of Flash content in Flash Player. ”

« Adobe strongly recommends that you immediately remove Flash Player from your system by clicking the Uninstall button below, » it adds.

Every time Flash Player attempts its update process, which occurs every seven days, you will see this pop-up message.

The final schedule update for Flash Player was released by Adobe last year. Support for the product will officially end on Jan.. December 2020 – excluding mainland China.

In announcing the latest patch, Adobe recommended that users immediately uninstall Flash Player from their computers to protect their systems.

« Uninstalling Flash Player helps secure your system because Adobe does not intend to release Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL date, » it says.

Added that some users will continue to receive reminders from Adobe to uninstall Flash Player.

These are the reminders that now appear on Windows 10 devices that have the latest versions of Flash Player installed.

Adobe said the decision to quit Flash Player was based on the fact that other open standards – including HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly – have continually matured and are now viable alternatives to Flash content.

« Also, major browser vendors are integrating these open standards into their browsers and rejecting most other plug-ins (like Flash Player), » said Adobe.

It was stated that the Adobe Flash retirement was coordinated with several leading browser vendors and that a three-year notice period was provided for the retirement of the tool.

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World News – United States – Windows 10 users warned to uninstall Flash ASAP
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