World News – USA – WHERE: KENTA asks NJPW to strip Jon Moxley from the USA IWGP Championship


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Cody Rhodes was right when he stated earlier last year that the AEW and NJPW already had a collaboration agreement and gave an example of the impact on Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley’s « King of Sports ».

However, for now, there does not appear to be such an alliance in the eyes of many Japanese viewers, who have not seen the United States IWGP championship defended in ten months since the last time in February 2020 against Minoru, during the New Suzuki Beginning In Osaka Events.

Given the uncertain predictions of the champion’s return to the house founded by Antonio Inoki, the only defenses for that medal have been that of the KENTA briefcas, making him worthy of an opportunity against Moxley, like the one that happened in November under the showdown -Event.

AND KENTA should benefit from his attempt at Wrestle Kingdom 15 tomorrow, but in return, NJPW … planned a new defense of his briefcase there; Starting with Juice Robinson as a rival and finally with Satoshi Kojima due to an injury to « The Flamboyant ».

Situation that KENTA is so outraged that he made a specific proposal in his last tweet.

After defeating Ojima at #WrestleKingdom, I should become the NEW IWGP US champion when « THAT GUY » no longer shows up.

«After defeating Kojima in the Wrestle Kingdom, I should become the NEW USA IWGP CHAMPION if » THAT GUY « doesn’t show up. .

NJPW released Moxley from this belt back in October 2019 in response to the Cincinnati player failing to make it to the King of Pro Wrestling in time. Now the company doesn’t even dare to plan a defense, although Moxley could travel to Tokyo (although the epidemiological situation in the Japanese capital has worsened in recent hours) and could surprisingly reappear after the KENTA fight. In less than 24 hours we will get rid of doubts.

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World News – USA – WHERE: KENTA asks NJPW touches Jon Moxley of the USA IWGP Championship
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