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NFL RedZone is returning for Week 11 for a packed list of afternoon games on Sunday. Things open at 1am. m. All eyes will be on Taysom Hill and the New Orleans Saints as they battle the Atlanta Falcons. Elsewhere, the Pittsburgh Steelers will try to remain undefeated against the Jacksonville Jaguars while the Baltimore Ravens will try to recover against the Tennessee Titans. The New England Patriots will try to maintain their strong momentum against the Houston Texans. In the late afternoon game, Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins face the Denver Broncos, while Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers face Philip Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts.

There are plenty of places to watch NFL RedZone this season, whether it’s on TV or streaming without a cable. However, free trials are not an option for the main streaming services. Viewers must become full subscribers to watch RedZone.

FuboTV – FuboTV is a solid all-round option for those looking to get rid of cables, and it offers a wide range of channels. It is also one of the best options for any sporting event. The basic fuboTV plan costs $ 59. 99 per month, with the Sports Plus package with NFL RedZone for an additional $ 10. 99 per month.

FuboTV offers a free 7-day trial. However, this study does not include NFL RedZone. However, it doesn’t include standard NFL broadcasts for your region over CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

YouTubeTV – Another solid all-round streaming option. YouTubeTV is $ 64. 99 per month. To watch NFL RedZone, you’ll need to sign up for the Sports Plus package for an additional $ 10. 99 per month. YouTube TV offers a free trial. However, Redzone is no longer included.

Sling – Sling is another option for cable cutters, priced at $ 30 per month for the Sling Blue package, which is included with the NFL Network. However, fans must also sign up for the Sports Extra package in order to gain access to NFL RedZone. However, this package is available free of charge for new customers in the first month. Sling also has a free trial, but does not grant access to RedZone.

RedZone is an NFL Network special game day show that is ad-free and guides viewers through all games on Sundays. RedZone is hosted by Andrew Siciliano or Scott Hanson (depending on which version of the channel you get) and runs from 1am. m. EST on Sunday through the last afternoon game, constantly switching between shows to show the most exciting parts of each game – especially when a team has entered the red title zone.

Viewers have several options to watch NFL shows throughout the season. The provider depends on when and where the program of a particular game is broadcast.

FuboTV (Free Trial) – FuboTV is a solid all-round option for viewers who want to watch NFL games wirelessly. The fuboTV service allows viewers to watch CBS and FOX games in the afternoons (games limited to the games set for their regional broadcast area). . You can also catch prime-time national broadcasts on Sunday Night Football (on NBC) and Monday Night Football (ESPN).

Sling (Free Trial) – Sling is another option for cable cutters and is priced at $ 30 per month for the Sling Blue package, which includes the NFL Network. However, fans must also sign up for the Sports Extra package in order to gain access to NFL RedZone. However, this package is available free of charge for new customers in the first month. In addition, Sling Blue gives viewers access to afternoon games on FOX and Sunday evenings on NBC. ESPN is only available through the Sling Orange or USD 45 Combo package. NFL Network and CBS are not available through Sling.

HOUSTON (AP) – After not abandoning the run all season, the Houston Texans will face another test on Sunday against the New England Patriots, a team that has the ball more than any other team in the NFL leads.

The Patriots (4-5) are leading the NFL this season with 301 rush attempts and are third with an average of 161. 1 meter fast a game. Houston’s running defense has been the biggest problem in a dismal season that saw the team finish bottom of the league with 167 points. 4 meters fast a game.

Now the Texans (2-7) have to face a New England team that not only has Damien Harris, who reached a career high of 121 meters last week, but quarterback Cam Newton, who is third in the NFL Place occupied with nine rushing touchdowns.

Houston defensive end J. . J. . Watt was asked about the challenge of facing New England’s unique assault.

« We have to stop all running periods, » said Watt. « We haven’t done well all year. You have to play your gap, discard your blocks, do tackles. Everyone has to do their job. ”

Watt, increasingly frustrated this season with mounting losses, believes the key to Sunday’s success will be limiting Newton.

« You have to be aware of his abilities in every single game, » said Watt. “He can do pretty much anything out there. ”

The Patriots are trying to build on the momentum of winning two in a row after losing their last four games.

As the Texans focus on slowing the running game in New England, the Patriots will attempt to curtail Deshaun Watson and Houston’s dynamic passing game. Watson hit a season low of 163 meters in a loss to Cleveland in difficult weather conditions last week but has nine non-stop touchdown passes in his last four games.

New England coach Bill Belichick knows Sunday’s game will be challenging for his team despite the fighting in Houston this season.

« We all know that this is a very good and talented football team, » said Belichick. « Your record really means nothing to me. What something means is the way they play, how they are trained and what talent they have on the field. They are very good at everything. ”

Texan’s interim coach Romeo Crennel and Belichick have known each other for decades, and when they were both assistants to the Giants in the 1980s, they often played racquetball together.

« That was a good indicator of how Bill was getting closer to the competition and the game because he would find out your weakness and then attack your weakness, » Crennel said. “That’s how he does it with football. ”

Belichick, who is often too short with reporters, spoke at length when asked about these games and his relationship with Crennel.

« He’s a great football coach. One of the best I’ve ever worked with, ”said Belichick. « He’s a great friend. I’m not going to call him a great racquetball player. I wouldn’t say either of us would fall into that category, but we’ve had a lot of good times trying to stay in shape there. ”

New England’s win over Baltimore last week marked the start of a three-week course in which the Patriots will face three of the NFL’s top double-threat quarterbacks in Arizona’s Lamar Jackson, Watson and Kyler Murray.

The Patriots held Jackson with 11 porters at 55 yards. Watson entered the game on Sunday with an average career low of 4. 9 yards a try with a roaring touchdown. In terms of completion rate, however, he is among the top 10 (68). 1%), yards (2. 539) and touchdown passes (18).

Patriot safety Devin McCourty said that facing Jackson last week was perfect preparation for Sunday’s matchup against Watson.

« (Watson) is definitely as much of a threat as we faced last week, » said McCourty. « Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, we’re going to see some of the same things on Sunday. ”

Watson was in high school when he first met Newton and now considers him a mentor, brother, and his favorite quarterback.

« He’s a guy I based my game on, especially at a young age, which is what he did, » said Watson.

Watson and Newton made frequent phone calls after he graduated from high school and during his college career with Clemson. Newton offered advice on school, life, and what it was like to be an NFL quarterback – lessons Watson will be forever grateful for.

« I just followed his example and lead and it brought me here, » said Watson.

Patriots cornerback and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore started the week as a limited participant in training and remains in question this week after missing the last three games with a knee injury.

It could leave the Patriots defense understaffed for another game as it prepares for the league’s eighth offense.

The encouraging news is that cornerback J. . C.. . Jackson plays one of the best football games of his career. He leads the NFL with six interceptions in 2020 and has a choice in each of the last five games. His 14 INTs since the start of the 2018 season are the most in the NFL during that period.

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