World News – USA – Leaked Pentagon UFO reports reveal a photo of the mysterious « Silver Cube » over the Atlantic


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A leaked Pentagon photo of a mysterious « silver cube » floating over the Atlantic has sparked fears of possible aliens in the ocean.

The Department of Defense’s « Unknown Air Phenomena » task force has released two « position reports » for intelligence agencies, one in 2018 and one last summer, « The Debrief reported on Wednesday.

The position report 2018 apparently contained a cockpit photo that showed an « unidentified aerial phenomenon » (UAP).

Thursday’s debrief shared the defense picture, reporting it was taken « from the cockpit of an F / A-18 fighter jet using a pilot’s personal cell phone » on the east coast of the US.

Three US officials who saw the picture said the mysterious object was « cube-shaped » and silver in color.

The object looked like it was « floating » or motionless when the military pilots saw it.

The three officials told The Debrief that the mysterious « cube » based on the image was at a height of 30. 000 to 35. Appeared to be flying about 1,000 feet and about 1. 000 feet from the fighter jet.

« I’ve never seen anything like it in decades with the [intelligence community], » an Intel official told the news agency.

According to one official, the report went through « normal, non-public information-sharing channels » and other proprietary communication sources such as the NSA’s official intranet.

Earlier this year the Pentagon set up a task force to investigate whether such aerial objects pose a threat.

The debriefing reported that the unidentified object seen by pilots resembles a GPS drop probe, which is an atmospheric profiling device.

In the Department of Defense photo, however, there does not appear to be a GPS receiver following the drop probe under the parachute.

The 2018 Pentagon report, as reported by the news agency, apparently admitted that military officials were unable to determine where many UAPs came from.

The 2018 report is said to have given a general overview of the EAP issue, including details of previous military encounters as well as an open admission that the origin of many EAPs could not be determined.

The report appears to say that the possibility that the EAP was « alien » or « non-human » is a legitimate consideration.

A second report from this summer went « viral » in the Intel community, according to an official.

The most shocking part of this report is supposed to be an « extremely clear » picture of an « unidentifiable triangular airplane ». ”

The picture, which was also taken in a military jet fighter cockpit, showed “what appears to be an aerospace vehicle described as a large equilateral triangle. ”

It looked like it had rounded or « blunt » edges and large, spherical white « lights » in the corners.

Former US Navy pilot David Fravor said earlier this year that he discovered an object in the shape of a tic tac off the California coast that made complex movements that no artificial technology would take for granted.

He insisted on the authenticity of what he said on Jan.. November 2004 saw and said, « It’s not like we saw it and it was gone, or I saw lights in the sky and it’s gone – we saw this thing on a crystal clear day with four trained observers. « 

« We see this little white tic tac because we are about 20 feet above it and it goes north, south, north, south and is abrupt.

« It is aware of us and it goes up and down, so it knows we are there. This corresponds to five minutes

« I’m going to hit it and I’m probably half a mile away and it comes up over my nose and it speeds up and goes about 12 in less than half a second. 000 feet and it’s gone, « he said.

He said that when the flying object was over the sea the water appeared white, but when he and other jets went over to inspect it, it had turned blue again.

When he landed, Fravor related his encounter to a colleague, Chad Underwood, who was able to locate the object and get a video on his radar.

After posting a video of what happened, President Donald Trump called it « a damn good video » and asked if it was real.

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World News – USA – Leaked Pentagon UFO reports reveal a photo of the mysterious « silver cube » over the Atlantic
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