World news – US – TikTok users are left « shocked » after watching the controversial 2011 horror movie Megan is Missing for the first time


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Written and directed by Michael Joy, Megan Missing is a found psychological horror movie centered around two 14-year-old schoolchildren, Megan (Rachel Quinn) and Amy (Amber Perkins).

The movie takes place in the days before Megan goes missing after going to meet a boy she met over the Internet.

Although it was filmed in 2006, the film was not distributed until 2011 and was banned in New Zealand due to its « objectionable » content, with the country’s classification office writing that « availability of the publication is potentially harmful to the public interest. ».

At the time, Megan Mafkoun was criticized for poor acting, her use of graphic and sexual violence and excessive sex with young heroes, with many describing the film as « torture porn ».

The movie found itself back in public consciousness over the weekend (14-15 November) after several TikTok users saw it for the first time..

One viewer wrote: « Megan is the missing man. It made me star at the wall and want to delete all my social media accounts and never come back again. ».

Others warned fellow social media users not to watch the movie, with one viewer tweeting: “I’ve just watched it and haven’t been affected or shocked by something in my whole life.. This world is so disgusting, I can’t stop crying and I feel sick in my stomach. If you haven’t seen it yet, please don’t. It’s terrifying.

Another commented: « Missing Megan is heading for a reason and Lemi tells you, don’t watch her without reading Wikipedia first, if you’re a little interested ». «  A very horrible and disgusting movie. I never recommend.

In response to the movie’s boom in popularity on TikTok, creator Goi – who has since written for American Horror Story and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – issued a warning to folks interested in watching it for the first time..

“I did not get the usual warnings that I was giving to people before they watched Megan Is Missing, which is: Do not watch the movie in the middle of the night, and do not watch the movie alone, and if you see the phrase“ Image Number One ”pop up on your screen, you have about four seconds To close the movie if you’re already terrified before you start seeing things you probably don’t want to see, « he said.

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World News – US – TikTok users were left « shocked » after watching the controversial 2011 horror movie Megan is Missing First time
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