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THE MEN’S BATHING POND in Hampstead Heath, London at dawn on a gloomy September morning seemed an unlikely place for my first meeting with Harry Styles, the legendary music czar with heavy magic, who probably wondered if something had been lost in translation.

But then there’s Styles, a cheerful gung ho, hidden behind a festive yellow bandana mask and a sweatshirt of his own design, surprisingly printed with three images from the intellectual pinup, author Alain de Botton. « I love writing it, » Styles says.. “I just think it’s cool. I saw him talk about the keys to happiness, how one of the keys is to live among friends, and how true friendship stems from being weak with someone.

In turn, De Botton’s 2016 novel The Course of Love taught Styles that, “when it comes to relationships, you just expect to be good at it. . . . [But] being in a real relationship with someone is a skill, “that Styles himself has often had to refine it in light of the ruthless klieg of public interest, and in the company of such notable celebrities as Taylor Swift and – well, Styles is A gentleman too much to call names.

This Columbia Records sweatshirt and tracksuit pants were removed in the quaint outdoor wood changing room, accented with Swallows and Amazons. A bunch of daring shepherds in various undress states happily unaware of a 26-year-old supernova in their midst, although I must admit that I find it hard to take my eyes off him, try as much as possible. Styles underwent a six-day juice cleanup in preparation for Vogue photographer Tyler Mitchell. He exercises Pilates (« I have hamstrings too tight – I’m trying to open them ») and meditates twice a day. « It changed my life, but it is very subtle, » he says. It helped me be more present. I feel like I can enjoy the things happening right in front of me, even if it’s food, coffee, or I’ve been with a friend – or just swimming in a really cool pool! Styles also feels his meditation practices helped him during the turmoil of 2020: “Meditation just brings a stillness that was really beneficial, I think, to my mental health..

Styles had been a fish breeder for three years, inspired by the vegetarian food many members of his current squad prepared on a tour. He says, « My body definitely feels better. ». His graceful torso is beautifully engraved with Victorian sailor tattoos – a rose, a ship, a mermaid, anchor and a palm in between, dates 1967 and 1957 on either side of the collarbone. His mother and father). Honestly, I wish I had filled the beach.

We take the pirate gang that dives into the water and dive in. Let me tell you, this is not the Aegean. The icy water is cloudy green phlegm below the surface, and the dewy reeds slap its ankles. Styles, who admits he’ll try any fashion, recently underwent two sessions of cryotherapy and is clearly less prone to a cold.. By the time we swam full circle, however, our body temperature has been adjusted, and you might say the ice has broken. Active as it should be, we are ready to meet today. Styles thoughtfully brought a box of coffee and some bottles of water into his backpack, and we sit on either end of a park bench for a socially distant conversation..

Looks like it’s been a productive year. At the start of the lockdown, Styles finds himself in his second home, in the Los Angeles Canyons. After a few days alone, he moved in with a group of three friends (and later with two band members, Mitch Rowland and Sarah Jones). « They used to put the names in a hat and plan the week, » Styles explains.. “If you were on a Monday, you’d choose your movie, dinner and activity for that day. I like to make soup, and there was a huge variety of movies; We’ve gone all the way, « from Goodfellas to Clueless. Styles says the experience « was really a good lesson in what makes me happy now. ». It is a good example of living in the moment. I honestly like being around my friends, « he adds. “This was my biggest takeaway. Just being alone the whole time, I would be miserable.

Styles are great in friendship groups and he counts his legendary ex-boy group, One Direction, as one of them. « I think the usual thing is to walk out of a group like this and you almost feel you have to apologize for being in it, » Styles says. “But I loved my time in it. Everything was new to me, and I was trying to learn as much as I could. I wanted to suck it up . . . . I think that’s probably why I love to travel now – enjoying things. In a post-COVID future, he is considering moving temporarily to Tokyo, explaining, “There is respect and stillness, a calm that I really loved every time I was there..

In 1D, Styles was making music whenever he could. « After a show, » he remembers, « you’ll go to a hotel room and do some singing. ». As a result, his first solo album, Harry Styles of 2017, was « When I Really Loved Being in the Studio, ». “I loved it as much as I loved it wandering around. Today, he prefers solitude with his core group of collaborators, « Our Little Bubble » – Roland and Kid Harpoon (Tom Hale) and Tyler Johnson.. « Safe space, » as he described it.

In the music he’s been working on in 2020, Styles wants to capture the experimental spirit that was the inspiration for his second album, Fine Line last year.. With his debut album, « I knew so much how my voice as a solo artist was, » he says. “I can see nearly every place where I felt like I was bowling with the bumpers up. I think that with the second album I left the fear of being missed and . . . It was really fun and really free. I think with music it’s very important that you evolve – and that extends to clothes, videos, and all that stuff. That’s why you look at David Bowie with the Ziggy Stardust or the Beatles and their different eras – bravery is so inspiring..

Seismic changes of 2020 – including the Black Lives Matter Uprising over Racial Justice – offered Styles an opportunity for personal growth. « I think it’s a time to open up, learn and listen, » he says.. “I’ve been trying to read and educate myself that in 20 years I’m still doing the right things and taking the right steps. I believe in karma, and I think it’s just a time now where we can use more kindness, compassion, and patience with people, more willing to listen and grow.

Meanwhile, the hilarious single « Sugar Watermelon » from Styles became an anthem to escape this miserable summer of 2020.. The video, which shows Styles (dressed in Gucci and Bode with a 1970s flavor), was filmed with a group of beach girls and boys, in January, before lockdown rules came into effect.. By the time it was ready for release in May, a touching inscription had been added: “This video is for touch.

Styles looks to take the tour again, when it’s « safe for everyone, » because, he notes, « meeting people is part of it all. ». You really can’t recreate it in any way. But this was not always the case. Early in his career, Styles was so annoyed with stage horror that he regularly dropped out of pre-performance.. He remembers « I always thought I was going to mess up or something ». «  But I felt really lucky to have an incredibly generous group of fans. They are emotionally generous – and when they attend the show, they do so much that it creates the atmosphere that I have always found so loved and accepted..

This summer, when the weather was safe enough to travel, Styles returns to his home in London, where he suggests we head now, and drives off in the modern yellow Jaguar 73 Jaguar that smells like gasoline and leather. « My dad and I have always bonded with cars, » explains Styles.. “I never thought I’d be someone who just went out on a fun ride, just for fun. On nights when he does not sleep by plane, he will drive through the quiet streets of London and see the neighborhoods in a new way.. “I find this very comfortable,” he says..

During the summer, Styles took a road trip with his artist friend Tomo Campbell through France and Italy, setting off at 4 in the morning and spending the night in Geneva, where they jumped into the lake « to wake ourselves up. ». (I see a pattern emerging. ) At the end of the trip, Styles headed home alone, accompanied by an upbeat playlist that included « Aretha Franklin, Parliament, and plenty of Stevie Wonder. ». It was really fun for me  ». “I don’t travel much. Usually I’m in a hurry, but there was stillness. I love the feeling that nobody knows where I am, this kind of escape. . . And freedom.

Growing up in a village in the north of England, Styles thought London as a separate world: “It really felt like a different country. “At the age of sixteen, he descended into the bustling city after his mom got into the U-road. K. The X Factor talent search program. Styles recalls: “I went to audition to see if I could sing, or if my mom was kind to me. Styles was disqualified but later brought back with other contestants – Niall Horan, William Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik – to form a boy band that was named (at Styles’ suggestion) One Direction. Soon the X Factor creator and referee, Simon Cowell, signed him to brand Syco Records, and the rest is history: 1D’s first four albums, supported by four world tours from 2011 to 2015, debuted at number one on U. s. Billboard charts, and the band has sold 70 million records to date. At the age of 18, Styles bought the London home he now calls his home. “I was going to do a job for two weeks, but when I came back there was no second floor,” he recalls, so he moved in with his adult friends who lived nearby until the renovation was complete.. « Eighteen months, ». « I’ve always seen that period is so pivotal to me, that there is that moment in the party where time gets late, half of the people are going upstairs to do drugs, and the other people are going home.. I was like, ‘I don’t really know this boyfriend’s wife, so I’m not going to make a mess and then come home. “I had to act a little, at a time when I felt for everything else in my life that I really don’t have to act. I’ve been lucky to always feel like I have this family unit somewhere.

When Styles’s London regeneration was finally completed, “I went in for the first time and cried,” he recalls. « Because I felt like I was somewhere. The. a. Sounds like a vacation, but that feels like home.

“There is a lot of joy in playing with clothes. I never thought much of what it meant – it just became an extended part of creating something « 

Behind its pink door, the Styles house has all of the stellar rock trappings – there’s a man cave full of guitars, a poster for sex pistols that don’t care about Pollux fingers (an animated gift from his decorator), an album cover for Steve Nicks. « Dreams » by Fleetwood Mac was one of the first songs he knew of – « My parents were a big fan » – and he and Knicks formed a community of mutual admiration.. At the start of the shutdown, Nicks tweeted to her fans that she was taking inspiration from the Fine Line: « The way to go, H, » she wrote. “It’s your rumors. « It’s always there for you, » Styles said when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.. “She knows what she needs – advice, a little bit of wisdom, a blouse, a shawl; she has you covered.

Styles makes us some tea in the light-filled kitchen and then wanders into the cheerful living room, where he takes a nonchalant pose on a chesterfield sofa, upholstered in turquoise velvet. He might not totally surprise his eyes by accident.. Styles admits that his lock has been « constantly joggers » and that he’s relishing the opportunity to dress up again. He doesn’t have to wait long: the next day, under the friezes of a Victorian mansion in Notting Hill, I arrive mid-set to photograph Vogue and spot patterns on the Y fronts, waiting patiently to try to find fashion editor Camilla Nickerson and photographer Tyler Mitchell. Styles’ personal stylist, Harry Lambert, wearing a pearl necklace and colored nails in various shades of green varnish, similar to Sally Bowles, provides helpful support (the British Six Rule has not been enforced yet).

Styles, who brought me a copy of De Botton’s 2006 book The Architecture of Happiness, is instinctively and almost weirdly polite, old-fashioned, opening doors without mentioning lovers by name sort of way. He was amazed to find out that Atlanta-born Mitchell had yet to experience a traditional British roast dinner on Sunday. Assuring him that « it’s basically like Thanksgiving every Sunday », Styles provides Mitchell with details of his favorite restaurants in London to enjoy one.. “It’s a good thing to be nice,” Mitchell told me after a morning at Styles.

MITCHELL has Lionel Wendt’s offbeat photos from the 1930s of young Sri Lankans on his mood board. Nickerson thinks about the legendary Irving Penn’s Fall 1950 collection in Paris as she sits, photographing mid-century supermodels, including his wife Lisa Vonsagrieves, at the refined creations of Dior and Balenciaga. Styles are available to everyone, and so, it seems, the menswear scene of 2020: Jonathan Anderson has produced a hammock coat encrusted with a chunky golden martingale; John Galliano at Maison Margiela designed a khaki trench with a vertical collar line in layers of colored tulle; And Harris Reed – a St.Martins fashion student personified by Lambert who ended up catching a glimpse of Styles ‘last tour – spent a week creating a wide-shouldered smoking jacket with high-waisted and wide-legged pants that became Styles’ signature since then stood with Tim Walker on the cover Fine Line in a Gucci pair – a silhouette that has been repeated throughout the wardrobe. (« I loved the idea of ​​wearing this uniform, » Styles says. ) The Red version is worn with a tousled skirt of hot pink satin that somehow suggests that Deborah Kerr asks the King of Siam in Yul Brenner, « Shall we dance? »

Styles introduced me to writer and eyeglass designer Gemma Styles, « My sister is from the same womb, » he says.. It’s also here for makeup: The siblings plan to surprise their mom with the double pics on these pages.

“My mom liked to dress us up,” she recalls. “I always hated it, and Harry was always totally interested in it. I made some papier-mâché clothes: I made a giant mug and drew an atlas on it, and Harry was the ‘World Cup’. « Harry also had a small Dalmatians costume, » she adds, « Hand in hand from our best friend in the family. ». He was spending a very long time wearing this outfit. But then my mom donned a Cruella de Vil costume. She was always looking for any opportunity!

“As a child I definitely liked fancy clothes,” Styles says. There were school plays, the first of which was playing Barney, the church mouse. « I was really young, » he remembers, « and was wearing tights for it. ». “I remember it was crazy for me to wear a pair of tights. And this is probably where it all began!

Representation has also remained a primary form of style expression. His sister remembers that even on the eve of his life-changing X Factor audition, Styles could only sing publicly in a supposed voice.. « He used to do a good kind of Elvis roll, » she recalls.. During training at the family home, “he used to sing in the bathroom because if he was singing by himself, he wouldn’t be able to see anyone of him! I love his voice now,” she adds.. “I’m so happy that he made music that I really enjoy listening to.

The role-playing in Styles continued shortly after the 1D hiatus in 2016, and was cast in Christopher Nolan Dunkirk, beating dozens of professional actors in the role. « The good part is that my character was a young soldier who didn’t really know what he was doing, » Styles humbly says. “The movie was so big that I was a small piece of the puzzle. He was definitely humble. I just loved being outside of my comfort zone.

His performance caught the attention of Olivia Wilde, who recalls “blew me away – the openness and commitment. In contrast, Styles liked the debut of Wilde’s director, Booksmart, and it was « a huge honor » that she had cast him in the lead role in her second film, the thriller titled Don’t Worry Darling, which went into production this fall.. Styles will play the husband as Florence Poe in what Styles describes as « the utopia of the 1950s in the California desert. ».

Academy Award-nominated Ariane Phillips wears Wilde. “She and I did a little triumphant dance when we heard we officially have Harry in the movie, because we knew he had a true appreciation for fashion and style,” says Wilde.. And this movie is incredibly stylistic. It’s super loud and luxuriant, and I’m really grateful that he’s so passionate about this element of the process – some of the actors just don’t care.

“I like dressing in general,” Styles agrees, in a simplified masterpiece: This is the man, after all, who co-hosted the 2019 Met Gala “Notes on Camp” wearing a black organza without nipples and a tie-in blouse from Lace, and high-waisted pants that they covered his bra. Equipped with a polished Elizabethan courtier’s pearl dotted earring, the collection was created for Styles by Gucci Alessandro Michele, who befriended him in 2014.. Styles, who would later incarnate the brand as the face of Gucci perfume, found that Michelle « is not afraid of his work and his imagination. ». It’s really inspiring being around someone who works this way.

The two met for the first time in London for a cappuccino. “It was just a PR date, but something magical happened, and Harry is now friends,” says Michelle. He has the aura of an English rock and roll star – like a young Greek goddess with James Dean and a little Mick Jagger – but no one is sweeter.. It is a picture of a new era, of the way people can look.

Styles credits his style shift – from the track suit-wearing heart to an unusual fashionista – to meeting the cute young designer Harry Lambert seven years ago. They hit it off once and conspired since, enjoying a fun tent affair and calling each other Sue and Susan analyzing the scarlet lace beauty Michelle made for Vogue’s photography, for example, or a pair of hand-painted Bode pants with bio pics (Styles sent pics Of his family Emily Adams Pod, and grandfather photo of David Hockney and Johnny Mitchell. « The idea of ​​these two friends being really beautiful, » explains Styles..

« He just enjoys the clothes, which is kind of what I got, » says Styles of Lambert. “He doesn’t take it very seriously, which means I don’t take it seriously. The process was evolutionary. In his first encounter with Lambert, the designer suggested “a pair of torches, and I was like,” Flashlights? Styles remembers this silly frenzy. Now he declares, « You cannot wear too much. There is no such thing. The people I looked up to in music – Prince, David Bowie, Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Elton John – were showrunners.. As a kid it was just amazing. Now I’m going to wear something that looks really shiny, and don’t go crazy wearing it. I think if you get something that you feel amazing in, it will be like a superhero costume. The clothes are here to have fun, experiment and play with. The really interesting thing is that all of these lines kind of fade out. When you remove « There are men’s clothes and there are women’s clothes », once you remove any barriers, it is clear that you open up the arena in which you can play.. I’ll go to the stores sometimes and find myself looking at women’s clothes thinking they’re amazing. It’s like anything – any time you put down barriers in your life, you are only restricting yourself. There is a lot of joy in playing with clothes. I never thought much about what that meant – it just became an extended part of creating something.

Lambert confirms, « He’s ready for it, » who earlier this year found, for example, a JW Anderson cardigan with a Rubik’s cube look (« on sale in matches). Com! « ). Styles wore it, fitted with his own pearl necklace, for a rehearsal today in February and spread out: his fans quickly sewed their own version and posted the results on TikTok. Jonathan Anderson himself declared « so impressed with the trend and incredibly humble » that he gracefully made the pattern available (complete with a YouTube tutorial) so that Styles fans could copy it for free.. Meanwhile, Victoria & Albert Museum in London has requested the release of the original Styles: a symbolic document of how people were creative during the COVID era. « You will be in their permanent group, » Lambert says cheerfully.. « Isn’t that sick? Isn’t that the most epic thing? »

« It’s very powerful and unusual to see someone on their site redefine what it can mean to be a man of confidence, » says Olivia Wilde

“To me, it’s very recent,” says Wild of Styles, “and I hope that this kind of confidence as a male Harry – which is truly devoid of any toxic masculinity traces – is an indication of his generation and thus the future of the world.. I think he defends it in many ways, and drives that. It’s very powerful and unusual to see someone in their position redefine what it can mean to be a man of confidence..

“He’s really in touch with his feminine side because it’s a natural thing,” notes Michelle. «  And he’s a huge inspiration for the younger generation – about how you can be on a completely free playground when you feel comfortable. I think it is revolutionary.

STYLES’S confidence is fully evident the day after installation, which finds us all in the beautiful canyons of Sussex. At the top of the hill, with its trees blowing horizontally in high winds, lies the English Channel. Although it takes a two-hour drive from London, it’s the fresh-faced Styles, who fell asleep at nine in the evening. M. He arrived early: he is known to be early in everything. The team is installed in a traditional flint barn. Giant doors were replaced with glass and frame a pastoral landscape of distant sheep. « Look at this area! » Styles says. « How lucky are we? This is our office! The smell of roses! » Lambert begins singing « Cumbaya my Lord. ».

Hair stylist Malcolm Edwards fastens Styles’ hair to the victory roll with silver clips, and until it is combed it resembles Catherine Grayson with a short cut. His fingers are ringed, « he has a new army of little bags, » Lambert says, pointing to an attachment table swinging with examples, including a small Sky Blue Gucci Diana bag with HS written on it.. Michelle also made a dress for photography that Tissot might have liked to paint – balls of ice blue ruffles, black Valenciennial lace, suivez-moi ribbons, jeune homme. Erelong, Styles bravely races up a hill in it, dodging sheep’s scraps, thorns, and chalk splinters and strikes a pose for Mitchell who manages to make ruffles a compelling new masculine proposition, just like Mr.. . The frothy white cotton fish dress – equal parts of the romantic poet and Greek presidential guard – wore it to Mick Jagger when he wore it to the free Rolling Stones performance in Hyde Park in 1969, or as did the floral suburban dress of Curt Cobain as he did define the rebellious grunge aesthetic. Styles mischievously sings the song « Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Man After Midnight) » to himself when Mitchell calls him outside to jump up and down on a trampoline in a buttoned woolen kilt from Comme des Garçons. « What does it look like? » He asks his sister when it comes out of the cold. « My God, » her brother says in Lambert’s terrifying speech..

With the broad sky washed in pink, orange, and gray, like a sunset in Turner, and Mitchell calls it a successful day, Styles plays Fine Line’s Cherry on a hilltop Fender soundtrack. « He’s making his own stunts, » says his sister, laughing.. The improvised group was greeted with applause. « Thank you Antwerp! » Styles comically says, kneeling down to the crowd. « Thank you, fashion! »

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World News – US – Playtime with Harry Styles: « You can’t dress too much »
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