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Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live Impact Wrestling Turnover coverage. This event is available exclusively on IMPACT Plus, or purchased individually through FITE TV at 8 PM EST! Make sure to hear your thoughts on the Tonight show in the comments section below. Plus, share our live coverage through social media. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to keep getting the most recent updated coverage. Up and down is on the tonight card:

Commentator Josh Matthews welcomes fans at the tipping point! We start the match with a singles match without a title!

The two forces start the match with a lock. Eddie Edwards gains control of his wrist taking Daivari down the carpet. Daivari reaches a portrait position and puts Edwards in a narrow side lock. Edwards sends Daivari towards the ropes. Daivari goes on flight with a lever pull and switches to another lever lock. Edwards goes to an old school power contest. He only got 2 on Daivari. Daivari lands on top of Edwards’ inverted atomic drop. Davari gains some attack by turning off the road as Edwards collides with the round post. Daivari continues to work on Edwards’ left shoulder by hitting him up the steel stairs. Both men are making their way back into the ring.

Edwards backed out of Davari’s bid in the Grand Slam tournament. Daivari continues his defensive streak with a choke in the foot before both men work their way out of the ring. Edwards broke in the last episode. Daivari rolls Edwards back in the ring and continues to close Edwards’ injured shoulder. Daivari keeps Edwards trapped with a series of bits. Edwards breaks freely with a shoulder. Edwards packs Daivari in just 2 stunning backpacks. Daivari blocks Edwards’ tiger grenade by entering the corner. Daivari sends Edwards down the middle of the ring with a tornado from the second rope. Daivari got 2 near Edwards. The two men exchange pieces before Edwards goes for a distinct blue thunder bomb. He only gets 2 again. Daivari gets distracted when Edwards lands at the Boston Knee Party. Edwards gains « W » in the first match!

Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews run during tonight’s squad. Next, we’re back in the ring for some Knockouts tag action!

Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood (w / Kaleb With A « K ») vs.. Taya Valkyrie & ROSEMARY

Tenille Dashwood and Rosemary start up. Dashwood wants Rosemary to go out of her way so she can get a picture. Rosemary stuck to Dashwood’s throat. The referee calls for the rope to be broken. Rosemary gets a card from Taya Valkyrie. Dashwood is retreating towards her cover to bring up Jordynne Grace. Grace Valkyrie closes with a sealed side lock. Valkyrie fights with some hind elbows. She resists Grace with a shock to the shoulder and relies only on « La Vera Luca. ». «  Valkyrie connects a big kick on Grace with a close fall only at 2. Valkyrie snatches a mark from Rosemary. Both women bump into Grace in the corner. Rosemary sends Grace back first on the carpet with a suplex explosion. Rosemary creeps in from the back, locking the chin on the campanula. Grace cries out in pain. You find the bottom rope to break the rope.

Valkyrie Grace shuts down again. Grace counters with spinebuster. Dashwood has set itself in. Dashwood goes for what should have been the Grace pin attempt. Valkyrie kicks in the 2nd minute. Dashwood put Valkyrie on the self-titled Dashwood Woogie site. The Valkyrie fights with a low sling blade. Dashwood gets a mark from Grace. Blessing rises up to hold a spear. Rosemary is back. Rosemary then sends the spears of Grace after which she faces first in the upper binding clip. Rosemary shuts Grace with her upside down off the ropes. The referee calls for another break of the rope. Rosemary drops grace with it as shown above, so below (double bottom hook). Rosemary and Valkyrie thrive in this winning match!

Shocked that TenilleDashwood can’t get along with its partners when its motto is « It’s all about me. #TurningPointJordynneGrace pic. Twitter. com / DXxfe9XG77

Behind the Scenes: Cousin Jake has some good news to tell Cody Denner, but it looks like Cody doesn’t want to hear it. Cody confronts Jake’s cousin over why he lost to Johnny Swinger. Jake apologizes if he caused any of it. Cody forgives him. Finds himself pressured because of this « who called John E.. Bravo « thing. Jake has an idea: Why don’t they go find Swinger and fight him?

. Losing @ CodyDeaner to swinger_johnny seems to be a huge disappointment for The Deaners. Tweet embed #TurningPointJakeSomething_ pic. Twitter. com / jgEh6DtUlQ

We move again to the ring for the third match in the evening. Two former friends will clash in a singles match!

Swoggle refuses to surrender and grants Brian Myers victory. Swoggle lands with a big slap with an open hand before Meyers grabs a tiltable head scissors. Both men collide from outside. Myers chooses the ankle to return to the ring. The referee starts the count on Swoggle, who returns with the ninth count. Myers continues the attack with a series of stomping towards Swoggle’s head. Keeps control of it with a lock. Swoggle gets up in portrait mode and fights off the comment. Myers placed only the elbows toward Swoggle’s chest.

Swoggle lands a series of pre-assembled pieces. Myers raises his shoulders at 2. Myers returns the favor with a pin of his own. Swoggle starts at 2. Myers continues to disassemble it with a front lock. Swoggle refuses to click. He stands on his feet, only to be thrown back. Swoggle surprises the announced team when it goes for another open slap followed by the powerful German Suplex. Swoggle heads up the rope. Myers accuses him of a big kick in the head. Join Swoggle on top. Swoggle bites free. Connects a tadpole splash! His end isn’t enough to keep Meyers down. Myers ends the match by breaking a neck and then a clothesline to gain victory.

After the match: Brian Myers goes another punch on Swoggle. Crazzy Steve runs to Swoggle’s help.

Behind the Scenes: Gia Miller wants to get XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) ideas for their match with Chris Sabin and James Storm, which is scheduled for next. Romero wants their opponents to know that yes, they’re both great tag team rivals, but they’re not XXXL.

Chris Sabin and Larry Dee start the match. Larry de Sabin tosses in the fastening clips. Sabine’s attempts were shot in three pieces from the shoulder. Surprisingly, Sabine got it the third time around. It’s marks in James Storm. The Storm strikes hard with a powerful stride on Larry D.. . The storm suspends the guy for 2 only. Pull Larry D Storm to its corner to get a mark. Ace Romero enters. He deals with the storm roughly until he takes a long time to mock the storm, which attacks him in the face. Now, it’s Sabine in the ring. Romero pushes himself over and around Sabine before tagging Larry D.. Larry D comes to try to take revenge with the powerbomb to sit down. Storms are going to break the pin attempt on Sabine. Sabine mistakenly attempted a coup at sunset. Romero sits on top of Sabine to keep him out of his game.

Romero threw Sabin outside. Larry D combats Sabine by throwing him into the circular column. Larry D brings Sabine back into the ring. Romero keeps Sabine off work while he goes to get a tag on Larry D.. Larry throws Sabine around, and tries to go to Storm on the bib. Storm his ducks. Throwing Sabine rolls with a sign of « Cowboy. ». « The storm comes hot with a clothesline and a bird’s forearm. Send him down with a neck jacket. The storm goes to cover, and Romero comes to disperse it. Sabine flies his cross body onto Romero. Romero poses.

The chemistry between Storm and Sabine is electric, as the two men eliminate rivals with crossed bodies on the outside. Both men assemble their former teams screaming « beer guns. ». «  Sabine helps Storm with his Hurricane DDT on Larry D.. Larry D is still somehow alive in this match by kicking him in at 2. Chaos ensues as the four men are in the ring. XXXL wrong and smash into each other. Sabine hits Inzigori, followed by Storms with a super kick. Sabine wins for him and Storm!

Behind the scenes: Cody Denner and her cousin Jake search for Johnny Swinger. As they make their way to his room, they find a rifle. Cody Dinner sure Swinger shot Bravo.

Although they were still affected by what they saw in Swinger things, Cousin Jake steps up to be Rohit Rajo’s rival. Raju Ducks’ cousin Jake to sneak off with a shot. Jake ran over and hugged the big bear on Raju in the corner. He missed a circular kick, as well as a spear attempt. Raju’s knee hits Jake twice near his chest. Go get a cover on Jake. Penalty kicks in 2. Raju is looking for a cross, but Jake bends under. Jake shows his strength with a hard blow and a spear in the corner.

Raju’s knee contracts after Jake scores it. Jake rejects Raju’s DDT bid. D.. T drop it on the mat. He got 2 on Raju. Raju finds his attack with a combination of a back elbow and a pump kick. Cousin Jake fights off by using the powerbomb to sit down for only 2. 8 counting. Jake and Raju meet on the middle rope. Raju pushes him away and misses the double stomping but never misses his high kick. Raju avoids losing his title by winning.

After the match: Eric Young and an old friend, former TNA star Joe Doring, come in and take out The Deaners.

Behind the scenes: The good brothers are ready for the big tag team title match against the North tonight. They are ready to become the best tag team in Impact after winning titles.

The Good Brothers want to complete the World Tag Team Championship collection with a TONIGHT win! Tweet included #TurningPointMachineGunKAThe_BigLG pic. Twitter. com / T9sD312yIP

Both men move back and forth with forearm shots when the match starts. Willie Mac pops moss on the bib. Both men now stand on the bib and exchange more shots before he grabs Mac’s ankles and sends his face first on the outer mats.. Moss smoothed his shoe in Mac’s face. The referee begins to count. The moose rolls in and backs out to break it. Moss sends Mac to checkpoint. Mac sobbing in pain. Moss does the same thing again. Moss screams This is what you feel. Moss wraps Mac in the ring.

In the ring, Moss catches Mac’s face and tries to tear him apart. Moose puts Mac in trouble. Mac slowly rises to his feet with his back elbow, loosening the suspension. Moss cuts him with a kick. Go get a cover. The Mac kicks off in 2. Moss continues to hurt him with clubbing and several knock on the corner. The moose fly towards Mac with its back elbow. Mack finds his foot with a back forearm and a series of punches. The moose’s legs begin to twist, but that does not prevent the moose from hitting the bottom of a rock. After taking a few hits, something caught fire in Mac. Mac takes a big spin kick to get Moss off his feet for just one second. As both men make their way toward the vertical position, Mac implants a stem drop. Go get a cover. Moss kicks off in 2.

Moss meets Mac on the top rope. Both men are in a dangerous position as he sends Moose Mack onto the carpet with a superplex. The moose prepares to send the Mac with a spear. Mac jumps out of it. Mack makes its way onto Moose’s summit, but it only falls near 2 o’clock. Moss sends Mac out with the lights off. Moss climbs over Mac and hits him repeatedly with closed punches. The referee calls for this match to be ended without disqualification. Mac wins.

Behind the scenes: Eddie Edwards wishes Rich Swan good luck ahead of his big title match tonight.

And now, our tournament matches begin! We get started with Impact World Tag Team Championships on the line!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) vs.. Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Carl Anderson and Josh Alexander started things with a steady swap from Anderson. Alexander turns it into a wrist lock. They dismantled it. Alexander goes to lock the waist on Anderson. Anderson fights to tag Doc Gallows. The gallows lead Alexander to the canvas with a large cap and three elbow drops. The gallows go to cover. Ethan Page comes to take it apart. « The Machine Gun » Anderson is back again. Alexander tightens his grip on Anderson as he marks the page. Paige and Anderson exchange footage before Gallows returns. The gallows goes down the leg and only gets a close to 2 fall count.

Anderson is back for the gallows. Anderson grips Page tightly. The page slowly rises to its feet, loosening the comment. Alexander hits Anderson in the back of the neck while the referee appears upside down. Anderson is back. Page pushes his knee to Anderson’s injured neck. The referee calls for the rope to be broken. Alexander makes his way back to the page. The two men landed some kicks on the back of Anderson’s knee. North besieged Anderson for just a minute before Anderson fought off with some punches. The page comes briefly before the return of Alexander. Alexander throws Anderson face first in the upper clamp.

The page is making its way again. Paige continues to target Anderson’s injured neck by pushing his shoes in again. Paige throws his foot on Anderson as Alexander makes his way. Alexander pushes his knee to Anderson’s back before placing another quick sign on the page. Paige puts Anderson at the front end. Anderson reaches his foot and fights with multiple elbow shots, towards Paige’s ribs. Anderson gets a card from the gallows. The gallows were charging with clotheslines everywhere. Looking for a card for Anderson, which Paige paid off. The page scrolls to help Alexander prepare for The Northern Assault. Anderson takes Page to come to the aid of the gallows in the magic killer. The page blocks these opportunities with a superhero blow. Anderson kicks off Alexander. Both are on the carpet. The page has been flagged again. Anderson sends Paige down with a spinal zapper and stun gun on Alexander. The Good Siblings get one more Magic Killer to become the new Impact Tag Champions!

The match begins hot with both women doing their best technical moves. Su Yung goes right for her bloody glove but Deonna Purrazzo has stopped her in her tracks. Purrazzo throws several weapons into the ring (trash can cover, chair, plank, etc.). ). Purrazzo surrounded Yung with a foot throttle. Purrazzo smoothed Yung’s face on the blackboard. Young gets up and hits Purrazzo with a kendo stick in the middle section before Purrazzo can hit the board over her head.. Both women make their way out of the ring. Purrazzo traps Yung’s arm in the bulkhead and proceeds to pull and kick him. Young found some of the ropes down the loop after he loosened her arm. She threw some baking sheets into the ring.

Purrazzo Yung targets with three kendo stick shots. Yung makes the Purrazzo trips first to the chair in the corner. Both women throw forearm shots back and forth. Both women crawl out of the ring. Young puts the Purrazzo with the descent on the slope. Young enveloped it in the ring. She tied her leg and Purrazzo survived with two kits. Purrazzo uses the painting again as a shield to block out the red fog. Purrazzo puts Yung’s head between the chair to pin her Venus de Milo (Fujiwara armbar). Young survives and does not click. It goes straight to the lower jaw claw on the Purrazzo. The movie « Virtuosa » begins to fade away. Young wraps the rope over Purrazzo’s neck. Purrazzo pulls the rope off her neck. Purrazzo fly with the piledriver cradle. This gives her the advantage and returns her title by Knockout!

Behind the Scenes: Jordin Grace searches for Tenille Dashwood. She is angry that they lost their match. Alisha Edwards jumps to call Jordynne a « shame » after they lose in a tag match as well. Dashwood asks Alisha if she would like to be her Knockouts Tag Team Championship co-star. It says yes!

Speaking of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, Matthews Wren revealed all the participants in the said event. The opening matches will start on Tuesday.

BREAK: These are the full arcs for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship! TUESDAY tournament starts on IMPACT! #TurningPoint pic. Twitter. com / vJydyFsuuG

Ahead of the main event, we take a look at the bitter rivalry between Rich Swan and Sammy Calehan that dates back to 2018..

Rich Swan and Sami Calehan’s exchange explodes as the match begins. Swann lands a little more than « The Death Machine, » but Callihan gets the mind game he’s playing, by getting in and out of the ring.. Swan is repelled from the Kalehan River by climbing onto the ring. Back in the ring, Swann Callihan kicked twice in the back before sending him head over to the link ring. Callihan gets a good chop; As does Swan. Swan apparently adjusted his knee during the match. It is noticeable after falling off the second rope. Callihan doesn’t focus on Swann’s repaired knee. Instead, he smashed Swan’s face into the rug over and over again. Now, he pursues Swan’s injured leg with an ankle lock.

Calihan gets excited by Swan’s strikes at him. As Swan goes through another punch, Kalehan repels it by sliding his nails into the side of Swan’s back. Callihan locked Swann’s arm as he suffocated him in the process. Swan fights by striking him with the forearm alongside Kalehan. Now, it’s slow-motion, with the two men firing forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Callihan and Swann collide with double pump kicks. Swan keeps it down with a rolling kick and RVD’s Rolling Thunder. Swan gets a close fall on Callihan with 2. Callihan catches Swann by placing his knees to send Swann down with a clamp grenade and a mental detonator.. Callihan goes to get a pin. Swan kicks in 2.

Kalehan cuts Swan in his throat as soon as he gets up in a vertical position. Swann tries to find # 2 sliced ​​bread. Calehan confronts him with a river. Swan’s head smashed into the carpet, but he didn’t let Kalehan get installed. Callihan goes to another Cactus Special piledriver on the bib. Swann pulls a hand cutter to disassemble another important Callihan site. Both men beat the count and got back together. Calehan puts his face first on the carpet. Swan tells him that I am the hero, Big Brother. Callihan played Bossum the whole time to push Swann down with the clothesline. Callihan misses a chance to get another Cactus Special, while Swann rolls up. Ken Shamrock descends from the cliff. Eddie Edwards follows right behind him. They take their fight away from the ring. Swann pays four spin kicks on Callihan to retain his World Championship!

Aleister Black was asked to return to WWE NXT, backstage note about Zelina Vega leaving WWE

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World News – US – Impact’s « Turning Point » results: Sami Callihan Challenges Rich Swann, Two New Champions Capped – Wrestling Inc.
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