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The Lakers sign Wesley Matthews for one year, $ 3. 6 million contracts, according to Shams Sharania Athlete. The deal included a substitute for Danny Green, who was traded by the Lakers for Dennis Schroeder earlier in the week, along with the number.. 28 comprehensive selection. Matthews would only receive a quarter of Green’s salary, but he was a very similar player last season. Both shoot less than 37 percent from behind the arc, and both play powerful defense.

Most importantly, the terms of this deal are very favorable for the Lakers. $ 3 AUD. 6 million salary matches the semiannual waiver, which means the Lakers could, in theory, offer another player a non-taxpayer mid-level all-out exception of around $ 9.. 3 million. They can also put Matthews into that nine bucks. 3 million exceptions, pay the rest to another player, then use a semi-annual exception on a third piece. There are a number of different structures this could require, but the basic premise is clear: Lakers will be able to add another major piece in free agency..

Indeed, it appears that they addressed their biggest vulnerabilities. Schroeder fills the role of Ragon Rondo, and he should act as a promotion as the team’s secondary ball therapist. Matthews is Green’s surrogate as a 3D suite. Now, Lakers can look for a luxury addition. It could mean a shooting post, like Serge Ibaca, Marc Gasol, or Aaron Baines, or it could mean another wing, like Danilo Galinari or Mo Harkles..

The other major part of the business on the Lakers’ schedule is to keep Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. The only downside to the Matthews deal is that, in theory, it could make it more difficult to hold. If a mid-level exception is used for a non-taxpayer or a semi-annual exception, it places a hard cap on the Lakers of around $ 138.. 9 million. They couldn’t spend above that line for whatever reason, so the new Caldwell Bob deal should fit underneath. The Lakers could put Matthews under the mid-level exclusion of taxpayers, which wouldn’t be difficult for them, but at that number, that seems unlikely.. The Lakers should still be considered a strong candidate to retain the Caldwell Bob thanks to their bird rights.

The Lakers entered off-season as the favorites to recur as NBA Champions. This move is a very nice opening nudge in the trend. There is still more to do, but the Lakers got a very valuable free proxy at a practically lower price point when they launched the free agency.. It should only get better for them from here.

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World News – US – Free NBA Agency: Lakers to contract with Wesley Matthews for 1 Year, $ 3. 6 million contracts per report
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