World News – US – Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith says his new show on CNBC will be based on facts: « It’s not my job to voice my opinion »


If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in 2020, it’s that the news is relentless With the coronavirus pandemic, politics, protests against police brutality and systemic racism, climate change, the economy and more, there are endless stories to follow

Maybe that’s why internet users have more and more ways to check out the news. The latest entry, « The News With Shepard Smith, » enters the fray on Wednesday, September 30, on CNBC La The weeknight series, which airs at 4 p.m. PT and 7 p.m. ET, returns Smith to the air after Anchor surprised viewers last October by announcing on his Fox News Channel that he was leaving that cable network. p>

The outing grabbed the headlines, as Smith had been with Fox News for over 20 years. It also garnered attention due to Smith’s willingness to include reporting critical of the policies of the president donald trump This approach may have aligned with traditional ideas of objective reporting, but it ran counter to Fox News opinion broadcasts hosted by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and others, who generally support the President.

In his last Fox News show, Smith said, « Even in our currently polarized country, I hope the facts will prevail, the truth will always count, that journalism and journalists will thrive. »

This is the approach Smith says his show on CNBC will take, as the presenter said in the email responses to questions on « The News With Shepard Smith » Here are some more comments on the how her show will stand out from the crowd and why journalism remains important

Q: How will « News with Shepard Smith » be different from other news options currently available on TV and cable TV?

Smith: « Our mission, in a way, is to reduce noise There is so much misinformation that pollutes the speech Lies, half-truths and distractions are, I believe, confusing and sometimes harmful to society We will stay focused on the facts We will add context and perspective and tell them directly We will not tell people how to think No expert and no opinion There is a lot of it and some have its place Not here There is a world beyond politics There are inspiring people who deserve attention There are heroes in turmoil We will find as many as possible and tell their stories « 

Q: The show is described as providing « in-depth, non-partisan coverage and perspective on the day’s most important stories » What are some examples of how « The News with Shepard Smith » might approach a story ?

Smith: « I don’t use a non-partisan description, personally I would say based on facts Not everything is political, but a lot is used for political purposes, for the pursuit of political goals Our goal is to cover the news and add context and perspective when available and appropriate As an example – wearing masks and social distancing is not political It has become political Wearing masks is important for our health, our economy and the recovery of our planet When we do these things, we show respect for our neighbors and friends « 

Q: Your departure from Fox News was in itself great news In Brian Stelter’s book, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth,” Stelter writes that you left because of your perception that Fox News was abandoning any pretense of objective news coverage and that executives seemed to be siding with Tucker Carlson and others who were more interested in supporting Donald Trump than reporting facts Is this an accurate characterization? Why did you leave when you did and what do you think of Fox News and its approach?

Smith: « I read Brian’s book and thought it was an interesting read. I won’t make any further comment except to say that I was not involved in the book. leaving Fox News, I built my career there and I still have deep friendships with my former colleagues, but simply felt it was the right time for me to leave Wanted a fresh start and I’m so excited to be back on air with a weekday newscast at 7 p.m. ET I respect the CNBC brand Love that we are on a mission to be fast, accurate , actionable and impartial I want to take this credo and apply it to the biggest general news of the day «  »

Q: Donald Trump has made the press a consistent target He refers to stories that report facts he doesn’t like as « fake news » What do you think of Trump calling the press « enemy of the people? « Has Trump made members of the public feel that they can no longer trust the press? If so, what is the impact on our culture and our country?

Smith: I believe in the power and importance of journalism, especially in these uncertain times It is not my job to express my opinion As I have always tried to do throughout my life. career spanning over 30 years, my reporting will follow the facts and anyone looking for a nightly newscast should tune into « The News With Shepard Smith » on CNBC »

Q: What role do you hope « The News With Shepard Smith » will play in getting news and information out to people? What will make the show a valuable addition, especially at a time when people are getting so much of the news from social media?

Smith: « Some social media news is valuable The problem is sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s wrong Here viewers can trust us to focus on the real and sometimes , where appropriate, denounce what is not We will not preach or denounce We will cover disturbing news and news that inspires We will also include funny stories We need to have fun these days! Worth the Way We Live Now COVID Has Changed Us While Disrupting Our Lives But It Has Forced Us To Think About New Ways To Improve Lives A Walk After Sunset In My Neighborhood Is Illustrative The Streets Have Been Transformed in safe places to gather, laugh and share a meal Music fills the air and friends and families are on the go It’s worth the recognition Businesses fo face and people adapt Illness and death are news So is the science But it all proves that we are resilient and better now that we have found ways to find each other safe every now and then Good news We will report « 

Q: In addition to news coverage, you have gained a reputation for having a keen sense of humor. « The News with Shepard Smith » will include lighter moments, like a respite bad news bombarding us all the time?

Smith: « It’s important for me to have fun Sometimes life is very hard For many Americans it has never been so hard When we can take a moment to laugh together we should And we will »

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Shepard Smith

World news – US – Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has said his new show on CNBC will be based on facts:  » It is not my job to express my opinion  »



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