World News – UK – Mike Tyson’s wild association with Tiger King’s Joe Exotic after owning 3 Tigers


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Tiger King’s Mike Tyson and Joe Exotic have an unlikely connection after the boxer shared his belief that his 3 Bengali tigers could have been out of prison star

The 54-year-old boxing champ once owned three Bengali tigers – Kenya, Storm and Boris – who roamed his Las Vegas mansion in the 1990s.

Joe became famous in prison on Tiger King after he was convicted of the murder of his rival Carol Baskin.

Previously, the zoo operator consolidated its status in the exotic world as a tiger breeder in the USA.

But Mike didn’t mind telling fans his ex-Tigers may have been indirectly from the jailed TV star in recent months.

After becoming a huge fan of the Netflix series in Lockdown, he admitted the thought had occurred to him that Joe could have provided him with the tigers.

He said to MailOnline: « It could be that my cats could have got their cats from Joe. But I do not know.

In fact, the sports star welcomed the former zoo operator as a « born leader » with a « brilliant mind ». .

He added, “People always say these people are bastards. But these are amazing people with what they can do with their brilliant minds and control over other people’s minds. These guys are born leaders. ”

The American heavyweight star confessed that the exotic creatures could kill you at any moment and cannot be domesticated.

He said live on Instagram: « There is no way to 100 percent domesticate these cats. There is no way that will happen.

« They will accidentally kill you, especially if you play hard with them you will hit them back. They get cheered, hit you back and you are dead.

« I’m just glad I did some further training. I did the wrong thing. I shouldn’t have had them in my house because I believed they were domesticated. I was wrong. ”

Mike had to flog the tigers, tiger cages and his villa in 1999 for financial reasons.

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World News – UK – Mike Tyson’s wild association with Joe Exotic of Tiger King after owning 3 Tigers



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