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Jessica Smith of Yahoo Finance joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the recent pro-Trump riots in Washington DC and what it means for the country and future investors.

WASHINGTON – The latest Congressional record of the election of the electoral college, won by Joe Biden (all local time): 3:55 am President Donald Trump now says that « there will be an orderly transition on January 20th, » after Congress has the electoral vote has completed confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and after a day of violence when his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Trump said in a statement tweeted by his social media director Dan Scavino: “Even if I disagree with the election result and the election result at all, the facts confirm me, but there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. « He adds, » I’ve always said we would continue our fight to make sure that only legal votes are counted. While this marks the end of the greatest first term in President history, it is only the beginning of our struggle to make America great again. “Trump’s account is currently suspended from Twitter. Trump has refused to allow the election for the past two months, making unfounded allegations of mass voter fraud that have been rejected by dozens of courts and Republican officials, including his former Attorney General. Vice President Mike Pence chaired the formal session, which ended early Thursday morning, which recorded the election of the electoral college. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OVERALL RANGE OF COLLEAGUE CONGRESS President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at thwarting a peaceful transfer of power to force lawmakers out of the Rush building and interrupt the challenges to the electoral college of Joe Biden victory. Congress returned later Wednesday to continue its trial after the Capitol was vacated by law enforcement. Read more: – Pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol to overthrow elections – A moment in America, unimaginable, but maybe inevitable – AP PHOTOS: Scenes of violence in the shock world of the US Capitol – Capitol has over Experienced 220 years of violence, but not like that – Pence defies Trump and says he cannot refuse votes ___ HERE’S SOMETHING ELSE: 3:41 p.m. Congress officially confirmed Joe Biden’s election victory on a day that turned a time-honored ceremony into one Nightmare became unprecedented political terror. The House and Senate confirmed the Democrat Electoral College victory early Thursday after a violent crowd of pro-Trump rioters ran through the Capitol for hours on Wednesday. A woman was fatally shot, windows smashed and the mob forced shocked lawmakers and aides to flee the building, which is shielded by the Capitol Police. The rampage began shortly after President Donald Trump repeated his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud against thousands of protesters in Washington. Many then stormed into the Capitol after inducing them to go there while lawmakers debated voting. Legislators resumed session more than six hours after the violence broke out. Thirteen Republican Senators and dozens of GOP officials planned to force debates and votes, perhaps six different states. The attack on the Capitol left some Republicans squeamishly trying to undo Biden’s victory, and challenges were only posed against Arizona and Pennsylvania. Both efforts were overwhelmingly lost. Biden defeated Trump by 306-232 votes and will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 at 3:25 a.m. Republican Senator Ted Cruz Defends Objection to Electoral College Findings as “Right” The Senator from Texas condemned the violence that broke out when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in an extraordinary assault on the election result. Cruz led the first challenge to Joe Biden’s loss to President Donald Trump by protesting Arizona’s results. He wanted Congress to set up a commission to investigate the elections. His efforts were flatly defeated in the House and Senate. Cruz said he was confident the country would have a « peaceful and orderly transfer of power ». Biden is due to be inaugurated Jan. 20 .__ 3:10 am House has joined the Senate to dismiss Republican objections to Pennsylvania’s vote for President-elect Joe Biden. Legislators in the House voted 282-138 against the objection as counting. Electoral College votes continued into the wee hours of Thursday morning. The Senate closed the same objection shortly after midnight 92-7 and, unlike the House of Representatives, declined to debate before voting. After a long day marked by the deadly storm of the pro-Trump rioters on the Capitol, it was the second state for which a group of Republicans tried and failed to reverse the will of voters. Some GOP lawmakers have backed President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was fraudulent. Objections to Pennsylvania’s votes included 80 Republicans from the House of Representatives and Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley, who is believed to be a potential presidential candidate by 2024. Lawmakers almost physically fought early Thursday morning as the number of votes in Congress climbed into the and a Pennsylvania Democrat accused Republicans of telling « lies » about his state’s voices. Morgan Griffiths, R-Va., Disagreed after Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., Said of a rupture of the Capitol by an angry mob earlier in the day, « Inspired by lies, the same lies that you heard this evening. » Listening to the room House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot down the objection, but a few minutes later Republicans and Democrats streamed into the center aisle and a dozen or so lawmakers approached and argued. But the group quickly broke up when Pelosi demanded order on the floor. President Donald Trump has falsely alleged that there was widespread fraud in Pennsylvania and other states, and Republicans repeated those allegations when contesting electoral votes. Republican objections to Pennsylvania’s electoral vote for President-elect Joe Biden were quickly killed. Senators voted 92-7 after midnight to derail the GOP attempt to overturn Pennsylvania’s support for the Democratic Capitol, the second state a group of Republicans tried and failed to get the will of voters to reverse. Some GOP lawmakers have backed President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was fraudulent. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes other states’ votes will not be called into question. This means that the formal confirmation of Congress of Biden’s victory could be completed quickly once the House votes on the Pennsylvania Challenge. The Senate opposed efforts to have the Pennsylvania vote canceled without debate. Objections to the Pennsylvania vote included 80 Republicans of the House and GOP Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley Republican MP Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri have objected to the election count in Pennsylvania and up triggered two hours of debate in the House of Representatives and in the House of Representatives Senate. The objections come 11 hours after the Congressional count began to confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, and after lawmakers had to evacuate both chambers for several hours to escape a mob that violated the Capitol. Hawley said last week that he would object to the Pennsylvania vote: Congress should investigate electoral fraud. President Donald Trump has falsely said since his defeat that the election was widespread. Biden won Pennsylvania by just over 80,000 votes. Since the November 3 election, Trump and his allies have filed at least half a dozen lawsuits against Biden’s victory on a variety of grounds, including that many or all of the state’s postal ballot papers were illegal. The lawsuits failed when judges after Judge found no violation of state law or constitutional rights or no reason to immediately stop confirming the election. ___ 11:20 p.m. House voted overwhelmingly to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Reject Arizona and join the Senate to validate the election results there. The objection failed on Wednesday evening between 303 and 121, only Republicans voted in favor. President Donald Trump’s supporters broke against the U.S. Capitol early Wednesday, forcing lawmakers and staff inside to lock down. Trump has alleged widespread electoral fraud to explain his defeat to Biden, despite election officials saying there wasn’t any. Now that Arizona is out of the way, Congress will come back as a joint session and sweep the rest of the country through states that have objected. __ 11:10 p.m. Four people died while supporters of President Donald Trump forcibly occupied the U.S. Capitol. Washington, DC Police Chief Robert Contee said the dead on Wednesday included a woman shot dead by the US Capitol Police and three other people killed in « medical emergencies ». Police said both law enforcement and Trump supporters used chemical irritants during the hour-long occupation of the Capitol building before it was vacated by law enforcement on Wednesday night. The woman was shot dead on Wednesday when a mob tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol, where police on the other side were armed. She was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and later died. Police officers also say two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee. Police found a radiator from a vehicle that had a long gun and a Molotov cocktail on the Capitol grounds. 10:15 p.m. The Senate overwhelmingly rejected a challenge for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona, guaranteeing the outcome will stand.The results in Arizona – led by Rep. Paul Gosar and Senator Ted Cruz – were 93 on Wednesday night : 6 rejected. All votes came from Republicans, but after violent protesters attacked the Capitol on Wednesday, some GOP senators who wanted to support the objection reversed course. Republicans appealed based on false claims made by President Donald Trump and others in the Arizona vote, which has been repeatedly dismissed in Arizona courts and by state election officials .___ 10:10 pmSen. Lindsey Graham said a commission to review the 2020 election was not an appropriate next step and confirmed that Joe Biden was the « legitimate President of the United States. » Graham, a Republican from South Carolina and longtime ally of President Donald Trump, called it « A singularly bad idea to delay this election. » Referring to the commission idea proposed by his South Carolina Republican compatriot, US Senator Tim Scott. Abraham: « Count me out. Enough is enough. » Trump supporters broke through the US Capitol and locked lawmakers and staff inside, Trump alleged widespread electoral fraud to defeat President-elect Joe Biden explain even though election officials have said there are none. Abraham said, « if you are a conservative, » the idea that Vice President Mike Pence could reverse election results as President Donald Trump had urged him to be « the most offensive concept in the world « . ___ 10:00 pm Police have arrested 30 people for violating a Washington DC curfew, after rioters stormed the US, the 30 people were arrested Wednesday evening after they were found on the street after 6 p.m. official figures said. The curfew was imposed after numerous supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol and halted the constitutional voting process to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. They were later forcibly removed from the Capitol. The Metropolitan Police Department said 15 other people were arrested Tuesday and Wednesday on various protest-related arrests on a range of charges, including gun possession and assault. Firefighters also took 13 people to the hospitals area Wednesday for protest-related injuries. ___ 9:55 p.m. Republican Senator Josh Hawley says he will continue to appeal the results of Electoral College in Pennsylvania despite violent violations by supporters of President Donald Trump in the Capitol . The Missouri Senator said he did not support violence but said the Senate should initiate legal process that includes his objections. Hawley says his objections should be discussed « peacefully, without violence, without attack, without bullets. » He hoped lawmakers would not brush aside concerns about Wednesday’s violence, including the death of a protester in the Capitol. Trump has alleged widespread electoral fraud to declare his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, despite election officials saying there were none. ___ 9.45 p.m. Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, compares the violence in the U.S. Capitol to protests against racial injustice in the summer after the police murder of George Floyd. The U.S. Capitol has been overrun by a mob in support of President Donald Trump on Wednesday as Congress counted the votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Trump has falsely said there was widespread fraud in the election to explain his defeat and encouraged his supporters to come to Washington. McCarthy said, « Mobs don’t rule America. Laws rule America. It was true when our cities burned this summer, and it’s true now. » The comment received loud applause from the Republicans. Democrats in the Chamber sat in silence. Floyd, a handcuffed black man was killed in May after a white police officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for a few minutes despite saying he couldn’t breathe. McCarthy, an ally of Trump’s Wednesday was the  » saddest day « he ever had in Congress. He said, » It is clear that this Congress will not be the same after today. « ___ 9:15 pm The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, says that Congress will elect the President-elect Joe has certified Biden’s election victory will show the world it won’t give in. Pelosi made her comments as the house got back together after hours of unruly pro-Trump demon on Wednesday stranten had been closed. She said the ritual every four years sets an example for the world of American democracy. Pelosi says, “Despite today’s shameful acts, we will still do this, we will be part of a story that will show the world what America has made. Pelosi, a Roman Catholic man, noted that Wednesday is the feast of Revelation and prayed that the violence would be « a revelation to heal » for the land .___ 9:10 pm. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, sends 1,000 members of the state National Guard to Washington, DC to support « the peaceful transition of the president’s power ». Cuomo, a Democrat, said 1,000 soldiers would be deployed for up to two weeks at the request of U.S. National Guard officials. It comes after a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump ravaged the U.S. Capitol. Cuomo said in a statement on Wednesday: “For 244 years the cornerstone of our democracy has been peaceful transfer of power, and New York stands ready to help ensure that the will of the American people is carried out safely and with determination. “You will be joining the Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey law enforcement agencies who are also helping DC. President-elect Joe Biden in protest against a transfer of power to the chaos triggered by President-elect Joe Biden. Trump convinced them that he had been cheated of a victory through rampant, widespread electoral fraud and a false claim. 8:55 p.m. Several Republican senators have reversed course, now saying they won’t object to Congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.Their change of heart came after a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and disrupted the trial. One person was fatally shot. Steve Daines from Montana, Mike Braun from Indiana and Kelly Loeffler from Georgia all said in light of the violence that would deter them from planned objections to Biden’s victory. Lawmakers gathered to confirm the electoral college votes from each state and were forced to evacuate after a fury mob of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol. Loeffler said the « violence, lawlessness and the siege of the halls of Congress » were a « direct attack » on the « sanctity of the American democratic process ». All three had previously joined Trump’s false claims of widespread electoral fraud declaring his defeat. Loeffler only has a few days left in her term of office. She lost her Senate race to Democrat Raphael Warnock on Wednesday .___ 8:45 p.m. Senate Majority Chairman Mitch McConnell says Congress will not be deterred if it confirms the results of the presidential election after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Republican leader reopened the Senate late Wednesday, pledging to finalize electoral college affirmation for President-elect Joe Biden. It was interrupted earlier when rioters broke through the security area and clashed with law enforcement before disrupting the Congress vote on the electoral college vote. One person was fatally shot. McConnell says protesters “tried to disrupt our democracy. You failed. McConnell plans to keep the Senate in session on Wednesday to finalize the confirmation of the results. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. He repeated the claim in a video filmed when his protesters stormed the Capitol. 8:25 pm Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says President Donald Trump « bears much of the blame » after a loyal mob stormed the US Capitol. The Senate convened again to count the votes leading to Democrat Joe’s victory Confirm Biden. Schumer said January 6, 2021 will « live forever in shame » and pollute democracy. Schumer said the events « did not happen spontaneously ». « He said on Wednesday, » The president who promoted conspiracy theories that motivated these thugs, the president who warned them to come to the capital of our nation, incited them. « Trump has falsely claimed that there was widespread election fraud to explain this. Schumer says protesters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 8:20 pm Former President Barack Obama says the story will rightly turn out to be Remembering the violence in the Capitol as a moment of great shame Shame on the nation. Angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at preventing a peaceful transfer of power. Obama said the violence was  » instigated by a seated president « who was unfounded about the result of the presidential election. He has convinced his supporters that he only lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden because the Democrats cheated on a false claim. Obama says, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, and that for two months “a political party and that which goes with it e media ecosystem has too often been unwilling to tell the truth to its followers. « He says: » Your fantasy story has moved further and further away from reality and is based on years of resentment. Now we see the consequences leading to a violent crescendo. “___ 8:10 pm The Senate has resumed debate on the Republican challenge to Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory more than six hours after pro-Trump mobs attacked the Capitol and forced lawmakers to flee. Numerous Republican officials and 13 GOP senators had planned to object on Wednesday to the votes of perhaps six states that supported Biden. It was unclear whether these objections would continue in the face of the violent events of the day. President Donald Trump falsely insisted that the election was compromised by fraud and that he actually won. He repeated these claims in utterances to thousands of protesters outside the White House early Wednesday and incited them to march to the Capitol, which many of them did. The chaos had forced the House and Senate to abruptly end the day’s debates and flee to the safety of the police. And it sparked bipartisan outrage when many lawmakers accused Trump of promoting violence. May 20, 2005 Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who resigned in protest against President Donald Trump’s policy on Syria, accused the President of violence in the U.S. Capitol On Wednesday, Mattis rebuked the fact that the violence was stoked by Trump, who used the presidency to to « destroy confidence in our elections and poison our respect for fellow citizens ». His written statement concluded: “Our Constitution and our Republic will overcome this stain and We the people will come together again to form a more perfect union, while Mr Trump will rightly leave a man without a land. Mattis, a retired four-star Marine general who resigned as Pentagon chief in December 2018, had a competitive relationship with Trump but remained largely publicly calm and avoided direct criticism. Since leaving his job, he has mocked Trump more openly, including publicly condemning the president’s persistent use of military force to quell protests near the White House last June. ___ 7:55 p.m. Stephanie Grisham, head of Die First Lady Melania Trump’s employee and press officer has resigned after violent protests by supporters of President Donald Trump in the US Capitol. Grisham said in a statement Wednesday that it was an « honor » to serve and be part of the country in the White House. Grisham was one of Trump’s longest serving aides after joining the campaign in 2015. She was the White House press secretary and never held a press conference. The President’s supporters’ violent occupation of the US Capitol on Wednesday sparked renewed talks in the White House about mass resignations by middle-level aides responsible for running the President’s office. Two people familiar with th In the conversations it was said that the helpers were torn between fearing what would happen if they left and wanting to register their disgust with their boss. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters. – AP writer Zeke Miller ___ 7.45 p.m. The Republican National Committee strongly condemns the violence in the Capitol, adding that the scenes of violence “do not depict patriotic acts, but an attack on our country and its founding principles. “The RNC is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform. The statement condemning the violence came hours after Republican President Donald Trump baselessly complained that the elections had been withdrawn from « great patriots ». He went on to tell them to « go home in peace with love & ». The group’s communications director, Michael Ahrens, says, « What happened today was domestic terrorism. » He says the US flag is used « on behalf of unsubstantiated » conspiracy theories are a disgrace to the nation, and every decent American should be disgusted by it. Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to fight against the formal approval of Congress for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over him, citing false allegations of voter fraud. He held a rally on Wednesday calling on his supporters to march to the Capitol. They urged them to « get rid of the weak Congress people ». ___ 7:40 pm Former President Bill Clinton said the attack on the US Capitol was fueled over four years « poison policy » and set on fire by President Donald Trump. Clinton said in a statement Wednesday night that the Capitol riot was based on a combination of deliberate disinformation that aroused suspicion of the system and pitted Americans against each other. He wrote, « The match was set on fire by Donald Trump and his most ardent enablers, including many in Congress, to reverse the results of an election he lost. » His wife, Hillary Clinton, lost a bitter election to Trump in 2016 and conceded him immediately. Trump has refused to accept his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in November and has tried to occupy him as illegitimate president. Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to vote against the formal approval of Congress To fight victory. He held a rally on Wednesday urging his supporters to march to the Capitol, urging them to « get rid of the weak Congress people » and say, « Let the weak out; this is the time of strength. “___ 7:20 pm A West Virginia legislature recorded a video of himself and other supporters of President Donald Trump storming into the US Capitol after he e exceeded the safe area. In the video by Republican Del. Derrick Evans, who was later deleted on his social media page, is shown wearing a helmet and yelling at the door to break through the building in Washington, DC on Wednesday. « We are on! Keep it moving baby « he said in a crowded doorway amid Trump supporters holding flags and complaining about pepper being sprayed. Once inside, Evans was seen on a video spinning around the Capitol rotunda where historical paintings representing the founding of the republic, shouting, “No vandalism!” Roger Hanshaw, spokesman for the State House of Delegates, said Evans must “respond to his constituents and colleagues about his involvement in what happened today.” He said « He has not yet spoken to Evans about his involvement. The Wayne County delegate later said in a statement on Facebook that he would be returning to West Virginia and » just being there as an Independent Media Member to film history.  » 6:55 p.m. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi says Congress will resume electoral college proceedings once the Capitol is cleared of protesters for Donald Trump and is safe for use. Pelosi said she made the decision on Wednesday consultation with the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the vice president, who will chair it. She remarked that the day would always be « part of history », but now it would be « as such a shameful picture » e of our country was born. “Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to fight against the formal approval of Congress for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. He held a rally on Wednesday calling on his supporters to march to the Capitol. He urged them to “get rid of the weak Congress people” and say, “Let the weak out; This is the time of strength. Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and clashed with law enforcement before disrupting the Congress vote on the electoral college vote. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. 6.45 p.m. Dozens of pro-Trump protesters remain on the streets of the nation’s capital, despite the curfew imposed after the rioters stormed the Capitol elections. The mostly maskless crowd was forcibly removed from the Capitol on Wednesday after breaking into the building and halting the constitutional vote process to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. They were evicted from the immediate area and dragged down the hill, where they mocked law enforcement and put up barricades. Police said someone was found on the streets after 6 p.m. Curfew would be arrested. Officers in full riot gear with signs lined the streets near the U.S. Capitol. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said her debate on confirming Biden’s victory would continue after the Capitol was secured. 6.40 p.m. The head of the largest union of flight attendants in the country says people who took part in the violent protest in the Capitol must be banned from flying. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said in a statement Wednesday that “some of the people who traveled on our planes (Tuesday) participated in the riot at the Capitol today. « She says, » Your violent and seditious actions in the Capitol today are causing further concern over your departure from the DC area. Actions against our democracy, our government, and the freedom we claim as Americans must exclude these people from freedom of flight. “Nelson and the union endorsed President-elect Joe Biden over President Donald Trump ahead of the November election. Trump supporters on a Delta Air flight from Salt Lake City to Washington made Utah Senator Mitt Romney the only Republican Senator to vote to oust Trump after being ousted. On an American Airlines flight from Dallas, a large contingent of Trump supporters got into an angry screaming match with other passengers after one of the President’s supporters projected « Trump 2020 » onto the ceiling and walls of the cabin .___ 18 : 30pmRepublican Sen. Mitt Romney accuses President Donald Trump of instigating a violent « riot » in the Capitol. Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential candidate and a frequent critic of Trump, said the violent breach of the Capitol on Wednesday was « on. » a selfish man’s hurt pride and outrage over his followers, whom he has deliberately misinformed over the past two months. The Utah Senator said those who continue to support Trump’s « dangerous game of chess » by protesting the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be viewed as accomplices in an unprecedented assault on our democracy. Romney mocked Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Republicans who want a “review” of the election results: “Please! No Congressional-led audit will ever convince these voters, especially if the president continues to claim the election was stolen. « The simple truth, said Romney, » is that President-elect (Joe) Biden won this election. President Trump has lost. ___6:25 am President Donald Trump seems to justify the violent occupation of the US Capitol by his supporters. In a tweet on Wednesday night, Trump said, « These are the things and events that happen in a holy landslide election. The victory is so shorthand that & is viciously liberated from great patriots who have been mistreated for so long. « He added, » Go home with love, & in peace. Remember this day forever! “Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and clashed with law enforcement officials before disrupting the Congressional vote on the electoral college vote. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. Trump has been increasingly criticized by Republican lawmakers for doing more to condemn the violence perpetrated on his behalf. The Associated Press The Associated Press on Wednesday declared Democrat Jon Ossoff the winner of his runoff to the US Senate, the second seat the party won in Georgia on Tuesday in double competitions.
Earlier in the day, the AP declared Democrats Raphael Warnock the winner of the other race.
The two victories will put the Democrats in control of the Senate for the next two years.
Here’s a look at the competitions:
Ossoff had about 25,000 votes, or about 0.56 percentage points, over Republican David Perdue of about 4.4 million votes when the AP called the race at 4:20 p.m. Wednesday.
The call came after an analysis of the pending ballot papers revealed that Perdue, who was seeking a second term, had no opportunity to take Ossoff’s leadership.
Tens of thousands of outstanding votes have yet to be counted, but the vast majority were in six democratic counties that Ossoff won.
Many of the ballots to be counted were postal votes, a form of voting that Ossoff predominantly preferred. The remaining votes, which had yet to be counted in republican areas that favored Perdue, were not enough for him to catch up.
Election officials in Georgia said approximately 14,000 outstanding and military ballots were issued overseas and not returned. These must be received by Friday to be counted. Gabriel Sterling, a senior election official in Georgia, said only a fraction of those ballots were expected to be returned on time.
What about the other race?
Warnock defeated Loeffler after an analysis of the pending votes revealed that Loeffler was unable to catch up with him with the remaining ballots that had to be counted in Republican areas.
Warnock had a lead over Loeffler of about 1.2 percentage points, or about 62,000 votes as of 4:15 p.m. ET Wednesday, a benefit likely to increase as more votes are tabulated.
Almost all of the votes that needed to be counted nationwide were postal ballots and early personal votes. Most of these are in democratic counties.
Warnock won the postal vote 68%, according to an AP analysis conducted early Wednesday morning. And most of the early personal votes yet to be counted were in DeKalb County; This electoral method in the county favored Warnock by about 70 percentage points.
The results of the two races will help determine the political development of the country over the next two years. If the Democrats win both races, they will have a 50:50 seat shared with the Republicans in the Senate. Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris stands ready to cast votes.
This would allow President-elect Joe Biden to pass an agenda that includes liberal priorities like raising the minimum wage, approving additional economic incentives to combat the effects of the pandemic, and expanding health care.
But Republicans need only hold one of the seats to hold a narrow 51-49 majority that could serve as a conservative bulwark to curb Biden’s ambitions.
The fact that Georgia will determine which of these two visions of duels could become a reality speaks in favor of its recent emergence as a swing state. Georgia has been a Republican stronghold for decades, like the rest of the south. These two elections test how much the state has changed.
The Georgian government is dominated by the GOP. Until Warnock, a Democrat had not won a US Senate competition in the state since former Georgia Governor Zell Miller in 2000. And by the time Biden won it by just under 12,000 votes in November, a Democratic presidential candidate hadn’t promoted the state since Bill Clinton in 1992.
But it has slowly turned into a battlefield – a change driven in part by demographic change, especially in the economically dynamic area of ​​metropolitan Atlanta.
As older, white, Republican-minded voters die, they have been replaced by a younger and more racially diverse group of people, many of whom moved to the Atlanta area from other states – and took its politics with them.
Overall, demographic trends show that the state’s electorate is getting younger and more diverse from year to year. As in other metropolitan areas, the suburbs of Atlanta have moved away from Republicans. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was filming both Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. Four years later, voting cards showed a blue sea in the more than half a dozen counties around Atlanta.
In 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams led black voters to become the country’s first African American woman to lead a state, a campaign she narrowly lost.

Brian Slodysko, The Associated Press

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Darlene Sibbeston wanted to run the Maroda Motel since she was 13. « I would have to walk past it every day, » she said. « I remember thinking that one day I would love to own this building. » Little did she know that she would purchase the Nahanni Inn to make her dream come true. Both Fort Simpson facilities reopened on Monday under her leadership. The Nahanni Inn consists of 32 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a dining lounge and a manager’s residence. The Maroda Motel has 16 rooms. Sibbeston, a former Fort Simpson mayor, took ownership of the property on December 18 – a transaction first reported by CKLB. She spent the vacation with a crew who fixed her, including a thorough cleaning. She described a two-person crew who took eight days to clean and improve the kitchen area. Now she is learning how to run a restaurant. « I have no idea how to do one, but it works so far, » said Sibbeston. She hopes to introduce a new menu at the Nahanni Inn and renovate some rooms in the near future. “You need some upgrades. As soon as money is available, we will take over the rooms. I hope for one a month, something like that, ”she said. Sibbeston anticipates the return of tourism and travel beyond the pandemic and is looking into partnerships with airlines and tour operators to create packages with the inn. The residents of Dehcho are also at the center of their plans. « I just want the company to successfully host our region as we have about seven communities outside of Fort Simpson that use it as a hub, » she said. « We offer you safe and comfortable accommodation. » Sarah Sibley, Reporter for Local Journalism Initiative, Cabin Radio

OTTAWA – The latest news on COVID-19 developments in Canada (all times east): 7:45 p.m. British Columbia has its state of emergency in response to COVID -19 pandemic renewed almost 10 months after its first declaration. Prime Minister John Horgan said in the statement that there is hope that the province’s vaccination program gets underway, but it is too early to relax restrictions on the pandemic, with 954 people in the joint statement by Health Secretary Adrian Dix and the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who died Tuesday there were eight more deaths as well as 428 new cases of COVID-19 across the province. It is said that more than 28,000 people in BC have been vaccinated against the disease to date. – 5:55 p.m. Alberta reports 843 new cases of COVID-19. The provincial chief doctor, Dr. Deena Hinshaw says there have been 26 more deaths from the disease, one of whom is a nursing home worker in the Edmonton area. Health Secretary Tyler Shandro says the woman is the second health worker to die of COVID-19 in the province. There are currently 919 people in the Virus hospital, and 140 of them are in intensive care. – 5:50 p.m. In the Northwest Territories, 130 people are said to have received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The territory began vaccinating elders and frontline health workers in December. 31. Dr. Kami Kandola, the chief’s health officer, says the territory plans to vaccinate 75 percent of the population 18 and over by the end of March. – 4:40 p.m. Manitoba health officials announced seven more deaths from COVID-19 and 130 new infections Tuesday. Dr. Jazz Atwal, deputy assistant health officer for the province, says fewer people were tested during the holiday season, but that was not unexpected. The 5-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is 10.7 percent provincially. Atwal says while the number of infections and hospital stays falls, people must continue to take precautions. – 4:20 p.m. The Manitoba vaccination center immunized 850 people on its first day, which is open on Monday. According to the province, a total of 4,292 people have received a vaccination since doses arrived in the province last month. The province is targeting eligible health care workers to obtain the recordings. Manitoba also received its first shipment of 7,300 doses of the Moderna vaccine, which is primarily used to combat the priority First Nations population. – 3.35 p.m. New Brunswick returns to a string of tighter restrictions on public and family gatherings after reporting 27 new COVID-19 cases, the highest number of single days since the pandemic began. Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer for health, says the common thread of the recent outbreak is citizens attending holiday gatherings and getting back to work with the virus. Russell fears double-digit infection rates could continue as a result of New Year’s gatherings, and she predicts the situation will worsen in the coming days. Prime Minister Blaine Higgs said during today’s briefing that citizens must reduce social gatherings and seek tests for even mild symptoms. There are currently 89 active cases in the province: 10:00 p.m. Saskatchewan has given its first vaccinations with Moderna’s vaccine. According to health officials, the cans went to two northern Saskatchewan residents – a nurse and her grandfather, who live in long-term care. The man, Jimmy Favel, is the first long-term provincial long-term care provider to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The province plans to introduce Moderna’s shot into long-term care facilities and remote communities. So far this is reported in Regina and Saskatoon, 4,200 doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine have been administered to health workers. Officials today reported 153 new COVID-19 infections and said five other residents, all 80 years and older, had died, according to the health department, the first doses of a vaccine against COVID-19 are due to be given tomorrow to residents of the Iqaluit home for the elderly. Michael Patterson says the shots will be rolled out through targeted vaccinations and community clinics. The area has received 6,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine and expects a second shipment before the end of the month. There are currently no active cases of COVID-19 in the territory and 265 people have recovered. – 1:40 p.m. Nova Scotia health officials today reported three new cases of COVID-19 when they rolled out the province’s vaccination schedule. With 2,720 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine given between December and December. On January 16 and 2, the province announced that it plans to make the vaccine available to 75 percent of the eligible population by the end of September. Over the next four months, the province plans to give the vaccine to health care workers for long periods of time – network carers and their caregivers, and all adults over the age of 75. Nova Scotia is currently dealing with 19 active cases of COVID-19–12: 50 p.m. Almost every measure taken to deter people from traveling internationally. However, Canada does not want to join the short list of countries that require government approval with measures like exit visas. Since then, the federal government has been crystal clear at the beginning of last year, it was a bad idea to travel abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of Thursday, air travelers arriving in Canada will be required to provide evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test before they can board a plane, although questions remain about how that will work in places where such tests are not readily available . According to LeBlanc, the government hasn’t ruled out applying such a rule to non-essential travelers arriving at land borders. – 12:40 p.m. Health officials in Newfoundland and Labrador report a new case of COVID-19. According to authorities, this is a man between 20 and 39 years old whose infection is related to international travel. According to official figures, there are currently 11 cases of Active COVID-19 infections in the province, with one person hospitalized for the virus. – 12:20 p.m. In cases of COVID-19 soaring and seriously ill patients in hospitals, according to Dr. Theresa Tam stay together and follow public health instructions and advice. The federal government’s chief public health officer says these instructions are only useful if followed. More than 16,000 people have died from COVID-19, and Canada’s Health Department says more than 77,000 people Canadian authorities have discovered nine cases of a variant of the virus, which was first discovered in the UK and appears to be spreading more easily. The agency says no cases of any other variant from South Africa have been found in Canada .– 12:15 p.m.Ontario plans to bring all long-term care residents, workers and key caregivers to COVID-19 hotspots by January 21 vaccinate. The province says those who live and work in nursing homes in Toronto, Peel Region, Yo By then, the rk and Windsor-Essex region will be vaccinated. The province also says it will begin administering COVID-19 vaccinations to Ontario’s indigenous communities later this week. The Ontario government has been criticized in recent weeks for introducing vaccines. Some said the province was not distributing the cans quickly enough. – 12 noon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s disappointed with two Liberal MPs who have traveled to the US He says the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic depends on the feeling that everyone is together and that people are for that Sacrifice for the common good. When politicians travel against the Public Health Council, it harms the collective effort. One Liberal MP lost her position as Parliamentary Secretary after attending a family memorial service in the United States, and another gives up committee duties after visiting a sick relative there. Two Conservative MPs, as well as a senator and an NDP MP, also traveled abroad last month, and several provincial ministers resigned because of such trips. – 11:45 am Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is unhappy to see vaccines for COVID-19 in freezers instead of B. He says he will discuss it in a regular conference with provincial prime ministers on Thursday. COVID-19 is disproportionately harmful to the elderly and people with other diseases, and Trudeau says there is an urgent need to get as many vaccinations as possible from them as soon as possible. – 11:30 am Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians who have traveled abroad shouldn’t expect to receive a benefit for people who need to isolate themselves. He says the program is for workers who need to be quarantined because they are sick or have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Trudeau says it’s never about subsidizing vacations, and he’s frustrated and angry that non-essential travelers might have taken advantage of it. The government will revise the rules to make it clear they are ineligible, but Trudeau has not said when it will happen. Quebec today reports 2,508 new cases of COVID-19 and 62 more deaths attributed to t Health officials said hospital admissions rose 23 to 1,317 and 194 people were in intensive care, an increase from six. According to the province, 2,529 doses of vaccine were administered yesterday, a total of 32,763. Quebec has reported 215,358 cases of COVID-19 and 8,441 deaths related to the virus since the pandemic began. – 11 a.m. Prince Edward Island reports a new case of COVID-19. Health officials said today the new case affects a woman under the age of 19 who had traveled outside the province. Four cases of COVID-19 have been actively reported in the province. Dr. Heather Morrison, chief health officer, says that while the province will lift some restrictions on the island tomorrow, the province will not re-enter the Atlantic Bubble until at least January 25 – 10:45 a.m.Ontario reports 3,128 new cases of COVID-19 today, and 51 new ones Deaths from the virus. Health Secretary Christine Elliott says there are 778 new cases in Toronto. 614 in the Peel Region, 213 in Yor k Region, 172 in Durham, 151 in London-Middlesex and 151 in Hamilton. The province says it has performed 35,152 tests since the last daily report. Ontario has administered 7,607 doses of vaccines since its last daily update, with a total of 50,030 shots fired.This Canadian press report was first published on January 5, 2021

The Canadian press

Protesters in support of US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, clashed with police and forced a delay in the constitutional process to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. – The Associated Press

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The Ontario Government announced that it is launching a COVID-19 test pilot program at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

WASHINGTON, DC – What was supposed to be a historic day in the US capital lived up to that bill for all the wrong reasons on Wednesday when an angry crowd of Donald Trump supporters managed to overpower police and lay siege to Capitol Hill.
After Trump spread known conspiracy theories and false complaints about a “stolen” presidential election, a group of protesters bullied the Capitol Police and ran amok through the building as lawmakers confirmed Joe Biden’s victory.
Members of Congress were immediately evacuated from the area when officers, some with guns drawn, faced the mob. The protesters ransacked and demolished offices, and even gained access to the legislative chambers, where members of the Senate and the House are routinely seated.
The following pictures were stunning: A man in a Make America Great Again hat, feet up on Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Another is walking through the rotunda with a Confederate flag over his shoulder. The speaker’s podium is occupied by a man with a trump flag as a cloak. Protesters waving trophies swept out of the offices.
Outside, as police sirens echoed and helicopters pulsed overhead, thousands upon thousands of others gathered on the Capitol steps cheered and celebrated the news of the breach, waving flags, firing torches, and popping smoke grenades from above on the balcony.
Less than eight hours later, when the Capitol was fully secured, the legislators reassembled their joint session and were determined to send the message that they would not be intimidated.
« For those who wreaked havoc at our Capitol today, you didn’t win, » said Vice President Mike Pence as he reopened the session. « This is still the people’s house. »
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed never to be deterred from people’s business by « thugs, mobs, or threats ».
The sensible remarks made by Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, intended as a reprimand for those in the Chamber who were still determined to object to the election results, drew rare applause from his congressional colleagues.
« The best way to show respect to disgruntled voters is to tell them the truth, » said Romney. « And the truth is, President-elect Biden won that election. »
Police chief Robert Contee confirmed that shots had been fired in the Capitol. Four people died, including a woman who was shot by police.
The woman was shot dead the previous Wednesday when the mob tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol, where police were armed on the other side. She was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and later died.
The other three died in « medical emergencies, » Contee said.
Trump, who swore to loyalists gathered outside the White House earlier the day that he would never admit defeat in the November presidential election, issued a tweet urging supporters to « stay peaceful. »
He later posted a short video asking the occupiers to « go home, » but also reiterating his claim that the election was stolen and expressing solidarity with the crowd: « We love you, » he said President. « You are something special. »
By the time Congress resumed, Twitter had seen enough and temporarily suspended the president’s account « because of the risk of violence ».
Indeed, the events of the day sparked new calls to indict Trump immediately or to invoke the dusty 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gives the vice president, along with the federal cabinet, the power to remove a president from office.
Political observers, elected officials and leaders from around the world, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, sharply condemned the chaos on social media platforms.
« Violence will never succeed in overriding the will of the people, » the Prime Minister tweeted. « Democracy in the US must be upheld – and it will be. »
But outside the building, a jubilant, solemn mood offered a contrasting study.
« This is not a violent riot, » insisted Nancy Murphy, who had traveled from Saratoga, New York, to attend Wednesday’s protests, and was front and center when the clashes began.
« These are people who think they can make a quick choice and steal a choice, » she said, indicating the Capitol dome. « And take our country away from us. »
New Hampshire-based Tom Monahan was doing his best to wash the pepper spray out of his eyes, and his mother, who supported Trump, did her best to help as he described the moment the mayhem broke out.
« I was just trying to get a better look, to be part of the story, » said Monahan, desperately forcing explosions from a water bottle into his flushed, tear-stained face.
« My mom and I went up the stairs and got way too close, way too far. Next, I know that I and a number of cops are using spray and lightning. »
Both insisted that the crowd would remain defiant.
« This is the home of the people of America, » Murphy said. « They know what the Constitution says; they just choose not to go along with it. And no. America says ‘no’. »
However, by the time night fell – a continued roar of police sirens and the glow of emergency lights highlighting the darkness – the police had surrounded the vast Capitol grounds and were slowly pushing people away from the building.
President-elect Joe Biden, whose election victory was due to be confirmed two months ago on Wednesday, instead turned to the nation for silence.
« Our democracy is under unprecedented attack, » said Biden, calling the demonstrators « extremists » who « are committed to lawlessness ».
« There is no contradiction, it is disorder, it is chaos. It borders on turmoil and it has to end – now. »
Even Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, felt compelled to make a statement calling for cooler minds to prevail, noting that all staff at the Canadian embassy would be safely held accountable.
Reinforcements from the National Guard were brought in to restore order, while Mayor Muriel Bowser imposed an overnight curfew from 6 p.m. ET trying to disperse the crowd.
« I continue to urge all Washingtoners to stay home and stay calm, » Bowser said at a press conference. « The behavior we observe is shameful, unpatriotic and most of all, illegal. »
The demonstrators themselves provoked police officers on the Capitol grounds, Contee said.
« A riot has been called because of the violent behavior towards the police there and their intention to gain access to the Capitol, » he said.
« It was clear that the crowd intended to harm our officials by using chemical irritants and police to force entry into the United States Capitol. »
According to Contee, 13 people had been arrested, all from outside the city, and a number of weapons were confiscated.
Wednesday began with the President himself speaking in front of thousands of people between the White House and the Washington Monument, a sea of ​​Trump banners and American flags blowing in a bitter January wind.
« We’ll never admit, » Trump yelled to joyous cheers. « We will never give up. »
This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 6, 2021.

James McCarten, the Canadian press

Le bilan lavallois de la COVID-19 sélève désormais à 2226 cas actifs selon les données émises par le Center intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de Laval. Cela représente une boom de 104 cas actifs par rapport à la veille. Il s’agit also d’une augmentation de 293 cas confirm, ce qui porte le total à 15 129 citoyens lavallois touchés depuis le mois de mars. On dénote aussi deux nouveaux décès. A total of 772 people are not involved in the disease of Jésus. Parmi les Lavallois actuellement touchés, 80 sont hospitalisés, not 18 aux soins intensifs. 73 employees of the CISSS de Laval are not employed in the absence of COVID-19. Dans les secteurs Chomedey est encore le quartier le plus affekté de la nouvelle mise à jour des données avec 78 nouveaux cas assertés. Il demeure le secteur de l’île Jésus le plus touché en chiffres absolus dans les 14 derniers jours. Durant cette période, 769 personnes de ce quartier ont été testées positive à la COVID-19. Duvernay / Saint-François / Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (70) is the best example of an infection and an infection with 888 Cas Par 100,000 inhabitants. À l’inverse, Vimont / Auteuil (38) demeure le moins affekté en chiffres absolus (403), tandis que Pont-Viau / Renaud-Coursol / Laval-des-Rapides (39) présente le plus bas taux d’infection (513 ) cas par 100,000 inhabitants). Le secteur Sainte-Dorothée / Laval-Ouest / Laval-Les Îles / Fabreville-Ouest / Laval-sur-le-Lac (26) a quant à lui connu la plus delicate augmentation lavalloise des dernières 24 heures. De son côté, Fabreville-Est / Sainte-Rose constitutes 39 Art Nouveau confirmations. *** Prendre note que tel qu’indiqué sur le site Web du CISSS de Laval, ces données par secteur incl. L’ensemble des cas des citoyens testés positifs à la COVID-19, qu’ils résident dans des milieux fermés ou ailleurs in the communauté. Les milieux fermés including des milieux de vie comme les center d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD), les résidences privées pour aînés (RPA), les ressources intermédiaires (RI), ainsi que les centers corrected. The données présentées sont calculées en fonction du lieu de residence. Le CISSS tarde à déterminer le foyer de 56 cas jusqu’ici.Nicholas Pereira, Initiative de journalisme local, Courrier Laval

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. – A passerby spotted a wandering llama in a field off a Massachusetts freeway and, with the help of an animal control officer, took it to a farm for safekeeping. Patrick Boddy was driving in Newburyport when he spotted the male gray. The white lama stopped his truck and approached him on Monday, the Boston Globe reported. The lama acted “very coldly” when he came up to him, Boddy told the newspaper: “I had my arm around the thing, somehow calming him down. It was just very gentle and kind. I knew it had to be some kind of pet or something, ”said Boddy. Kayla Provencher, the animal control officer for Newburyport and West Newbury, was alerted and joined Boddy with the llama in the field. They called to local farms to see if you were missing a llama, the newspaper reported, « I’m not sure where he came from or how he got there, » Provencher told The Associated Press, but he was hungry and drank a lot of water, which indicates he needs some maintenance, she said. The state has records of stall inspections, but they said none of the local farms are absent llamas. The Provencher has no clues as to the owner of the wandering llama, even after posting photos of him on the Animal Control Facebook page.Lama will be housed right across the New Hampshire state line with farm owner Carly LeSage. She owns other livestock but has never had a llama, the newspaper reported: « I did a night check with him last night and took a glass of wine, » LeSage told the newspaper. « I’m a little tied to him at this point. » If an owner does not get in touch, LeSage told the newspaper that it is considering keeping the llama for herself. The Associated Press

By Jamie Mountain Reporter of Local Journalism Initiative EARLTON – Armstrong Township looks forward to the New Year after an unusual 2020. Many of Earlton’s events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had a lack of organized recreation when it came to the ball diamond. We were able to save the swimming lessons for the pool, so we did well, ”said Mayor Jean Marc Boileau in a telephone interview. “Although most of the summer activities were canceled, we were able to open the pool and have a successful three-session swim lesson program.” Boileau noted that Earlton was just one of four Northeast pools that opened last year. « We would like to thank our lifeguards and customers for making the opening of the pool so successful, » he said. Boileau said the community completed its major capital projects in 2020 and also bid farewell to longtime public works superintendent Donald Antler, who retired on October 31. « Donald started the ward on May 1, 1991 and has been a dedicated and hard-working part of our team, » said Boileau. “His knowledge, ingenuity and personality will certainly be missing. We wish him good health and relaxation in this new, exciting chapter of his life. « The community also launched an organizational review with the city government’s Wayfinders, » Boileau said, « to review the current organizational structure, human resources and overall operations. » He added that the project is expected to be completed in January. NEW YEAR INITIATIVES Looking ahead to 2021, Boileau said the community will have many projects and initiatives coming up. Armstrong’s municipal drinking water license is scheduled to be renewed by March, he said. “The submission must include a long-term budget approved by the Council. The employees are currently working on the application for an extension. “The community will also hire a web development / IT intern in January who, according to Boileau, » has a deep knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape, including various social media platforms and website design.  » All municipal websites must meet accessibility standards from January 1, 2021. Armstrong has allocated some money in the budget to update their websites with a plan to launch the revamped website in the new year. “The intern will also actively contribute to improvements and projects related to the modernization of the community, such as modernizing the IT structure and processes,” explained Boileau. Armstrong will also implement structures and strategies for further COVID-19 resilience in the new year. Boileau said the community continues to review its capacity, service and safety in the community during the second phase of the pandemic. He noted that as part of the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure stream, Investing in Canada Infrastructure, the community had applied for funding to install a new heating and ventilation system for the urban complex (community office and library) and redesign and renovation of the building to improve the functionality and safety of the staff, council and visitors. « If the application is approved, work can start on May 3, 2021 and must be completed and final by December 31, 2022, » he said. CENTURY Armstrong will also celebrate its centenary in 2021, but Boileau acknowledged that COVID would have a huge impact on what can happen to it. The celebrations for the 100th birthday are provisionally planned for the weekend of July 2-4. « Centennial Committee meetings will resume in early 2021, » Boileau said. The mayor said work with the Timiskaming Health Unit’s Active School Travel Charter project will continue into the new year. The charter was adopted by the Council at its October 28th meeting and is a policy statement to promote active travel and safe school zones. « We will continue to work on active travel recommendations for safe and active travel within the community in 2021, with particular caution in school areas, » he said. Armstrong will continue to promote residential property sales in the Jules Gravel subdivision, which Boileau said « continues a construction incentive of up to $ 2,000 for those who begin construction within 18 months of purchase. » The Mayor wished everyone a Happy New Year and said on behalf of the council that he would “thank everyone in the community for their efforts in this unknown state after the pandemic began. « Let’s keep that momentum going over the holiday season. » Jamie Mountain, Reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, Spokesperson for Temiskaming

Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott announced on Wednesday the start of a new COVID-19 test pilot program that will allow all international travelers to Ontario to  » Get free and voluntary “coronavirus testing, conducted in Terminals 1 and 3 at Toronto Pearson Airport.

TORONTO – Real estate agent Navid Rashid is recovering after competing with multiple listings for property in the greater Toronto area from an unusually busy December that ended an unusually busy year. « December has usually been a very slow month in the past … People – I just want to enjoy my free time, » said Rashid, senior sales representative at Trace Property Group. « But this year was very different. » The average price of a Toronto home sold last year hit a new high as sales rose 8.4 percent compared to 2019, the Toronto Real Estate Board said. The average retail price in Greater Toronto was $ 929,699 in 2020, up 13.5 percent from $ 819,279 in 2019, the board’s report said Wednesday. The number of homes sold in the Greater Toronto Area in 2020 stood at 95,151, up from 87,751 in 2019 and the third-best year on record, according to the Board, TRREB’s report was just the most recent to show how robust the property rebound was over the year 2020 stayed. Real estate agents had their busiest December since 2007, and Montreal broke the record for neighborhood home sales each December, real estate authorities in both cities said this week. TRREB said that after falling sharply in the spring due to the pandemic, the market picked up in the second half of the year. President Lisa Patel said the real estate market in the greater Toronto area followed an unfamiliar path in 2020. « After the steep COVID-induced decline in demand in the spring, home sales rose to record levels again in the summer and fall, » Patel said in a statement. In addition to shifting the home purchase season later in the year, the pandemic had other effects. Patel pointed to « extremely low » borrowing costs and virtual open houses and demonstrations as ways to customize the property market. “The next 12 months will be critical as we plan our path through recovery. In particular, the impact of the resumption of immigration and the reopening of the economy will be critical, « said Jason Mercer, board’s chief market analyst. Full-year results came when the Toronto board of directors compared a home sale in December 7,180 was up from 4,364 in the final month of 2019. The average price of a home sold in December was $ 932,222, down from $ 838,662 in December 2019. Rashid said a major driver of business in 2020 was low interest rates, and that The calendar is aligned with January, he said. However, the board also noted a widening gap between the single-family home and condominium markets, with single-family home sales up 15.1 percent last year and average prices up from 2019 13.2 percent on the market for condominiums, sales fell 5.5 percent, with more moderate annual price growth of 7.1 percent. « The supply of single-family homes has remained limited, leading to strong competition between buyers and double-digit price increases, » said Mercer. By contrast, Mercer said, condominium growth “far outpaced” condominium sales over the past year. The total number of new registrations of all apartment types rose by 66.1 percent in December compared to the previous year, compared with a growth in turnover of 64.5 percent. In December, condominium sales rose 75.4 percent from December 2019, but prices fell 2 percent. « The increased choice for condo buyers ultimately resulted in more bargaining power and a year-over-year decline in average condo sales prices over the last few months of the year, » Mercer said. The division between condominiums and single-family homes was clearly the suburbs of the greater Toronto area. Rashid said that despite a general spike in listings, there is very limited inventory in some suburbs like Oshawa, which has raised prices as sellers see multiple bids. While condominium sales fell 2.6 percent last year in the suburbs, they fell 6.7 percent in the city. Single-family home sales rose 18.3 percent in the suburbs and just 4.4 percent in the city. House prices showed a similar trend in December, with South Simcoe County seeing the greatest price growth and the city of Toronto experiencing the least. « Now that we have entered this new era of work from home, homebuyers are now looking for more living space, » said Rashid. « People are a little more adventurous and spend more time outdoors. that you can do downtown. « Even so, Rashid said he saw pre-construction condominium buyers boost their confidence with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine and the possible reopening of the economy. » Tourists, an influx of international students and, of course, the continued immigration growth – now, just to add that, since condominium prices are so low, « he said. « I think condo life is just getting more exciting and in demand. » This Canadian press report was first published on January 6, 2021. Anita Balakrishnan, the Canadian press

BERLIN – Germany, France and the UK on Wednesday urged Iran to reverse the decision to start enriching uranium to levels beyond the limits of a 2015 nuclear deal . This is a risk of jeopardizing the chances of diplomacy with the new US administration. The ministers of the three European nations said in a joint statement that the Iranian activity « has no credible civil justification ». They said the enrichment is a clear violation of the 2015 agreement between Iran and six world powers and « further undermines the deal ». The United States unilaterally withdrew from the deal in 2018, and the rest of the countries that signed it with Iran – Germany, France, Britain, China and Russia tried to prevent the deal from collapsing. On Monday, Iran began enriching uranium to levels not seen since the 2015 agreement. The decision was apparently aimed at increasing Tehran’s leverage during the dwindling tenure of US President Donald Trump. Iran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency of its plans to increase enrichment to 20% last week. With the increasing enrichment of the underground Fordo plant, Tehran is a technical step away from a weapons content of 90%. The aim of the deal was to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb – something Tehran refuses to insist on. The three European powers have expressed the hope that the US could rejoin the agreement with the change of government in Washington. President-elect Joe Biden said he hoped to bring the US back to the deal. Complicating that goal is Iran – which seeks relief from crippling US sanctions – now in violation of most of the major restrictions set in the deal. The move towards uranium enrichment « undermines the common commitment » of the participants in the agreement to uphold the agreement on December 21, European ministers said in their statement on Wednesday: « There is also a risk that the important opportunity for a return to diplomacy with the new US administration is at risk, « the statement said. « We urge Iran to immediately stop uranium enrichment up to 20% and to reverse its enrichment program. » the limits agreed in the (agreement) and the waiver of further escalation steps that would further reduce the space for effective diplomacy, ”added the ministers. The enrichment to 20% purity a decade ago almost triggered an Israeli strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities . Tensions only eased with the 2015 accord, in which Iran curtailed its enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on the sidelines of a meeting on nuclear disarmament in Jordan that the agreement “still has a chance. « He added that soon after Biden’s inauguration on January 20, the world would know what Washington is asking. » So one can only say once again to Iran that it would be extremely dangerous to play this opportunity, « said Maas .____ Frank Jordans in Berlin contributed to this report. George Moulson, The Associated Press

Most older white men have seats on Toronto City Council, but Renee Jagdeo hopes to bring that mix a little closer to the city’s population demographics later this month. Jagdeo is a young racial woman who has joined a crowded field of more than two dozen candidates to fill a vacancy in Scarborough and she has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve. « I represent a reality and a lifestyle that is not exactly what the city council currently advocates, » said Jagdeo, a city planning student sophomore at the University of Toronto’s Department of Human Geography More than half of people living in Toronto in 2016 identified a l member of a visible minority, the technical term for non-whites, compared to less than a sixth of the composition of the city council. And just by running, Jagdeo says she questions a narrative that younger people are not interested in politics. « I feel like there has been a lot of discourse and false narrative about young people who are not interested in politics for a while now, but I don’t think it has to be, » she said. “I was fortunate enough to do the things that are important to me. I have a community that does this similarly. I feel good when I talk about things with my colleagues. It’s really just about whether we are respected in public or not, ”she said, noting that she found these things to be true during the campaign. Jagdeo says some critics, prior to the January 15 election for the Scarborough-Agincourt headquarters, suggested that she should have experience running a household or starting a family first. « Owning a house, having a family, these are realities that many people my age do not know if it is feasible, » she said in a telephone interview. « And it’s hard for people who have these things to stand up for those who don’t. » At the beginning of her campaign, Jagdeo read the negative comments online, which came mainly from Facebook posts from the first media coverage. “But now I’m in a place where I know whose opinions are important to me and where I can get them from. « That includes the Mayor of Guelph, who recently sought advice. Housing and transit are two of the main pillars of Jagdeo’s campaign, which includes calling for more public green spaces so that everything the city can offer is“ for All people will be much more accessible and accessible, not just for those who are lucky enough to have this simple luxury. ”The Scarborough area of ​​east Toronto is notoriously underserved by public transport, and various plans to expand the subway or other services have been made deleted and redesigned by new iterations of the council. « This is definitely a struggle for residents when it comes to getting downtown or other parts of the city, » she said. « It forces you to be a person who owns a car or spends up to two hours on various transit systems. « Ward 22’s candidate would like to register for the rechargeable PR Get ESTO card for free to access public transport (it currently costs 6 US dollars). It also wants to increase the supply of affordable housing by using excess land or licensing more housing, a type of accommodation where tenants share kitchen and bathroom facilities and benefit students, newcomers and low-income people. The seat that Jagdeo hopes to win was previously held by longtime councilor Jim Karygiannis, who was removed from office in September after a lengthy court battle over his 2018 election expenses. Jagdeo said the pandemic highlighted the need for policies that bridge a growing gap between those who have privileges and those who don’t. « I think it’s largely a symptom of the pandemic that we’re seeing a lot of those differences have gotten much bigger and more drastic, » she said, adding that government responses have shown that the government can do something about it (and) makes it appear much more like reality and less like fairy tale. “The pandemic and the resulting social constraints have also exposed the shortage of public green spaces in the city, she said, and addressing that shortage would help create a sense of community and improve the mental health and wellbeing of residents. « I don’t know about you, but I would like to maintain my sanity through the structural things other people can offer, » she said. « In the summer we were encouraged to go outside and meet in parks for social distance, and then we saw those parks overflow, » she said. « Access to green spaces has become a luxury lately, it seems to me, and I don’t think that should be a thing. » Jagdeo is holding a town hall event on the evening of January 6th for residents who want to learn more about their platform. Lastair Sharp, Reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, National Observer

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COPENHAGEN – A senior Swedish official resigned on Wednesday after a holiday in the Canary Islands for Christmas and New Years, saying, « The most important thing is how we as a society deal with the pandemic and focus on the incredibly important task.  »
Dan Eliasson, who has headed the civil protection, public safety, emergency management and civil defense government agency since March 2018, is leaving as the Scandinavian country has seen a recent surge in virus cases.
And last year the agency known as MSB texted millions in Sweden urging them not to travel.
59-year-old Eliasson was photographed several times in the Canary Islands in December. He told the Expressen daily that he « gave up traveling a lot during this pandemic » and had a daughter on the islands.
« The most important thing is not me as a person, » Eliasson said in a statement on Wednesday. « The reason for my position is that MSB as a government agency should have the best possible conditions to carry out its important mission. »
The previous Tuesday he met with Interior Minister Mikael Damberg to discuss the possibility of continuing as head of the agency. The agency said Eliasson saw at the meeting that it was difficult given the reactions.
« That is why Dan asked Eliasson today to be transferred from his position as Head of Authority and General Manager of MSB, » the agency wrote.
Damberg told the Swedish broadcaster SVT: « MSB as an authority has to function during the pandemic. Dan Eliasson misjudged this and it had dire consequences.  »
Sweden has stood out among European nations for its comparatively uncomplicated response to the pandemic. The Scandinavian country has not closed any locks or shops, instead relying on citizens’ civic sense of duty to control infections.
The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter said Eliasson, the former head of the Swedish National Police, had not informed anyone, not even Damberg, about his vacation in the Canary Islands. It is not a routine for senior MSB officials to inform their superiors about vacation plans.
Sweden, which has adopted a much-discussed COVID-19 approach to keep large sections of society open, has reported 469,748 confirmed cases and 8,985 deaths, far more than its Scandinavian neighbors.

The Associated Press

The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were given to elders in Nunavut on Wednesday. Josephee Adams, 70, a resident of the Iqaluit Elders’ Home, was the first on the territory to receive the Moderna vaccine. Prime Minister Joe Savikataaq told CBC that about 28 elders will be vaccinated on Wednesday. Currently only elders are vaccinated in the facility. The territory’s strategy for launching the vaccine is based on the federal strategy that includes prioritizing remote and indigenous communities, Savikataaq said. From next week, vaccinations will take place in Arviat, Gjoa Haven, Igloolik and Cambridge Bay. Frontline health workers will also be vaccinated. Residents will need an appointment. Savikataaq said these churches were selected because they have elders centers that are the most vulnerable. While health officials are in these communities, they will also vaccinate the general adult population by appointment. « Anyone who wants to get the vaccine will be vaccinated, » said Savikataaq. The Moderna vaccine is given in two doses and is most effective when the second dose is given between 28 and 30 days later. « The outbreak isn’t over yet. » The prime minister said anyone who has been vaccinated and travels south still needs to isolate before returning to Nunavut as they still need the second dose. He also warned that the vaccine will only stop symptoms of COVID-19; It’s not clear if it will stop the transmission of the disease. Savikataaq said Nunavummiut still needs to practice all public health measures such as physical distancing and hand washing. « The outbreak isn’t over yet, » he said. As of Sunday, the Territory said there are no active cases of COVID-19. Nunavut has had a total of 266 cases since the pandemic began. However, Savikataaq said it would take them two full weeks since the last positive case before they would keep a community COVID-19 free. Unavut received about 6,000 doses of the vaccine last week. In the first round, around 3,000 residents are vaccinated. The vaccine is expected to be delivered every two weeks, said the chief public health officer. « The vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel, » said Savikataaq. He said he would line up for the vaccine, which he said is tested and safe when it is his turn. The area expects to receive enough vaccine doses by the end of March to vaccinate 19,000 residents, or 75 percent of the eligible adult population. Dates for vaccinations in the community are planned by appointment. are: * Gjoa Haven: January 11-12 at Qiqirtaq High School from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The second dose is on February 8th and 9th. * Igloolik: January 11-12 at Iglulik High School from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The second dose is on February 8th and 9th. * Arviat: 14.-18. January (except Sunday) in Qitiqliq Middle School from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The second dose is from February 11th to 15th. * Cambridge Bay: January 14th to 16th, location to be determined, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The second dose is February 11th to 13th.

YEREVAN, Armenia – The Armenian Prime Minister, the criticized by the country’s dominant Orthodox Christian church in connection with the recent war with Azerbaijan, stayed away from the Christmas service on Wednesday. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, said spokeswoman Mane Grigoryan. Pashinyan contracted the virus in June and it was not clear whether he had been infected again. The prime minister has been largely denounced in Armenia for signing a ceasefire agreement in November that ceded parts of the separatist Nagorno-Karabakh region and large parts of the surrounding area to Azerbaijan. The areas had been under the control of ethnic Armenian forces for a quarter of a century before fierce fighting broke out in late September. About 3,300 Armenian soldiers were killed in the war, and the territorial cessions forced thousands of Armenians to flee their homes. The ceasefire sparked weeks of demonstrations calling for Pashinyan’s resignation. The head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Catholicos Garegin II, and other high-ranking clergy have asked him to resign. Many Orthodox churches mark January 7th as Christmas; The Armenian Church celebrates both Christmas and Epiphany on January 6th. During a service at St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral on Wednesday, Armenian church leader Garegin said: “In the face of shaky peace and the threat of war, the necessary vigilance has not been shown. « He tragically referred to Nagorno-Karabakh, using the Armenian name Artsakh in the region. » The loss of a significant part of Artsakh, the martyrdom of our heroic children, the pain and grief of tens of thousands of Our Brothers and Sisters from Artsakh, who were forced to leave their homes, were homeless and in need, thousands of wounded and prisoners, missing Armenians, have put our national life at home and in the diaspora into an impenetrable, gloomy night. Garegin said .___ This story has been corrected to show that some Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 7th. The Associated Press

The Mexican president said Wednesday he was ready to provide coronavirus vaccines to undocumented migrants in the U.S. after the governor of the U.S. state of Nebraska announced that they were likely not to be vaccinated due to immigration status would be. The comments made Tuesday by Governor Pete Ricketts, a Republican Party member of President Donald Trump, about workers at Nebraska’s meat packing plants had sparked criticism from public health and migrant advocates.

CORNWALL – Eastern Ontario Health Unit reported a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases between December 31 and January 4. A total of 255 new cases of the virus brought the total active cases to 469. The increase in the number of cases was due to Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, EOHU’s health officer, surprised but found that the January 4th update was being checked when there appeared to be duplicate entries. « We will correct tomorrow (January 5th) and as such the number will be less than 255, » he told The Leader. « But it will still be pretty high, probably around 200. » This level of active cases would move the EOHU region beyond the Red – Restrict level and into the Gray – Restricted level under Ontario’s color-coded COVID-19 frame. The region is already on lockdown under a nationwide 28-day measure that began on December 26th. According to Roumeliotis, around three quarters of the new cases come from close contacts, the remaining quarter from the workplace. Responding to people in the area who disregarded public health and traveled out of the area for family visits and ski trips, Roumeliotis said the EOHU continues to recommend against these types of travel and activities. « My message is that the more cases we get, the longer the restrictions will last, » he said. « The higher the numbers, the more cases will go into vulnerable living environments, and that’s not what we want. » Roumeliotis said vaccines are here. « Let’s be a little more patient as the vaccine marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic. But we still need to be careful in the meantime until a significant number of people are vaccinated. » Looking at the numbers, the rolling reached seven days -Average peaked at 165.3 cases per 100,000 people on Jan. 3. By the Jan. 4 update, that number had dropped to 160 cases per 100,000, compared with 64.3 cases per 100,000 in the City of Ottawa. More than a third of all new cases over the five-day period were in the city of Cornwall, which now has 128 active cases. South Dundas added two new cases and increased the total of 10 active cases to 16. The COVID reproductive rate -19 infection in the EOHU region is 1.42, in the city of Ottawa 1.29. Phillip Blancher, Reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, The Leader

The pandemic has caused many people to prioritize rituals to rethink. There is talk of moving out of town, making life easier and saving more money.
« I won’t spend any more money like this, » my thousand-year-old daughter recently told me and talked about past shopping trips with handbags, jewelry and yes, lattes. « Financial security is fun now. »
This from the same person who until recently paid annually to upgrade to the latest version of the smartphone since buying their first Juicy Couture Sidekick in 2005.
But as always, my daughter drew my attention to a growing trend.
In an annual survey, consumer research firm The Family Room LLC identifies the prevailing trends in more than 150 psychological drivers. Identifying the priorities that change from year to year helps identify emotional hot spots between different age groups.
The latest results show dramatic changes in attitudes, the company said, including a 14% increase from last year’s survey of parents “making my life easier and less complicated”.
The way people save is also changing. According to a recent NerdWallet survey, 58% of adults in the US said they had developed new financial habits during the pandemic and plan to continue reducing spending on « needs » through 2021. Many (36%) plan to continue building general savings, and 30% will continue to put money in emergency savings.
Here are some ideas on how to simplify your life and change your money habits from carefree to cautious.
Leo Babauta, 46, a writer based in Southern California, has a mission to help people « implement Zen habits in daily life. » He believes the pandemic has given us the gift of prioritization.
« When things fall apart, we can see what is most important to us, » says Babauta. « This will help us simplify our lives further down the line, as simplicity comes in two steps: identify what is most important to you and eliminate everything else. »
On Babauta’s blog on, he records a long list of life changes over the years: smoking cessation, debt settlement, weight loss, and control over his finances.
He stopped living from paycheck to paycheck by studying the things that lead us into bad financial habits in the first place: anxiety, anxiety, and stress. Babauta says the COVID outbreak made him focus even more on « taking care of myself, meditating, walking and resting ».
« If we shop too much, it’s because we’re stressed, » he says. « If we avoid budgeting, it’s because we worry. When you break the cycle, you have to choose better habits to deal with that stress, like going for a walk or making a list, and then accountability and support create to do the new habit every day instead of the old one.  »
Making life easier is a theme that is repeated by Richard Liu, 26, a marketing manager in Sydney, Australia.
“One way to make my expenses easier is to use a money tracking application. With so many things digital, shopping online has been the norm. So it’s important to be able to track the expenses, ”says Liu. He oversees his expenses, investments and assets.
Like so many other COVID castaways, Liu saves money on transport because he commutes less – and on eating by cooking more himself. He also found ways to prepare for a financial recovery from the pandemic:
1. TRIM NON-SIGNIFICANT REPEATING ISSUE. This includes things like monthly subscriptions and gym memberships. Make a list of them all. You may find more than one pair that you either forgot or haven’t used in a while.
2. REFINANCING EXISTING DEBT WHEN INTEREST RATES ARE LOW. A mortgage, student loan, or personal loan are all candidates for interest rate enhancements. Maybe even your car loan.
3. BETTER DEALS FOR EXISTING INSURANCE POLICIES. Since fewer kilometers are driven, some car insurance rates have fallen. Many insurers have even given policyholders discounts.
Liu says he combined these money-saving ideas with another important moneymaking component: he took on additional freelance work to make extra money.
« I think it has never been more important to generate extra income or develop new cash flows. More money means more savings, but also stability, » he says. « This has been my main focus and priority and will continue to be. »
This article was made available to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Hal M. Bundrick, CFP, is a personal finance writer at NerdWallet. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @halmbundrick.
NerdWallet: Survey: Money goals in the river under the pressure of the pandemic

Hal M. Bundrick of Nerdwallet, The Associated Press



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