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Fox launched the revival of Name That Tune this Wednesday night, the musical quizzer from the 1950s (when it was on the radio) and most recently a syndicated daytime show from the 1980s. Does the new version – now all together – get the right grades?

Now Younger Matt loved the old name That Tune, which is really one of the great quiz shows to play along with. The bid-a-note round, for which it’s best known, really whipped up the drama back then.

The Fox reboot is hosted by 30 rock and Broadway vet Jane Krakowski, who is roughly in the middle of the first episode really seemed to make her move. There’s a little too much of « Why yeah, Kyle, that was [insert song title]! » But her short tap dance duet with a contestant, the sweet moment pictured above (where Cessalee knew but couldn’t do anything with the song Title « Tequila ») and her clear desire for boogie when the house band rocks, expressed her personality and skills as an entertainer.

The house band is led by American Idol alum Randy Jackson, and during the first episode you had to worry for a while that he had painfully little to do. And when he was given the task of awkwardly describing the unceremoniously revealed bonus prize that Cessalee had won (a coffee maker, I think?), You really worried.

I think the producers sensed and wanted to do this too Improve Jackson’s profile with a segment called « Get Deep With Randy, » in which he gives some advice (in one case via Sinatra) to the player entering the Golden Medley round. He also types out the sparse piano notes during the bid-a-note round and jams with the band into the commercial break. (If you asked yourself like me, Jackson has lost 100 pounds since undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2003 after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.)

The gameplay is as follows: In the first two episodes, the first round is either « Title Track » or « By Request », but they were almost identical. You are given a category, a song is played, and the two participants try to hum first to correctly name this melody.

The two players then go to the bid-a-note round, where correct answers are given Bring in $ 10,000 to $ 25,000. Now I know the exercise – if the hint puts it sufficiently for you, bravely offer to « name this melody in one note ». But man, some of those clues were large format street maps that led straight to the song titles. (« That tune made Maverick gasp »!) There was little drama when someone dared hear just one note.

I was wondering how many notes were used in the classic name That Tune to bid to become. Nobody seemed to start higher than seven here when it seems up to 10 can be played for you. (Maybe the players are just being urged to hurry.) Remember any other olds out there?

The player with the most winning after bid-a-note goes to the Golden Medley round, where he has 30 seconds has to name seven tunes for $ 10,000 each. If he gets them all, the price will be rounded up to $ 100,000. This is the round that really separates the players from the posers, using only your encyclopedic musical knowledge. Add that some of the arrangements could knock you over a bit (so much synth!), And it’s pretty exciting to see someone run the board – for her and of course for Jane.

What do you think of the new one Name That Tune? Or are you just glad Ken Jeong isn’t hosting?



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