World news – MP breaks silence over drunken fight


Mr. Walker was knocked unconscious during a fight with two young men early Saturday morning in the Mad Cow Tavern on Flinders Street.

But the Mundingburra MP says he has never seen the footage and has no recollection of the fateful blow.

After numerous prompts for Mr. Walker to explain himself, the 56-year-old told his side of the story exclusively to the Townsville Bulletin.

This came after he and the two men, 19 and 20, were beaten with $ 800 public harassment violations and banned from the Safe Night Precinct for 10 days. Mr Walker said he went to a restaurant with about 15 friends and family to celebrate his birthday on January 15th.

He remembers arriving at the Mad Cow just before midnight and saying it was supposed to be a « short stop » but he was running out of time.

Although the exact details of the lead-up to the fight between Mr. Walker and the two men are not yet known, sources indicate that CCTV footage started the incident with a verbal disagreement.

The footage shows Mr. Walker pushing one of the men first before the second man hits the MP.

« The police will not let me see the video because I have been informed by the police and my legal entities. It will stain me if I testify in the statement. »

He told the bulletin that he had only vague memories of part of the ambulance trip but remembered speaking to the doctor at Townsville University Hospital.

The MP said he did not count the number of drinks he had consumed but was « responsible ».

« Like most people, when you’re partying … I was having a good time for my birthday. » He said his family and friends told him that the Mad Cow Tavern staff were incredibly helpful before the emergency services arrived.

Mr Walker spoke « at length » yesterday afternoon with Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk, who made her position known.

“She has made it very clear what her standards are in terms of what she expects from her colleagues and her team,” said Walker.

« I sincerely apologize for my position in this position and (I will give) an iron guarantee that I will not find myself in this position again. »

« We attacked medical people in their work. It can happen to anyone. It’s not good. »

Mr. Walker said he had never been in such an argument and the situation had puzzled and confused him.

« You try all day (to remind yourself), you go through it all over again. I won’t be in that position again, I just won’t.

He has made a commitment to « work harder » and regain the trust of his community. He said a politician should « probably not » be in this situation.

« I would like to apologize to the people at Mundingburra headquarters. I will work even harder to regain that trust.

Mr Walker said he wanted to share his side of the story sooner but had been instructed to stay out of the media pending the investigation.

He has no intention of challenging the restrictions or fines that have been placed on him. « I accept the result, I will adhere to the restrictions that have been placed on me. The police did what they had to do. I am no different from everyone else, I will adhere to what they have decided, and we go on.  »

The new MP said others should learn from his mistakes and not stay out long, be responsible, mindful and reflect on their actions.

Doctors are monitoring Mr. Walker’s head injury, which is his second concussion. His first was in 1998 after a car accident.


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