World news – Liverpool 0-1 Burnley: Jurgen Klopp’s reaction


James Carroll

@ James_Carroll84

Jürgen Klopp gave an open assessment after Liverpool were beaten 1-0 by Burnley on Thursday evening in Anfield.

The Reds suffered their first defeat on home soil in the Premier League since April 2017 when Ashley Barnes took a late penalty to secure victory for the Clarets.

Klopp then responded during his press conference after Game questions from journalists. Read on for a recap of what the manager had to say …

No, it’s not the happiest time of our lives, certainly not. But I think it would be a little cheap to bet everything on it; that we are not lucky enough or at a certain moment. I think our problem is decision making in the moment and decisions are based on information I am obviously giving and the mood you are in. How sure you are of doing this in really small spaces and things like that. That’s why I said what I said. That’s why we didn’t meet in those moments. It’s not cool to mention it now, but we won games with less possession against Burnley, fewer chances against Burnley and we won them. We didn’t win tonight because we didn’t score in those situations. Now when I watch the game and think about it – in all of the interviews I’ve had enough time to think about it a little – how is it possible that you could lose this game? But we lost it. It’s ours and it’s my fault.

Look, how stupid it would be if I sit here and lose to Burnley, haven’t scored a goal in the last three or four games – I’m not sure – and talking about the title race now? How stupid would that be? We just have to win football games – that has always been the case. We have to score goals for that, there is no doubt about that. We have to change that and do better. When things don’t work, you have to work harder, do the right things more often, longer, and be more consistent, all of those things. But not to talk like that is an easy situation, it isn’t. It shows a lot of things. It’s amazing how consistent the boys were, but nobody should have taken that for granted because now we see they are all human, that’s how it is. And now I have to make it clear what we have to do at the right moments and then we will score again.

It’s the job a manager or a coach has to do. I’m not the first to have this situation and I won’t be the last, but it doesn’t help if I tell you now what I’m going to tell the guys and stuff. Anyway, I have to think about this particular game first because I only did interviews after the game. It’s still not rocket science, but it didn’t work out again tonight. It’s not the first game, it didn’t work out for two, three, four games or whatever. We take that. It’s not about performance, it’s critical moments. We have to get better in the crucial moments, we have to become ourselves again in the decisive moments. Not under construction, that’s all good and how we do different things, but in the last third, in the last moment, decision making is not what it should be right now Now everyone will be talking about it, it’s not nice, that doesn’t make the problem any smaller, it makes it bigger and we still have to change it. We’ll do that.

We can do more with this group, we can play a lot better football, that’s my concern. I think about that. The trust is not at the highest level, I think it’s so obvious that I don’t need to mention it – you can see it in certain moments. It’s like 90 percent of everything the boys have been doing all along is still there, but the crucial 10 percent is missing right now. So now we have to work on that crucial 10 percent. So it is – we’re always working on it, but now we have to dig a little deeper to get it back.

They have the right information, they are getting the right information, but when I say it’s my fault, it was me maybe not convincing enough, I couldn’t give enough trust, that’s my job too. I can’t say we’re not confident enough and then say, « I don’t know why this happened. » That’s how I understand the job. It’s about crossing at the right moment, happening at the right moment and all of those things. It’s not that we gave the wrong information, but you need to be in the right mood to use it. You have to be brave between the lines, you have to turn between the lines, you have to pass the ball, you have to bring it between the lines and then you have to go behind the line and then the full-back comes from outside and crosses the ball Again, it’s not rocket science, but obviously it didn’t happen tonight and I think as I understand it for myself – and that’s the only thing that matters to me in this case – that it’s my fault.