World news –JP –Yakult 14-year-old Ueda: « I haven’t been organized … » with tears in my eyes. | Au Web Portalja


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Yakult’s 14-year-old Ueda is out of the fighting force, and with tears, » I haven’t been organized … « 
Yakult also announces out-of-strength notification to Ryota Fujii, Takeshi Ueda and Shotaro Tashiro – « Thank you … » Tsubame / Tashiro fan for the second out-of-strength notification One after another
Yakult / Ueda Out-of-Strength Notification « I’m not organized » « I want to have a place where I can play baseball »
Yakult Ueda , Fujii, Tashiro notified out of force to a total of 10 people
Yakult Ueda out of force  » I haven’t got my head organized. « 
Yakult Fujii, Ueda, Tashiro and next season Active as a by-player without signing a contract
Yakult Fujii out of force » Because it’s a year Hope to continue working
Notification of out-of-strength to Yakult / Ueda Contributed to the 15-year league championship with solid defense
> From Yakult A tweet from Tashiro thanks to the out-of-force notification « I’ve enjoyed baseball! » ja



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