World news –JP –Photographed by Satoshi Tsumaogi, « Jealousy » in close-up photo of Yuriko Yoshitaka Official Instagram opened in October (November 8, 2020) –Excite Newsja


Mitsuru Yaku’s « Cinema Small Words » « I Never Shot Anyone » Recommendation « I Never Shot Anyone »

Directed by Junji Sakamoto of « Dotsuitarunen » and « Face », starring Renji Ishibashi, a well-known supporting player who is also a regular of Sakamoto’s works. Kishibe Kazunori, Momoi Kaori, Okusu Michiyo, Sato Koichi, Toyokawa Etsushi, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Eguchi Yosuke and the Japanese film industry are set aside.

Prophecy of corona sickness everywhere … The content of the movie starring Satoshi Tsumabuki is too real!

The spread of the new coronavirus infection that is shaking the world is long-term, such as a Harvard University researcher publishing a paper in the American scientific journal « Science » that « the infection epidemic may continue until 2022 » There are also signs of infection

Eriko Kitagawa listened to Mr. Children’s « Sign » and recalled that « the phrase here … » was requested by Kazutoshi Sakurai by letter.

Speaking of drama scriptwriter Eriko Kitagawa, the Fuji TV drama « Long Vacation » (1996) starring Takuya Kimura and Tomoko Yamaguchi and the NHK TV series « Half Blue. A hit maker that produced many masterpieces such as

Koki Mitani’s new work « Social Distancing Version » will be live streamed! Starring Yo Oizumi, Koji Yamamoto, Ryo Ryusei

From 17:00 on Saturday, July 11, 2020, WOWOW Members on Demand will write the new work « Social Distancing Versio » written by Koki Mitani as the PARCO Theater opening series.

Yo Oizumi, « drinking online » with his daughter’s friends and family …

Actor Yo Oizumi (47 years old) will appear on the variety show « Onigiri Atatamemasuka » (Hokkaido Television) broadcast on June 2. He talked about « online drinking » in private. Recorded in the program’s first online drinking party format

It’s amazing that it doesn’t make you feel « great! » Approaching the awesomeness of Yo Oizumi as an actor

It’s amazing that it doesn’t make you feel « great! » We approach the awesomeness of Yo Oizumi as an actor. [Tokyo cinemacloud X by Fumine Yakumo 839] Cinema analyst Fumine Yakumo sends out the movies to watch now, « Tokyo cinemacloud X ». North

Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Instagram, Gō Ayano

World news –JP –Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yuriko Yoshitaka’s close-up photo « Looks jealous » Official Instagram in October Gram opened (November 8, 2020) –Excite News
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Photographed by Satoshi Tsumaogi, Yuriko Yoshitaka’s close-up photo » looks jealous « Opened official Instagram in October ja



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