World news – « I still love the FA Cup » – Coventry is hoping to recapture the spirit of 1987 to conquer the Canary Islands


The FA Cup remains an important competition for Coventry City fans. The Sky Blues won the competition in 1987 and Tom Ward from the Sky Blues Extra Podcast offers a glimpse into Norwich City’s opponents this weekend.

Q: How important will Mark Robins see this game against Norwich, or will he see it just like Daniel Farke to give players who might not have much a chance? Minutes of playing time?

A: I think it’s difficult this year. In general, Mark Robins takes the Cup very seriously, and we’ve actually had some pretty good cup runs under him in the last three or four years.

We actually had a nice one last year, but I think with the landscape of Covid and the many games overcrowded and the fact that league survival is so important to us, I think it’s probably a year we won’t take it just as seriously.

Obviously the fans can’t be here either, so there’s no such thing as a draw to get the big tie away or anything, so I would imagine he’ll probably put out a slightly weakened side for this one, and I’m sure that it is similar for Norwich.

Coventry City captain Brian Kilcline takes the FA Cup after his team beats 3-2
– Credit: PA

Question: « Coventry is a past cup winner after winning the competition in 1987. Given the memories that made that day, is that something that makes the FA Cup more important to Sky Blues fans? » / p> A: It can’t really be said that it has definitely changed over the years, it is definitely not what it used to be. People remember when they were kids and it was a full day event, the FA Cup Final and winning the FA Cup was the biggest day in our history for Coventry.

If you talk to Coventry fans , they will always talk about 1987 so it has definitely lost a bit of the magic that I would say over the years with television and the different times of games and stuff, and it has spoiled it a bit I would say .

For me personally, I still love the FA Cup, like I said, we’ve had some really nice runs over the years, some really big connections with Premier League teams. I just think it’s a little different this year. It’s a win-win for us with this draw.

Q: Some Norwich fans wanted Sam McCallum to return to the club from his loan at St. Andrews. Talk to us about how he’s doing under Mark Robins. He’s unlikely to return to his parents’ club this month.

A: He has regained his place on the team, obviously we loaned Ryan Giles from Wolves too, so these two are fighting for the team’s left full-back and Giles had a really good season so far McCallum also managed to get back on the team when we played Norwich in November and he managed to keep his place really well.

He’s not always really consistent, he has a day off and sometimes he’s not in the game as much as he could be, but he’s obviously leveling up again so that’s to be expected.

He was a star last season, he was really great in the first division and he’s adjusting to levels right now, so I think a full season in the championship will definitely do him so well and then probably be ready to be maybe premier a bit too much step up but he will definitely be a really solid championship player I think next season if he’s had a full season with us.

Question: « What kind of team do you expect Robins to have on Saturday for this change? « 

A: I think we will probably make some changes. I think up on the pitch we don’t have a lot of options to make changes so we probably only have a few fit strikers but we have some young guys I think we just called Josh Eccles back from Gillingham so I think that he could play in midfield to give McCallum a break and bring Giles back into the game.

We also have a few young mid-halves who might want a chance. Regarding the goalkeeper, we will probably keep it the same as there is no point in changing the goalkeeper there.

Probably a similar formation to us, but just filling in a few bodies here and there and maybe five or six changes just to freshen things up and give people some peace of mind I think because obviously the games are going to come thick and fast after that.

A: I said on our podcast that I thought you would join us at 2 : Beat 1. I think I’m not too worried about the result or the goal line as long as we do a good performance and maybe a couple of young players get acquitted themselves well and maybe we’ll score and I’ll be pretty happy with that.

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