World news – Hillsong Leader’s Wife, How To Make Your Husband Happy


Hillsong Founder’s wife, Brian Houston, has proclaimed the need for women to lose weight in order to arouse their husbands and practice the « plumbing » to orgasms during sex.

Hillsong co-founder and senior pastor Bobbie Houston sheds light on her energetic sex life and advocates for the benefits to keep a man interested. It offers practical advice in a book and an audio box set of three CDs entitled Kingdom Women Love And Value Their Sexuality.

« When I carry weight I feel like a retarder. How can you do anything to surprise your husband when you need a hydraulic crane to turn over in bed? » she asks on the tape.

« Get plastic surgery if it makes you feel better, and for the right reasons, and girls, pelvic floor exercises – can you believe I’m saying this? You know, I’ve heard that orgasm isn’t that strong when you do are really sloppy in this area, « she says on tape.

In another excerpt from the audio book published in 2003, featured and available at the Australian Christian bookstore chain Koorong, the modern mother of three designers openly talks about her active sex life and encourages her Hillsong worshipers to improve on « good ». sexual skills.

« I’m talking about sex in marriage. Kingdom women should have a very healthy attitude towards this amazing dynamic, » she says.

« I was reading a secular men’s health magazine on a plane … it was funny, it said don’t worry about Kama Sutra item 5004 – most men don’t care, they have trouble putting things together, a swing on Christmas morning set.

« We have to be good at sex ourselves so that when the world knocks we can tell the story of God in our lives, » she says.

In the explicit audios and paperbacks now out of print, the 63-year-old face of Hillsong Church, the Christian movement that has grown from humble beginnings in the suburbs of Sydney in 1983 to a multi-million dollar success story around the world, calls for her female followers to fight the vagaries of the times.

« When it comes to personal hygiene and maintenance, like repairing teeth, a mouth should be very desirable, » she preaches.

« Smells … they may not affect you, but I choke when I walk into my teen’s bedroom. I watch old Braveheart movies … and the actors with bad teeth and I think, ‘oh, imagine before, you kiss that? ‘

« Minimize the negatives of aging, aging does strange things to us. It stains your teeth. Things sag as you get older.

« You can still get pampered – I plan on having nice, soft skin by the time I’m 90 … sorbol vitamin E for $ 2 a pot. My skin and muscle tone are losing a relationship, » said she.

« Old people’s habits, don’t go there before you have to. Who cares if you have a face lift, but you’re doing it for the right reason. »

« Back pain. Plumbing. Ok, get it fixed, cured, or see a doctor, I’m not kidding. »

Former Hillsong College student Yolandi Bosch, 33, who left the Bella Vista campus in 2012, said the Church’s strict conservative rules are regularly followed in tutors’ teachings.

« When I was on the Sydney Bella Vista campus, we had meetings where a tutor told us he was having great sex with his wife every Wednesday and we were told that it was important to keep the husband happy at home to keep the marriage alive, « she told The Daily Telegraph.

Ms. Houston served as a successful member of the Hillsong Department of Women’s Affairs and launched her annual 47,000-member Color Women’s Conference, which focuses on the health and wellbeing of women.


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