World News – GB – UEFA plans to reduce Euro 2020 to a one-nation tournament


Posted: 19:37 GMT, 2 November 2020 | Update: 19:51 GMT, November 2, 2020

UEFA is exploring the possibility of hosting a one-nation European Championship next summer, leaving England’s plans for the tournament in limbo

The European football governing body’s original plan was to hold the Euro, which was due to take place earlier this summer but was canceled due to the Covid pandemic, in 12 different cities across the continent

But it is understood that UEFA is reconsidering the original design of the delayed tournament, which is due to start in June

The tournament was supposed to take place this summer but was canceled due to coronavirus

There is a growing feeling that the tournament should revert to a more traditional format of being held in a single country

Sources say the situation is alive and will continually change as the pandemic develops by next summer

The governing body is said to be keeping an open mind on how the tournament should be organized – including which country if they vote against a cross-border euro

Indeed, Covid rates in potential host countries will inevitably play a key role in determining which countries are considered

But the fact that UEFA plans to host Euro 2020 delayed in one country indicates that its initial plan to have 12 host countries is in serious jeopardy

England were due to play their group matches at Wembley as well as the tournament final

England were due to play their group matches at Wembley, with final leg – including final – set to take place at the national stadium

But it remains to be seen whether England will be considered a host country given rising Covid rates and the government just announced a second national lockdown

Likewise, the fact that supporters are still not allowed onto the pitch is likely to be another consideration for UEFA as it formulates a new plan for the tournament scheduled for next summer

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World news – GB – UEFA plans to bring Euro 2020 back to a nationwide tournament



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