World news – GB – Spoiler: Leanne is destroyed when Oliver dies in tragic scenes in Corrie


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Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) was born tonight (Jan.. November) was left heartbroken on Coronation Street when Oliver died in emotional scenes.

Leanne was desperate to fight the decision to withdraw Oliver’s life support in court, but after the young man was arrested in the hospital – not to mention the fact that he was likely to be arrested again – she decided to drop the appeal allow.

Oliver’s last day hit the double bill tonight, and his family gathered at the hospital as they prepared to say their final goodbyes.

Leanne struggled to come to terms with the fact that she had to say goodbye as she made several trips back to the apartment to find the little boy’s favorite belongings.

Dr. Howarth (Caroline Harding) told them to take all the time they need, and Leanne made her way to the apartment – and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) went with them.

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Leanne collapsed at home, but Nick told her she had to say goodbye now.

She gathered the courage to return to the hospital before she and Steve entered Oliver’s room.

Leanne spoke to Oliver and informed him not to be afraid, while Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) reminded him how loved he is.

They sang the boy with one final rendition of his favorite song – « You Are My Sunshine » – when he died.

When Leanne returned to the cobblestones, she was lying on her son’s bed and bursting into tears.

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World News – GB – Spoiler: Leanne is destroyed when Oliver dies in tragic scenes in Corrie
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