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Cast in the Happiest Season, the first major festive romance movie about a same-sex couple. They talk about their friendship, the sudden abundance of gay content – and they apply the rule to love, in fact

“It’s a gay birthday movie,” Kristen Stewart says. “And I know that’s annoying to describe right away, but, to me, that’s very attractive, and it looks like . . . Huge exhalations.

Quietly and unnoticed, « The Happiest Season » sounds like a big deal. It’s a festive romance movie directed by Clea Duvall that stars Mackenzie Davis as Harper and Stewart as Abby, a married couple forced to move between the conservative and wealthy Harper family at Christmas. Over the course of five increasingly hectic days, they have to pretend to be friends who happen to be living in the same apartment, fearing that Harper’s parents discover they are together.. While these ingredients can make for massive drama, Hubbies Season cooks them up in comedy, finding poignant moments amidst the absurdity and severely written chaos.. It’s funny and ambitious and it’s the first gay Christmas romantic movie.

« Maybe this isn’t true, » says Stewart. « But, like two girls in the Christmas movie? From a studio like Sony? Of course not. ». It’s a no-uh to confirm. I mean, I didn’t cultivate this experience. I am not saying, « We are the first! » I only praise the people who made this one.

In 2017, Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live, telling the audience she was « like, gay, dude. ». She says that when she was younger, she didn’t have a movie like this. « We did not grow up with a movie that had such a broad ambition, and which had the role of two women at the center of a love story, and not that way.. Not to say there wasn’t great content created over the years that was really beautiful, and it was really important. But at the same time, this isn’t something I grew up with, and I would have loved it. So it’s nice to be a part of it.

Both speak from their Los Angeles home, although Davis prepares to leave her home. We spoke in September, when wildfires ravaged the area and people were advised to stay indoors. « MacKenzie is emptying her dishwasher, and I’m just sitting at my service, » says Stuart, as the dishes ring in the background.. « You’ll hear a lot of background noise, » Davis warns..

They are clearly doing well. « Damn, MacKenzie, what’s that thing that you said that I thought was so funny? » At some point, Stewart says.

“Riiiight. So we loved each other, we were in love with each other, and we made this movie about people who love each other, ”Stuart jokes.

Stewart signed up for the happiest season first, after Duval traveled to Germany, where Stuart was working, to persuade her to join. « We talked about who we could find as a partner to my dad, and we talked about crowds of people, until we got to MacKenzie and realized there was no one else.. Thankfully she wanted to do that.

Why should Davis be? « It’s a question that I like answering, because you can’t say these things about yourself, » says Stewart.. “She is a real person. I wanted this couple, and the way we represent these individuals, to feel really good, some kind of self-confidence.. McKinsey is fun and infectious, and she has confidence that I find it contagious. They both agree that their chemistry never felt compelled. “It was really important to me to show the gay couple a sense of comfort, comfort and their own skin. I can’t watch this movie and be like, It’s kind of nonsense. Anyway, fortunately, MacKenzie is here, and there you go.

They shot the happiest season in Pittsburgh, in January and February as the pandemic was hovering out of focus, and they managed to end it before everything closed. « We were watching her approach, » Davis recalls, « like utter fools. ». « We’re exactly the same way about the fires in Los Angeles or climate change in general, if it’s burning on the other side of town, you’re like: » Oh, that’s horrible.. « But you don’t change your behavior at all. Then smoke spreads through your area, and you say, “I’m not just going out. We have a late reaction to things. It’s shocking.

Stewart says this movie « is the only movie I wouldn’t feel weird about its release now. ». It indicates that it was made before the world was radically changed. So it’s not like ”- makes a sneering sound -“ This is what we’re working on right now! ” Because in fact, this comes from a warm and well-intentioned place. A lovely birthday movie about people getting together, and a family standing on the other side of misunderstanding. This doesn’t make me go: Why not have better conversations now? Because this is a valid and relevant conversation.

She says there are times when you feel less comfortable promoting movies or work, in the context of what’s going on in the world. «  I had to go to Eileen the day after Trump was elected, and I was emotional and crazy. I’ve had experiences where I love it, and that feels stupid and I don’t want to do that right now. While this does not feel stupid to me.

Over the past year or two, it has been hard not to notice that there have been more big movies with notable same-sex relationships, although it is worth noting that the previous scarcity will make anything look like a glut.. Still, from arthouse to Netflix, LGBTQ characters exist, on screen, in greater numbers than ever before.. why is that? « I think it’s just a sign of progress and desire, » says Stewart.. You know, one foot in front of the other. It is very clear to anyone involved in this thought process that the answer will be: Because we are suffocating for it, obviously, and so there has to be more..

Davis adds that because films take so long to be produced and then released, “These decisions were most likely made three or four years ago.. So there’s this weird time delay that we’re celebrating right now. In 2016, she starred in San Junipero, a rare episode of Black Mirror that was upbeat and sweet, telling the story of two women who meet and fall in love, at first, in the 1980s.

“I got into it entirely out of self-interest,” Davis says.. “I wanted to work with these people, and I loved this story. I failed to recognize the cultural significance, because I was not aware of the lack of this kind of story in the strange canon. Any positive story with a happy ending.

“It wasn’t until after it came out that I was like, damn it, people were screaming for this, and now there’s a positive symptom of a queer relationship, that’s no – I mean weird, you know, spoiler, they died – but that doesn’t end A tragic death. There’s this feeling of being reborn, and it’s beautiful.

She has a theory. « Oh, that would make me look like this goofy idiot, » she says cautiously, but wonders if San Junipero might have some role in starting this new wave.. « Maybe it was just because I was in the media we’re talking about, but it was a conversation that I wasn’t aware of before, and I felt like people were really interested in these stories.. “It doesn’t make you look foolish. « I didn’t want to be like, well, this is because of San Junipero! » She says laughing. « This is not at all. I think Charlie [Brooker] is someone who was doing something before there was a critical and business protest over him. Then I think the smart people at work realized there was a commercial desire for this thing and they answered that connection. Do you know what I mean?

Stuart says that when she saw San Junipero, “I raised my ears at that time. I was with my first girlfriend, and we were like, “Oh, this is on TV, this is crazy. “Like, it was definitely something I noticed. That’s cool and so weird, and now, I’m here with you to interview.

The Happiest Season also flutters another flag for romantic comedies, albeit in spiky form – it’s a love story, but it chills up with fun. There’s an argument that romcom has been in decline since the height of the 1990s, shocked by the franchises of adult superheroes. Do we need more romcom? Stewart said, « I haven’t seen many superhero movies, but I’m just so selfish, I prefer romantic comedies. ». « MacKenzie, you did both, you were a silly superhero.

Davis played Grace, the « augmented » human soldier, in the 2019 movie Terminator: Dark Fate, but she chose to cast the non-enhanced show.. “I will talk about this as a member of the audience. I’ve been watching a lot of romantic comedies lately, because I love watching fun and comprehensible movies when I do housework around my house.. And you can’t go out because the smoke is so thick in Los Angeles. love them. I am very satisfied with them.

« I never expected that answer, » says Stewart. « Really? Have you been watching a lot of romantic comedies? »

« Okay yeah. I just saw Plus One, which is that woman from Pen15 [Maya Erskine], it’s so good. Then I watched what I think is one of the best romantic comedies ever, Sleeping With Other People, by Leslie Headland.. But there is this ideal type of love that is conveyed through [romantic comedy] that I find a little dangerous, « Davis says.. “I think our movie is like, ‘Love is hard. And I like that our romantic movie is a comedy and it is one of the Christmas movies, but it looks less elegant than the traditional romantic comedies, or some movies that I have been visiting in the past few weeks..

Stuart adds, « It really is. ». Like, when Harry met Sally it’s the messiest and scariest thing ever until they get together, which takes years and years.

Making a Christmas movie, romantic or otherwise, can be a risky business. The happiest season pulls it off, but a lot of others falter. What does it take to make a good festive movie? « I think a great Christmas movie that feels like he’s living in, » says Stuart.. “It feels like pajamas. Like, oh my God, these guys really know each other, that they hate each other, and then it gets funny again.. Usually, a good birthday movie . . . Are you ready for this? She puts on a cheesy voice: “It makes you believe in Christmas.

As for their favorites, Davis says she has seen a lot from home alone growing up. «  And I’ve never been in love, actually I id, but I think I am. Hugh Grant is extremely talented. If you watched a good four-consecutive performer, he’s just a great performer. I think this is my Christmas movie.

« I think I was right in the middle where I would like, definitely good, but it doesn’t mean anything to me, but I think it’s cool.. Hmm, why do people hate that? « She asks.

“Oh, did he steal Keira Knightley from his best friend? But he’s making a series of tags!”

Stuart steps in. “Maybe I shouldn’t mention this, but damn it. I also felt a little strange about the guy who … . . . Colin Firth pursues someone he has never spoken to. I understand that love transcends language barriers, but at the same time . . . Maybe I shouldn’t have said this . . .

« Honestly, I felt like I was digging this hole for myself! » Stuart says. “And then she really jumped in and helped me, she agrees. I don’t have a favorite Christmas movie. I think that is the basic truth of this conversation. But I actually saw love.

“I know,” Davis says, happily. “There was a lot of performance going on, and finally we stripped it completely.

Kristen Stewart, Clea Duvall and McKinsey Davis

World News – Britain – Kristen Stewart and McKinsey Davis: « It’s a gay Christmas movie. That’s a huge exhalation
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