World News – GB – Kanye West secures 60,000 votes for US President across 12 states – Update


UPDATED: After a night of counting, Kanye West passed 60,000 votes in the race for President of the United States West was on the ballot in 12 states His tally accurate, at 10:30 am PT Wednesday was 60761

Most of the states in question were over 90% with the notable exceptions of Colorado, Utah, Mississippi and Vermont These were all over 70%

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PREVIOUS, Tuesday, midnight PT: While TV channels focused on the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, many social media users focused on another candidate: Kanye West

West’s name was trending on Twitter after the hip-hop superstar posted a series of posts on his account chronicling what he said was the first time he ever voted in his life Kanye being Kanye , he voted for himself, of course

God is so good 😊 Today I am voting for the President of the United States for the first time in my life, and this is for someone I really trust… me 🇺🇸 🕊

It’s safe to say that at least 60,000 Americans voted for West, who ran for independent While a few states were still under 80% at the time of writing, our tally puts him at 59,781 votes in total So it’s a pretty good idea that it will exceed 60,000 when all states are fully counted

West’s biggest drive was in Tennessee, where he garnered 10,188 votes While the rap mogul has placed 4th in some state races, his percentage of the vote has never been above 04%

Around the time Joe Biden gave his election night speech, Kanye tweeted what appeared to be both a concession and an announcement, writing: « Welp Kanye 2024 »

West personally voted in Wyoming where, according to the New York Times, he has a ranch and spends much of his time A video he posted on social media shows he wrote on his own name on ballot The vote won’t come back to West unless he tables additional documents, however

Spokeswoman for Wyoming Secretary of State Monique Meese told MarketWatch that the state counts these ballots as generic written votes unless the candidate wins or unless he or she wins. file documents and pay fees to the state According to Meese, there had been no such filing at the end of Tuesday

West has asked voters to write on his behalf in California, MarketWatch says, but West has again missed the filing deadline to be a written candidate in the state

Oddly, the US Independent Party put him on the ballot as their running mate in California – without consulting Kanye

According to a Federal Election Commission filing, West raised $ 11.5 million through mid-October. About $ 10.3 million of that amount, however, was in loans made by the candidate for his own campaign

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World News – UK – Kanye West secures 60,000 US President votes across 12 states – Update



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