World news – GB – Is the shareholder ownership of New China Higher Education Group Limited (HKG: 2001) tilted towards insiders?


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If you want to know who really controls who is in control of New China Higher Education Group Limited (HKG: 2001) then you should look into configuring its stakes registry. Organizations often own stakes in larger companies, and we would expect to see insiders own a significant proportion of smaller companies. I’d love to see at least a little inland property. As Charlie Munger said, « Show me the motivation and I’ll show you the result.

With a market value of HK $ 7. In Figure 3B, the New China Higher Education Group is a fitting size, so it’s likely to be on the radar of institutional investors. Taking a look at our data on ownership groups (below), it appears that institutions are noted on the stock registry. Let us dive into each kind of owners, to discover more about China New Higher Education Group.

Institutional investors usually compare their returns with those of a commonly used index. So they are generally considering purchasing larger companies included in the relevant benchmark index.

The new China Higher Education Group already owns institutions in the stock registry. In fact, they own a respectable stake in the company. This means that the analysts working in those institutions have looked at stocks with their liking. But like everyone else, they could be wrong. When multiple institutions hold shares, there is always a risk of being in a « crowded trade ». When such a trade goes wrong, multiple parties may compete to sell stocks quickly. This risk is higher in a company with no history of growth. You can see the historical earnings and earnings of China New Higher Education Group below, but always keep in mind that the story includes more.

Our data indicates that hedge funds own 5. 7% of New China Higher Education Group. This is interesting, because hedge funds can be very active and active. Many are looking for medium-term catalysts that would push up the share price. Since actions speak louder than words, we take it as a good sign when insiders have a significant stake in the company. In the case of New China Higher Education Group, the chief executive officer, Xiaoxuan Li, is the largest shareholder, owning 33% of the outstanding shares.. While the second and third largest shareholders hold 11% and 6. 2% of the outstanding shares respectively.

Looking further, we found that 56% of the shares are owned by the 4 largest shareholders. In other words, these shareholders have a useful say in the company’s decisions.

While studying the corporate ownership of a company that can add value to your research, it is also good practice to look for analyst recommendations to gain a deeper understanding of the expected performance of the stock.. There are a lot of analysts covering the stocks, so it can be helpful to see what they expect as well.

Although the exact definition of an insider can be personal, almost everyone considers board members to be an insider.. The management of the company answers to the board of directors and the latter should represent the interests of the shareholders. Notably, sometimes high-level managers are on the board of directors themselves.

Most of them consider ownership from within a positive as it can indicate a board getting along well with other shareholders. However, in some cases, too much power is concentrated within this group.

Our latest data indicates that Insiders own a reasonable percentage of China New Higher Education Group Limited. Insiders possess $ 2 HK dollars. 4b shares worth 7 Hong Kong dollars. 3b company. It’s great to see insiders investing in the business. It might be worth checking out if these insiders have purchased recently.

With 25% ownership, the general public has some degree of influence over New China Higher Education Group. While this size of ownership may not be sufficient to influence the policy decision in their favor, they can still have a collective impact on company policies..

Our data indicates that private companies own 17% of the company’s shares. Private companies may be related parties. Sometimes insiders have an interest in a public company through ownership in a private company, not in their personal capacity. While it is difficult to draw any general conclusions about stroke, it is noteworthy as an area for further research.

It is always worth considering the different groups that own shares in the company. But to better understand China’s new set of higher education, we need to consider many other factors. Case in point: We’ve spotted 3 warning signs for the New China Higher Education Group that you should be aware of.

But in the end, it is the future, not the past, that will determine how well the owners of that business perform. So we think it’s a good idea to take a look at this free report that shows whether analysts are expecting a brighter future..

Note: Figures in this article are calculated using data from the past twelve months, which refer to the 12-month period ending on the last date of the month in which the financial statement is dated.. This may not be consistent with the full-year annual report numbers.

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This article by Simply Wall St is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any shares, nor does it take into account your objectives or financial condition. We aim to provide you with long-term focused analysis driven by fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not include the company’s most recent ads that are price-sensitive or generic. Wall Street simply has no position in any of the listed stocks. * Interactive Brokers is ranked the least expensive broker by StockBrokers. Com Annual Online Review 2020 Do you have feedback on this article? Worried about the content? Contact us directly. Alternatively, email the editor @ simplewallst. Com.

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World News – GB – Does the shareholder ownership of New China Higher Education Group Limited (HKG: 2001) tend toward insiders?
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