World news – GB – Darragh Ennis smashes debut for The Chase as he snatches £ 10,000 in a dramatic final tour


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Bradley Walsh welcomed Clint, Rachel, Zanib and Ross to The Chase to face Darag Ines for the first time. The new stalker, nicknamed The Menace, had a shaky start as Clint and Rachel made it to Final Chase, but Darragh quickly knocked Zanib and Ross out of the competition.

Clint got the team off to a good start at The Chase as he managed to get £ 6,000 in his cashbuilder before beating Darragh in a head-to-head match..

Rachel was next and she also managed to outrun the chaser and return to the team with £ 4,000.

Unfortunately, both Zanib and Ross let their teammates down as they struggled to outrun the Pursuer and had to wave goodbye.

Clint and Rachel had to answer as many questions as possible in Final Chase to get a share of £ 10,000. .

While making a shaky start, the couple worked together to answer 16 questions correctly.

They indicated that they would need some stops if they were to get past the chaser and luckily, the cyclist slid four times.

While Rachel and Clint failed to implement the first response, they answered the following three questions correctly.

It looks like Darragh might lose his first-ever episode of The Chase, but he’s incredibly brilliant.

Race the last 10 questions and talk to Rachel and Clint with only seven seconds left on the clock.

Realizing they could have won Final Chase if they had executed their first response correctly, the duo smashed.

Bradley said: « Unfortunately I have to take 10,000 and tell you that Chase is over. ».

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Speaking of his first time as a stalker, Darraj added, “Well, I feel a little relieved because it seemed for a moment that I couldn’t catch up to them..

He noted that it was « unlucky » to lose Rachel and Clint after they had performed well.

“#TheChase, the new stalker should feel very comfortable with this result,” one viewer posted while another added, “Dara did well on his successful debut.. #Stalking.

“I love this new guy, he looks like a healthy guy, great final hunt # TheChase,” someone else continued.

Another post: “The finest final hunt ever. Even with his back to the wall halfway through, Ennis’s cyclist got the job done. Especially cool considering it was its first show. Embed a Tweet.

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World News – GB – Darragh Ennis smashes The Chase for the first time as he snatches £ 10,000 in the Final Round Dramatic



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