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The report reveals the companies’ market position in an industry using degrees of growth and innovation as indicated in the report’s methodology. The document presents competitive profiles for each of the companies featured in the report based on their strengths and opportunities and a small discussion about their location.

Web security is an integral part of an organization’s security posture to detect and filter harmful or unwanted web content seeking access to the network. The web security market is still in the growth stage in the Asia Pacific region, with double-digit annual revenue growth common. For the most part, the market is hardware driven, with most customers preferring inclusive ownership rather than hosting solutions on the cloud or receiving solutions as a service..

With the advent of secure web portals and next-generation technologies for prevention and mitigation such as domain reputation and web isolation, web security has come a long way. In the past, it relied on having a list of known harmful web sources and blocking the ones that did appear; Today, with the ever-increasing development of web threats and the growing acceptance of distrust approaches, web security products are becoming more and more comprehensive in their differentiation of dangerous sites and content because they maintain network performance..

Integration between security solutions and platforms is common. Clients want to be able to add Cloud Access Security (CASB), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), analytics, and other functionality they see fit.. Likewise, web security solutions must be able to integrate across vendor platforms without causing conflicts. While integration typically means cloud-based deployments, the Asia Pacific market will remain a heavy domestic market over the next few years..

Regulatory compliance will continue to be a thorn in the customer side as governments and regulators continue to create, change and enforce various degrees of data and security laws.. Web security vendors should be able to keep customers in good stead with the regulatory agencies.

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Many electric car stocks have had a great year, and as the world progresses towards a greener economy, it is clear that the sector is only just getting started

Once upon a time (way back in early 2019), Aurora Cannabis (ACB) was a dominant force in Canadian cannabis. Boasting an enormous « agricultural footprint » – hundreds of thousands of square feet of growing area that produces hundreds of tons of weeds annually – Aurora controls 20% of the overall Canadian hemp market. However, Aurora doesn’t appear to be making a profit. I lost $ 224 million in fiscal year 2019, then $ 2. 4 billion in fiscal year 2020. Hoping to stem the tide of these losses, Aurora has begun to focus its efforts on selling premium marijuana blend at higher profit margins.. Obviously, that didn’t work, so in 2019, it shifted its strategy again to targeting the « value segment » – the mass market – which also didn’t work.. Recently, Aurora has started to put the focus back on premium blends. And how is that done? Here’s a clue: In FY 2021 Q1 (reported last week), Aurora suffered: * a 10% drop in quarterly sales to $ 51 million * a net loss of $ 81 million * and $ 93 million in free cash flow Passive. Looks like it’s time to reset another business model? According to GLJ Research analyst Gordon Johnson, this is exactly what happens in Aurora Cannabis. Johnson notes that when calculated in Canadian dollars, Aurora’s fiscal revenue for the first quarter of 2021 is CAD 67.. $ 8 million exceeded analysts’ forecasts for $ 63 CAD. 9 million. However, the company suffered a « steep finish line » when it reported a loss of C $ 0. 93 – more than twice the C $ 0. 46 which analysts expected to lose. Cash burning has also accelerated – up nearly 50% sequentially, to $ 124 CAD. 3 million. Despite this hugely bad quarter, Johnson notes that the apparent electoral victory of Joe Biden as Yu. s. The president-elect has investors betting on U. s. Legalization of marijuana to transform the fortunes of the marijuana industry. So far, November alone has pushed Aurora Cannabis stock up nearly 73%, and in Johnson’s view, there is only one way to play the rally in marijuana stock: Sell. Or even short selling – because that stock will reach $ 0, says Johnson. (To see Johnson’s track record, click here) There are at least three good reasons to follow this advice, according to the analyst.. The first, obviously, is that Aurora Cannabis doesn’t seem to discover what she wants to be when she gets older – but whatever that is, it’s almost certain to be a company that loses money in its hands.. . One reason for this is that the oversupply of marijuana in the mass market, apparently, has « recently [ed] turned into the premium part where everyone focuses now, [like] the high-end space [which Aurora prefers again] now has a problem » too. Worse yet for all marijuana investors, though – not just Aurora Cannabis – Johnson believes they are completely misreading the legislative position surrounding hemp.. For one thing, « federal nationalization of the United States » ([sic] – it certainly means « legitimization » – « highly unlikely » even under President Biden, with. s. The Senate is still firmly in Republican hands. Second, even if marijuana legalization is passed in the United States, « except for a change in Canadian national law, » says Johnson, « the ACB cannot operate legally » in the United States.. Aurora Cannabis stock apparently can’t be broken. With a rating of « nearly 750 times FY 21E, » it probably isn’t worth it, according to Johnson. How does Johnson’s bearish stance weigh against street talk? There seem to be other voices not ready to bet the cannabis player too. Aurora Cannabis currently has a pending consensus rating based on 0 purchases, 12 acquisitions and 3 sales. At $ 7. At 39, the average target price indicates that stocks will remain range-bound for the foreseeable future. (See Aurora Cannabis stock analysis at TipRanks). To find good ideas for trading hemp stocks with attractive reviews, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unites all the stock insights for TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of a distinguished analyst. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

Investors who have held the shares in the past three years have generally made some big gains. In fact, the total return on SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) since May 22, 2017 is 61%.. On that day in history, the Malaysian airline Malindo Air flew the world’s first commercial flight of Boeing (NYSE: BA) 737 MAX.. . Boeing 737 Max Heydash: Boeing investors had high hopes for the 737 Max, but it didn’t take long for the red flags to appear. On the day of the 737 MAX’s maiden flight in 2017, Boeing shares were trading at around $ 184. Boeing shares soared in the first year in which the 737 Max was in operation, and peaked at around $ 394 in October 2018 – around the time of the first crash of the Max.. in October. On September 29, 2018, Lion Air Flight 610 crashed in the Java Sea, killing 189 passengers and crew.. At the time, investors likely saw the crash as an isolated incident. Boeing shares initially fell to $ 296. 61 after crashing before ripping back up to an all-time high of $ 446. 01 in early 2019. On March 10, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed, killing 157 people. Three days later, Team U. s. The Federal Aviation Administration officially established the 737 MAX based on safety concerns. Despite grounding, Boeing stocks initially held up relatively well. The stock is down through 2019, but remains above $ 320 by 2020. Boeing in 2020 and Beyond: Boeing traded around $ 350 in early 2020 before the COVID-19 market crash, sending Boeing shares into a downward spiral.. The stock fell to $ 89, and Boeing announced that it would suspend dividends and share buybacks due to the crisis. Air travel rates are down by more than 95%, and Boeing customers have had to cancel orders, drastically reducing the company’s backlog. In November. At 18, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally removed the 737 MAX to fly again, but the pandemic still lingers. The 737 MAX era has been a huge disappointment to Boeing investors so far. In fact, the $ 1,000 invested in Boeing stocks on the day of the first commercial flight of the 737 Max in 2017 would be worth about $ 1,240 today, assuming the profits are reinvested.. Looking to the future, analysts expect more struggle for Boeing in the next 12 months. The average target price out of the 23 analysts covering the stock is $ 174, which indicates 18. 9%, down from current levels. See more of Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Nearly two years later, the Federal Aviation Administration says Boeing 737 MAX can carry passengers and fly again * Boeing Option Trader M is betting on a 10% increase (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said that Joe Biden should target the richest taxpayers not by raising taxes but by imposing more..

Oil stocks have always been a good place for investors to find high yields of dividends. Reduced oil demand and production in 2020 lowered oil inventory shares, leading to higher dividend yields.. The question could be whether the profits are sustainable. Here is a look at three oil stocks distributed for investors to consider. ExxonMobil: One of the largest oil companies in the United States. s. And the world is Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM). The company’s dividend yield was 10% in September, with stocks dropping significantly in 2020. A 9% equity return and could be a long-term bet on a recovery in oil prices – and Exxon’s history of raising profits. The company saw a revenue drop of $ 197. $ 8 billion to $ 135 billion in the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2020. The company posted a net loss of 18 cents a share in the third quarter, down from the previous year’s profit of 68 cents per share, but an improvement over a loss of 70 percent in the second quarter.. The dividend yield was ExxonMobil 5. 8%, 7. 9% and 7. 9% at the time of the first three quarterly payments in 2020. In 2019, the quarterly dividend yield was all 5% or less. Analysts questioned whether the company could continue to pay high dividends. The company kept its quarterly payment of 87 cents for the current quarter when some believed it would be cut. Related links: Stock Wars: Exxon Mobil Vs. Nextera, A Battle Of Old Vs / New In EnergyChevron: Shares of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) are down 28% in 2020. The company now has a 6% dividend yield.. The company posted a loss of $ 207 million in the third quarter, but showed improvement with capital spending down 48% and operating expenses down 12% year-over-year.. . Chevron’s year-to-date revenue is $ 69. $ 6 billion, down from $ 105. 3 billion in the previous year. The acquisition of Noble Energy closed in October, which Chevron said would boost the company’s portfolio. A renewable natural gas joint venture, CalBioGas, also started production in the third quarter, which could be an area of ​​growth that investors see.. Chevron usually raises its profits at the beginning of each year, which means that the next quarterly report will be the report in which investors are watching for an increase in profits, a decrease in profits, or the status quo. Kinder Morgan: S&P 500’s largest energy infrastructure company is Kinder Morgan Inc (NYSE: KMI). The company is linked to oil and natural gas prices. Kinder Morgan has 83,000 miles of pipelines and has 147 terminals that help transport natural gas, gasoline, oil and carbon dioxide.. Kinder Morgan’s third-quarter revenue was $ 2. $ 9 billion for $ 3. 2 billion in the same period of the previous year. Earnings per share were 21 cents in the third quarter compared to 22 cents the previous year. Kinder Morgan cut her earnings in 2016, but has been raising them every year since she is currently 26. 25 cents per quarter. In its third-quarter earnings statement, the company said: “Once we complete the 2021 budget process, the board of directors will determine the dividends for the fourth quarter 2020 and the dividend policy for 2021.. . Kinder Morgan shares are down 34% in 2020. While some oil inventories recovered in the past month, Kinder Morgan shares rose 9%.. See more from Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Joyy Plummets On Muddy Waters Short Report, Fraud Claims * Arrival, EV bus maker rivaling Rivian, becomes public via SPAC (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Weather on Wall Street can make your head spin but now we have brief forecasts. Also, 16 stocks are cheap to consider buying, rotating shares for growth and value. Every day you hear analysts talk about headwinds and tailwinds until your head turns – so let’s try to put our forecasts together, Jim Kramer says..

To avoid the worst retirement mistakes, you need to be realistic about your future plans and think ahead. Unfortunately, it is very easy to make the wrong financial steps when preparing for retirement. According to the Federal Reserve, 37% of non-retired adults believe their retirement savings are on the right track.

Nio supercharged stock is fueling demand for electric vehicles. Here’s what the basics and technical analysis say about buying Nio stocks now.

Pfizer stock jumped in mid-November after the pharmaceutical company said it was « within days » seeking emergency permission for a coronavirus vaccine. But is the stock buying now?

The drop came after Santa Clara, California, forecast fourth-quarter gross revenue higher than Wall Street forecast, as it bets on strong demand for its graphics chips for gaming consoles and data centers.. Nvidia also beat revenue forecast for the third quarter as revenue from the gaming business jumped 37% to $ 2. 27 billion compared to the previous year, beating FactSet’s $ 2 estimate. 06 billion.

A combination of factors – including the recent elections, the growing « new wave » of coronavirus cases, and the likelihood that COVID vaccines will appear on the market before the end of the year – have been storming the markets in recent weeks.. The main effect, for now, appears to be the vaccine news. The drug giants Pfizer and Moderna have announced successful trials, with the Pfizer vaccine showing 90% efficacy and 94% efficacy for Moderna.. . Vaccine ads are important to public health but also to the economy. Many states are preparing for new lockdowns that are sure to stifle economic activity – but launching a vaccine will give state governors and lawmakers support in the reopening. . Even announcing the success of such vaccines in the late stages of trials was sufficient to increase stocks; The actual release for public distribution is sure to have a bigger impact. Wall Street analysts have been busy in recent weeks and days, scanning the market for stocks that are likely to gain gains in the coming weeks.. They tag a lot of options, but some stocks stand out. These are the ones with a Strong Buy consensus rating and « Perfect 10 » from TipRanks Smart Score. The consensus rating is exactly what it sounds like – an overview of what Street analysts think about the stock. Smart Score is a unique tool available for sorting with TipRanks data. Using a matrix of 8 separate factors, each known to correlate with future overperformance, the SMART score gives investments a one-digit rating, letting investors know at a glance where the potential stock is headed – according to quantifiable data. Here, we take a look at 3 stocks with a strong buy and 10 stellar. Let’s find out what lies behind these assessments. Logitech (LOGI) There is a strong opportunity to use a Logitech product at the moment. This company, which is headquartered in Switzerland, is a major name in the peripheral market for home computers, producing keyboards, mice, microphones, webcams and headphones – a complete suite of external hardware tools that allow us to interact with our computers and with each other via Our computers. It’s a solid niche, and Logitech has filled it well. With the start of « Half Corona », Logitech saw revenues and profits decline – but quickly shifted as the move to virtual offices and remote work set out on top of the company’s product line.. As more and more white-collar workers move online, the importance of peripheral devices has increased. Logitech’s first-quarter revenue was $ 709 million. For the third quarter, that number increased to $ 1. 26 billion. Earnings, just 35 cents per share in the first quarter and 52 cents in the second quarter, expanded to $ 1. 75 in Q3. Starting in mid-March, stocks have risen 142% since hitting their lowest level for the year on March 16. . J. s. Morgan analyst Paul Chung isn’t over the top on this topic – he’s optimistic at LOGI, and he’s upfront about it.. “We believe stocks should trade at a premium over history and peers due to strong fundamentals, diversified product range, excellent balance sheet, CF generation, good balance of business reinvestment, earnings and M&A. With the structural increase in margins and size advantages, and the large cash balance approaching $ 1 billion, management has plenty of reserves to invest for growth, and we expect the stock to outperform our average coverage over the next 12-18 months, « notes Chung.. In keeping with this optimistic evaluation, Chung rated the stock as being overweight (i. e. Buy), along with a $ 100 price target. This target indicates a potential 23% rise for the next 12 months. (To see Chung’s track record, click here) Overall, Logitech’s strong purchase compliance ranking is based on 12 reviews, including 9 purchases and 3 reservations.. Average target price is $ 99. 85, in line with Chung’s and also indicating a 23% rise from the current trading price of $ 81. 06. (See LOGI stock analysis on TipRanks) GDS Holdings, Ltd.. (GDS) next is GDS Holdings, a data center holding company from China. The Asian country is rapidly becoming a global high-tech hub, and GDS operates high-performance, cloud-neutral data centers. Neutrality is a vital feature, as it allows GDS customers to access telecom networks in the People’s Republic of China and around the world. The company’s customer base mainly consists of cloud service providers, financial institutions, IT providers, Internet companies and telecom companies in the Chinese market.. The value of the Chinese market is evident from the rising value of GDS share and revenue. At the top of the list, GDS revenue has grown steadily this year, with the third quarter showing an increase of 43% year-over-year. . The drive for the gain was a similar increase in total leased space for data centers, to more than 357,000 square meters of floor space.. The company has another 135,000 square meters under construction. After that, the stock showed appreciation this year, growing 72%.. When covering the stocks for Raymond James, analyst Frank Lothan noted, “GDS continues to demonstrate its strength in its market and remains the best long-term idea we have in space.. With the highest organic growth in this segment over the next two years, we expect it to continue to receive an excellent rating. “Louthan rates GDS a strong buy with a $ 110 target price. This number indicates roughly 24% growth over a one-year horizon. (To see Louthan’s record, click here) With 6 Recent Buy Reviews, Strong Buy Analyst Consensus on GDS. The stock sells for $ 88. 92 and the average target price is $ 107. 80. (See GDS Stock Analysis on TipRanks) Americold Realty (COLD) Last but not least, it’s a real estate investment fund, a REIT fund, and one unique in that.. . Americold specializes in acquiring, owning and operating cold storage facilities. These form a vital link in distribution chains for perishable products, especially food, and Americold has more than 1 billion cubic feet of refrigerated storage space in its portfolio, in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.. COVID or no COVID, people must eat, and food distributors must transport and store their products. For Americold this meant stable returns within a year otherwise indicated by high volatility. The company has acquired between $ 482 million and $ 497 million over the past four quarters, with highs and lows appearing during the first half of 2020 – this high value was recorded in the last third quarter’s report.. As a REIT, Americold has to return profits to shareholders, and like most of its peers, it uses the profits to do so. The company raised its earnings in March of this year, at the height of the Coronavirus crisis, and has kept the highest payout since then. At 84 cents per ordinary share per annum, this yields a dividend of 2. 3%. Analyst Michael Carroll, of RBC Capital, has warm words for Americanold. “We are particularly encouraged by new investments that expand COLD’s presence, build a footprint in key markets, and grow existing customer relationships / add new ones.. We believe that these strategic deals are in a better position for the company to implement its operational strategy and achieve approximately 10% profit growth for the foreseeable future, ”Carroll noted.. To this end, the carroll rates Americold share a superior performance (i. e. Overweight) along with a $ 43 price target. Investors could realize a gain of 22%, if this target is met in the coming months. (To see Carroll’s record, click here) Overall, AmeriCold has the consensus of analysts, with 3 recent buy reviews added to its strong buy rating.. The share price is $ 35. 20, while the average target price is $ 42. 67 is aligned with Carol. (See COLD Stock Analysis at TipRanks) To find good stock trading ideas with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unites all the stock insights for TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

As the oil and gas industry begins to recover, investors are looking forward to a novice explorer who may be sitting on one of the world’s last gigantic land discoveries

Nio Inc (NYSE: NIO) enters the sedan market, with plans to launch two successive models, EV CEO William Lee said in a quarterly earnings call Tuesday.. What happened: The Chinese electric car maker will launch a sedan « soon » and is currently working on developing another one, he told me without further detailing the schedule, Bloomberg first reported. . So the next two products in the line will be sedans. The annual event « Nio Day », where the company usually unveils new products and technologies, is scheduled to take place in January. Nio confirmed to Benzinga last month, and the launch of the new sedan could come at this time.. Nio usually aims to release one new car each year, and it is unlikely that the second sedan will launch until the company’s next annual event. Why it matters: Nio has been speculating that Nio has been launching a high-performance, premium all-electric sedan dubbed the ET7 for a while, and Li’s comments were no surprise. . The company’s sedan offerings are said to be competing with Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model 3 sedans. Nio shares are on the rise but the company led by Elon Musk represents a threatening presence in its home market in China, especially with the launch of the upcoming homemade Model Y.. He told me, in August, that Nio plans to expand internationally by the end of 2020, starting with Europe. On Thursday, the electric car maker reported an adjusted net loss of 996 million RMB, or 146 US dollars. 7 million in the third quarter as total revenue rose 146. 4. % Year on year to $ 666. 6 million. Andrew Lyft of Citron Research, a notorious short selling seller, said late last week that Nio had entered a « unrestricted territory that could never be justified, » making it an upside call that it was time for investors to get paid.. Price Action: After 2. Gaining 17% during trading hours, NIO ADRs are down 1. 05% after-hours at $ 46. 10. SEE ALSO: Nio Unveils 100 KWh Battery, Upgrade Plans: What Investors Should Know, Benzinga Editor Neer Varshney contributed to this report. Image courtesy: Wikimedia. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Shares of Fuel Cell Energy. 33 rose. 0% were in very active trades on Wednesday afternoon, putting them on the right track more than doubling in four days, despite no news from the company.. The height of the arrow is 11. 3% on Friday, up 31. 4% on Monday and climb 10. 0% on Tuesday, it has now risen to 114. 1% during her current winning streak. This is the best four-day run for fuel cell technology and the power generation company’s shares since it tripled (up from 205. 4%) during the four days ending in December. 31, 2019. Volume has increased during the current winning streak from 46. 0 million shares on Friday, to 96. 3 million shares on Mondays and 150. 4 million shares on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the volume was 129. 9 million posts with nearly three hours remaining before the closing bell. Fuel Cell did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company’s last press release was in October. 9, when the company announced a $ 8 million prize from U. . s. The Department of Energy designs and manufactures an electrolysis platform capable of producing hydrogen. The stock rally comes amid growing investor interest in renewable energy stocks, particularly since the presidential election, as President-elect Biden has said he is looking to move away from fossil fuels.. Fuel cell inventory increased by 136. 2% since November. 3, after falling 93. 0% over the past four years. In comparison, S&P 500 has gained 7. 3% since the election. Separately, report from Yu. s. The SIF Foundation showed that investments in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors now total around $ 17. 1 trillion, or about a third of the total U. s. Property under management supervision.

The best dividend stocks give a boost to income and retirement portfolios. These stocks offer strong returns and strong performance.

The year is drawing to a close, and it is time for Wall Street analysts to start reporting their top picks for the coming year.. It is a long tradition, in most walks of life, to sometimes take a hard look at what lies ahead, and start giving advice on a saying like an allegorical crystal ball. Analysts carefully analyze each stock, looking at its past and current performance, trends in a variety of time frames, and management plans – the analysts take everything into account.. Their recommendations provide valuable guidance for building a flexible portfolio in the new year. As usual, TipRanks collected data, ranked it in the top picks, and made it available for investors to use. Stock options and their data offer some interesting options. Let’s take a closer look. UTZ Brands (UTZ) UTZ Brands is a familiar brand in the eastern United States. The company is known for its range of snack foods, from the savory rather than sweet. The company’s food range, including pretzels, crisps, snack mixes and popcorn, are frequent picks on vending machines.. In August, UTZ (then known as Utz Quality Foods) completed a business merger agreement with Collier Creek, a special purpose acquisition company.. This combination brought the esteemed snack company into the general trade sphere. Recently, UTZ posted strong third-quarter results and reported that it entered into an agreement to buy rival snack food company Truco.. The quarterly results were released first, on November 5, showing $ 248 million in net sales, an annualized gain of 24%, along with a gross profit of 23% year-over-year.. . One week later, UTZ and Truco announced a $ 480 million acquisition agreement, which will bring the « On the Border » brand of tortilla chips and salsa to the UTZ production line.. This stock covers Oppenheimer, a 5-star analyst, Robisch Barrick, who sees a clear path forward for the company.. “[After] the company’s 12/11 announcement of the acquisition of Truco Enterprises, [we] generally view very positively the economics of the deals, the opportunity for synergy, leveraging the attractive tortilla category including additional products (salsa and queso), and attractive growth prospects. For the brand, « Barrick said. The analyst concluded, « We believe the company is well positioned to achieve organic sales growth of at least 3-4% and EBITDA growth of 6-8% with a bottom-up option from strategic acquisitions. ». To that end, UTZ remains Parikh’s top pick for small size food. The analyst ranks the stock as a superior performance (i. e. Purchase) with a target price of $ 24. This number indicates a rise of 28% from current levels. (To see Barrick’s record, click here) Overall, Wall Street likes this stock, and has a consensus rating from Excellent Analysts – Strong Buy. Of the 7 analysts that TipRanks have tracked in the past three months, 6 are bullish at UTZ, while only one remains on the sidelines.. With a potential return of around 16%, the agreed target price for the stock stands at $ 21. 71. (See UTZ stock analysis on TipRanks) RingCentral, Inc. (RNG) From salty snacks we turn to communication technology. RingCentral is a cloud-based commercial communications company. The company’s products are software platform packages that combine telephone and computer systems. RingCentral Office’s flagship product platform enables compatibility between the communications system and other popular business applications including DropBox, Google Docs, Outlook and Salesforce. RNG also provides unique features essential to communications systems: call forwarding, phone extensions, vid calls, and screen sharing. A large part of the modern business world is about problem solving, and RingCentral does this for its clients – and the results are visible in revenue and stock performance.. The top line number was increasing during 2020, with third-quarter revenue reaching $ 303 million versus $ 9. 3% winning streak. Shares have easily recovered from the spread of COVID in the middle of winter, and the stock is trading 76% higher so far this year. On the downside, RingCentral is operating with a net loss, and that net loss has deepened even as revenues and stock appreciation rise.. Loss per share for the third quarter was 24 cents. James Fish, a 5-star analyst at Piper Sandler, has written the review on RNG, and is optimistic about the company’s future. RingCentral is winning new customers and expanding with existing ones due to its ability to converge across a suite of communication programs, including with the call center. . . . We continue to recommend RingCentral as one of our « 4 centers » in our coverage and a name to own in the future a few years, Fish commented. As a result, Fish reiterates that RNG is his best pick. The analyst classifies the stock as being overweight (i. e. Buy) along with a $ 362 price target. At current levels, this indicates a potential 21% rise for next year. (To see Fish tracking history, click here) Overall, RingCentral has 10 recent reviews, including 9 purchases and 1 contract, which makes the analyst consensus a solid buy out view.. Average target price is $ 337. 22, indicating a 13% increase from the current trading price of $ 297. 79. (See RNG stock analysis on TipRanks) DraftKings, Inc. (DKNG) is helping the world of fantasy sports to draw fans into games, and now that professional leagues have resumed playing – albeit in shorter seasons, in deference to coronavirus – DraftKings, which conducts fantasy leagues online, is making gains.. In addition to creating the fantasy league, DraftKings offers sports betting, and the company’s online model fits well with the social distancing restrictions put in place to combat the ongoing health crisis of viruses.. In the third quarter, whose results were announced earlier this month, DraftKings had a lot of good news.. Revenue, at $ 133 million, beat expectations by $ 1 million, and the net loss per share was not as deep as analysts had feared.. The company reported a major metric – unique player per month – that crossed a million, which is a milestone. Looking ahead, DraftKings has revised its 2020 fiscal guidance up by 5. 7% is in the middle of the range, to $ 540M to $ 560M. The midpoint of the 2021 revenue forecast is more optimistic, at $ 800 million. As noted, these gains come with the return of the major sports leagues to play. But that is not the only key here. DraftKings operates in 19 states plus DC – jurisdictions that allow legal online sports betting. But there are 8 other states that are in various stages of legalizing the DraftKings niche, and the company is looking to expand its operations.. Rosenblatt analyst Bernie McTernan sums up his expectations for DraftKings, “[DKNG] remains the top pick in our consumer technology coverage.. The third-quarter results will continue to revise positive revenue projections given better-than-expected evidence for the 20E and 21E. We are at the higher end of the ’21E’ range that we think is achievable given our forecasts of at least MI and VA online. The analyst added, « The new launches will pressure the adjustment in the near term. EBITDA, but it is encouraging that the company is indicating that New Jersey, the more mature market, is in a similar location where they previously hoped would be due to higher profits.. McTernan rates DKNG a Buy, $ 65 target price target indicates a strong 41% rally for one year. (To see McTernan’s track record, click here) Overall, there are 19 recorded DraftKings reviews, including 13 purchases and 6 bookings, giving the stock a moderate buying rating from the consensus of analysts. Shares are currently priced at $ 46. 24 and you have an average target price of $ 59, which makes the potential upside for next year 38%.. (See DKNG stock analysis at TipRanks) To find good stock trading ideas with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unites all the stock insights for TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

Another electric vehicle company will go public via SPAC Road with a new deal confirmed on Wednesday. The deal: access, prof. K. Electric Vehicle Company, to go public via CIIG Merger Corp (NASDAQ: CIIC). The deal values ​​the company at $ 5. 4 billion, according to CNBC. The access came to $ 3. 5 billion times in January. CIIG Merger Corp is backed by Peter Cuneo, former CEO of Remington and Marvel. The company’s investors include UPS (NYSE: UPS), Hyundai, Kia and BlackRock. Related link: UK electric car maker’s arrival raises Blackrock’s 8 million as it does US plant launch About access: One of the things that Access said sets the company apart from competitors like Amazon-backed (NASDAQ: AMZN) Rivian is Its micro-factories. Access plans to build three or four smaller factories, which are smaller car production lines that can be packaged into existing warehouse properties.. The 20,000 square foot factories cost about $ 45 million. Each micro-factory will have a goal of producing 10,000 electric trucks annually. Reach said it stands out from the competitors because it focuses on the commercial market rather than selling to consumers. The company covers developmental production with full vertical integration. UPS Deal: On arrival a valid deal with UPS for 10,000 electric trucks. The vehicles will be built specifically for UPS, which will aid in vehicle development. “An active investment role in access enables UPS to collaborate in the design and production of the world’s most advanced electric delivery vehicles. UPS chief information officer Juan Perez said when the deal was announced. The capital investment from UPS gives the company early access to access vehicles and the ability to quickly track orders. The arrival UPS electric carts will be used in Europe and North America. What next: Access announced that it will start producing its electric buses in the fourth quarter of 2021 and electric trucks in the second quarter of 2022.. Vehicles will have a similar or cheaper price point than diesel vehicles. CIIG Merger Corp. shares rose 22% to $ 13. 10 on Wednesday. See more of Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Tesla’s S&P 500 listing may move Elon Musk Up Billionaire Ladder * ‘We’re in a race’, Lordstown Motors CEO says Kramer (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

How 401 (k) works after retirement depends on your age, whether you are withdrawing funds, or if you allow them to continue accumulating profits..

The taxman is also considering which President-elect Joe Biden’s tax proposals are likely to go forward.

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Switching to the cloud makes security more difficult

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