World news – California – « Heavy snowfall continues »: 20 to 30 cm of snow still expected in Saskatoon


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Saskatoon expected to have snowfall of 30 cm by Monday morning CHAD LERO / CTV Saskatoon

Saskatoon –
Saskatoon was hit hard by a ruthless snowstorm over the weekend, with the weather forecast not expected to improve until Monday morning.

After the first explosion of winter weather on Saturday, the streets and sidewalks were left covered in snow and ice on Sunday morning

As the Canadian Ministry of Environment predicted, heavy snowfall continued during the afternoon and into the evening

« You should start tapering off overnight, however, the winds will remain vigorous throughout the afternoon and evening, » said Terry Lang of Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Agency.

Lang said that the city saw 10 to 15 cm of snowfall from Saturday night to Sunday morning, and she expects to see the city about another 20 to 30 cm between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

The city said it is ready to help people who get stuck in the snow while driving.

In a statement sent Sunday night, the city said the Saskatoon Fire Department advises stranded people not to panic, stay with their vehicle and call 306-975-8300 or 911 if it is an emergency.

The city has been discouraging non-essential travel since the start of the storm and says those who need to tour the city should consider taking a Saskatoon Transit

“Today is more about staying in place,” Pamela Golden McLeod, the city’s head of emergency planning, said Sunday: “We want people to stay inside and stay safe.”

Around 4:42 a.m., the Little Saskatoon Hockey Association tweeted all of the SMHA events on Sunday evening, advising people to stay home

SMHA cancels mini hockey for the rest of the evening Teams may continue to use ice if they are already on the rink or else please stay home

For anyone worried about voting in the civilian election on Monday, City Manager Geoff Jorgenson said he encourages people to come up with a plan to vote.

City snow removal teams continue to respond to the winter storm, focusing their efforts on Circle Drive and the city’s heavy roads.

Saskatoon residents are advised to avoid unnecessary travel if travel is required, the city advises drivers to adapt to the driving conditions and take extra care at intersections.

The Saskatoon Police Service repeated the city’s advice to stay close to home in a tweet Sunday afternoon, stating, “A reminder that with the storm approaching, if you don’t need to go out, please stay home stay safe”

At a city press conference via Zoom, the city police service reported only three minor collisions as of 12 AM Sunday

The city said it deploys 27 sanders, 18 sanders, eight high-speed plows and five pavement plows, adding that road conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day.

The city also said that the entertainment centers will close at 6 pm and all swimming lessons will be canceled Sunday afternoons and evenings.

The city said the dump had been closed, but it expected it to open on Monday at 7:30 a.m.

Residents of the Meadowgreen neighborhood of Saskatoon decided to try skiing on icy roads Sunday morning.

On Sunday, the Kindersley RCMP released a media statement, asking residents not to drive due to extremely dangerous road conditions.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said two to three feet of snow had accumulated on the roads in Kindersley and the surrounding areas under the ice, the roads were covered in ice, making the roads very slippery, and the RCP said that visibility in and around the area had decreased to zero

Saskatoon, a winter storm

World News – California – « Heavy snowfall »: 20 to 30 cm of snow is still expected in Saskatoon



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