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among more than 1. 3 million absentee ballot papers were returned to county election offices for the November elections, and more than 2,000 were rejected due to invalid or missing signature.

This is the same percentage refusal to sign as the 2018 midterm elections in which more than a million fewer absentee ballots were sent..

President Donald Trump made a misleading claim Thursday morning that « nearly zero ballots » were rejected in Georgia in the November elections..

This election turned down nearly zero votes in Georgia. In past years, nearly 4%. impossible. You should have checked the signature on the envelopes now. It is very easy to do. The Democrats are fighting because they have been arrested. Sounds much more than is needed for a face. Republicans have to get tough! BrianKempGA

Trump’s statistic that 4% of ballot papers were rejected in the previous election may be correct, but it also includes a greater number of absentee ballots rejected because they arrived after 7 a.m.. M. The deadline is election night, not due to signature issues.

The first comes when a voter requests an absentee ballot and must sign this application. If they order one using the new portal, the photo ID must be uploaded.

Voters must then sign the outer envelope that accompanies each ballot. This signature is matched with the absentee ballot request and the voter registration request. Municipalities can also match signatures on file with the Driver Services Department.

Once the signature is matched by election officials or officials, the ballot card and the outer envelope are separated, leaving no personally identifiable information on the ballot itself.. This is in order to preserve the secret ballot, and to ensure that the voter’s choices are not linked to the identity of the voter.

So, President Trump’s request that signature matching be part of the vetting process would be impossible, because the signatures and cards have already been separated

Thousands of uncounted votes detected in Georgia counties. When the most important signature match occurs, the Republic will be overturned, very quickly. get it done! BrianKempGA

Georgia law requires counties to reach voters whose signature has been denied to allow them the opportunity to « process » their signature or fix it by presenting an ID card or filling out an affidavit no later than three days after the election.

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World News – CA – Fact Verify: Georgia rejected more than 2,000 absentee ballots due to signature issues 90. 1 FM WABE
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