World news – CAF Championship results – NASCAR 4: Chase Elliott wins Series Cup title, Jimmy Johnson fifth in the final race


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Chase Elliott wins his first Nascar Cup Series by winning the last race of the season in Phoenix the 24-year-old becomes the third youngest driver to win the title behind Jeff Gordon and Bill Rexford

Elliott took the lead from Joey Lugano with 42 laps to go easy and walk to take the checkered flag on his debut at Championship 4 No 9 The race started from behind after failing a pre-race check twice but had no problem finding the speed to drive 153 Lap in the race

This was the second successive victory for Elliott, who paid off to the fourth championship by winning the quarter-finals in Martinsville last week. Elliott finished the season with five races. He now has 11 Series Cup wins.

The most famous NASCAR driver is the second person in his family to win a trophy. Chase Bill Elliott’s father won the championship in 1988 Elliotts became the third father and son in NASCAR to win a title, joining Petty (Lee and Richard) and Jarrett (Ned and Dale)

“I’m at a loss for words,” Elliott said on NBC shortly after taking the checkered flag “This is unbelievable oh my God we did it I mean, we did it This is all I have to tell you is not true”


Shortly after winning the title, Elliott was congratulated by seven-time champion and Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jimmy Johnson at the moment the torch passed and then the two hugged in a pothole after Elliott jumped out of the car Johnson finished fifth, the highest-ranking uncontrolled driver For the class, in its final career, the NASCAR Cup Series begins as a full time driver

“These are moments you can only dream about,” Elliott said of the exchange with Johnson. “This is a dream I just hope I never wake up”

“This is a dream I just hope I never wake up” – NASCAR Cup series champion Chase Elliott pic.twitter com / WMhSBVipeP

« I’m very happy for this guy, » Johnson said, noting that Elliott’s title win was the best takeaway from his last race. « Watching him grow up, being around and giving him some advice from time to time was really helpful to me today. I think the championship is more than Anything great « 

No hesitation from Jimmy Johnson when asked what his refusal was. 1 The takeaway was from his last race « Chase Elliott won his first championship I’m so happy for that guy » # NASCAR pic.twitter com / LkT1bRWVFK

Elliott explained after the race that the last text he read before he got into the car was from Johnson offering encouragement regarding the refusal. 9 Starting in the back, Elliott, a lifelong Johnson fan, went on to say that his idol would go down in history as the greatest race ever in NASCAR

With the help of seven Johnson titles and Elliott’s first career title, Hendrick Motorsports has now won 50 percent of the past 26 Cup Series championships. Johnson, the Hall of Famer’s first confirmed ballot, is sure to be elected within two years when he becomes eligible


As for the other drivers who are finishing their careers, Clint Boyer finished 14th in his last full-time race in the 14th car race. Matt Kenseth, who came out of retirement to replace suspended Kyle Larson this season, finished 25th in what may be His last race, too

Regarding Championship 4 drivers, they finished the race 1-2-3-4 as Brad Kisilovsky finished runner-up ahead of Lugano and Denny Hamlin all four drivers ran ahead throughout the race Lugano won the first stage and Kisilovsky won the second stage Hamlin was the only driver who did not He takes the lead in the final race and remains one of the winning drivers in NASCAR history without a title

“Nobody has won more than we have won in the past two years,” Hamlin noted after the race, “We’ll come back and do it again next year. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll win as many races as we can to get ourselves back to Phoenix again with another shot”

Hamlin won seven races this season and was the second most in the series. Kevin Harvick scored the most wins, making nine trips to Victorian Lane. In the end, Harvick missed Championship 4 and finished fifth in the standings. Hamlin finished fourth


By completing the championship race, NASCAR has become one of the few sports to run for a full season despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The sport has come under a short shutdown from March to May, but by taking advantage of midweek races and one-day shows, the sport has managed to Complete her schedule

“I thought what sport was able to achieve is really cool,” Kisilovsky said. “To be here today and have a great race for our championship, I think that’s really impressive and maybe NASCAR isn’t getting enough credit for its ability to do that by looking at the landscape.”

Brad Kisilowski finds the positive side in the defeat, praising NASCAR for welcoming a full season amid a global pandemic pic Twitter com / eoo7Dlx0dZ

While the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in its fair share of lockdowns, one thing can be for sure.People in Dawsonville, Georgia, Elliott’s hometown, celebrate the release of the infamous Siren across town as it did after each victory by Chase and Bill Elliott.

sireeeen is whaling at DawsonPoolRoom as Chase Elliott is now the champion of the NASCAR Cup series pic.twitter com / 4pXnl0TSNF

“I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but I feel Dawsonville should exclude all business and school tomorrow,” Elliott joked at the end of his post-race stint, thanking his hometown for the support

Chase Elliott shouts at DawsonPoolRoom and says no-one in Dawsonville should go to work or school on Monday. pic @wintercom / TZrk92adEK

« Heck I’m still not sure I’m fully aware of what exactly happened, » Elliott said, « I don’t feel like I’m crying in these situations, but tickle you know I feel like there’s a time when maybe I’ll really lose it. »

Chase Elliott says he’s not a calling, but he feels there’s going to be a moment when he’s falling apart that he’s not taking this championship for granted PIC Twitter com / dgCoY490Fw

Still looking for more racing? Turn to NBCSN now to watch the eNASCAR Coca-ColaiRacing Series Championship Race! https: // tco / uv3PXpB59I

Tip for this rising superstar! ColeCuster is #SunocoRookie of the Year 2020 in the NASCAR Cup Series! PIC Twitter com / ZIhpZvidUw

We got a little off target today but we’re proud of everything our 22-member crew has managed to achieve this season Our sport has brought about a lot of big changes this year and we have a lot to look forward to in 2021 #NASCAR #TeamJL # Believe22

Congratulations to Chase Elliott’s NASCAR Cup Series 2020 Champion! Shop Champ Gear! https: // tco / QV9iZ0hLls «  NASCARNASCARonNBCphoenixracewaychaseelliott # Championship4 pic Twitter com / yVBEQ2qmuB

It was a tough day for keselowski, but his number forces the second team to take second place pic Twitter com / SXt7gEiBZ7

« This is a moment you’ve dreamed of » Your dream comes true today, chaseelliott pic Twitter com / BTKHA19DHx

« This was a great ride » JimmieJohnson reflects on an incredible rally at NASCAR after today’s race in phoenixraceway. Pic Twitter com / Cw5FWuH9Vt

Tournament 4 ended 1-2-3-41 Chase Elliott 2 Brad Kisilowski 3 Joy Lugano 4 Denny Hamlin Jimmy Johnson finished fifth at the start of the NASCAR Cup series final full-time Clint Boyer finished 14th, a fitting end to his tenure in Fourth place 14 cars

“This is a dream I just hope I never wake up” – NASCAR Cup series champion Chase Elliott pic.twitter com / WMhSBVipeP

A new era of Elliott begins! Retweeting congratulating Chaseelliott on winning his first championship! Pic.twitter com / y9punpVk2T

« AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS !!! YES !!!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome love you guys » Chase Elliott bursts into excitement over the radio after winning his first NASCAR Series Cup Championship

BREAK: Chase Elliott won his first NASCAR Cup, unofficially, holding the checkered flag in Phoenix Elliott is the third youngest driver to win the title Chase & Bill Elliott is now the third duo in the Father and Son Championship, joining Pettys & Jarretts


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World News – AU – NASCAR Championship 4 Results: Chase Elliott wins the Cup Series Jimmy Johnson 5th place in the final race



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