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After leaving four brutal matches including three road games, the Packers will be happy to return to Lambo Stadium in a game in which they are the favorites.

Date: Sunday, November. 15- Take off time: 12:00 noon. M. Location: Green Bay, Wes Stadium: Lambeauville Channel: FOXRadio: WTMJ Milwaukee / WIXX Green Bay Live Broadcast: NFL. com live broadcast, fuboTV

The teams head in different directions. The Packers aim to win now and have a team ready to compete for the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the Jags are set to rebuild and are pretty much in the mix for their first overall draft pick for next year.

Having the midfielder franchise, perhaps Trevor Lawrence if they get the better choice, could be an inappropriate move to help start their journey to becoming a competitor.. When these two teams meet after four years, it might look very different.

In the short term, the Packers are expected to win this game. Jacksonville has lost seven in a row since his surprise win over the Indianapolis Colts in the season opener. It is 1-7 out of the way.

However, it is important that the assertive ones don’t get past their opponents on Sunday. Are they expected to win? Yes. But the same was true two weeks ago when they hosted the Minnesota Vikings and were out on the losing side.

The Packers will face two next big games against the Colts and the Chicago Bears in the next two weeks, so it’s important to get the job done this weekend and get up to 7-2..

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World News – CA – Packers vs. Jaguars Week 10: Start Time, Live Streaming, TV Information, and More
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