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It was a spontaneous, fleeting moment. Maybe in past years we didn’t think much about it after it ended.

On a Thursday, the year the losses piled on top of each other, this was a window to go back to those days.

During a day of media availability for players, Cody Fajardo hopped on an intellectual train, asked about training methods during the pandemic and rode them into what he thought the 2021 season would look like.

“It would be crazy to see the first two matches in the Canadian Football League next year,” said QB of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“It will be like playoffs, the men will be very excited to compete. You’ll notice everyone is doing their best in every game and we’ll be in the first week. I think it will be very exciting for fans, the media and everyone in the league to see this amazing product.

During a Zoom call, you can almost see the lamp go out above Bo Levi Mitchell’s head.

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Stamps’s QB Bo Levi Mitchell enjoyed himself on his daily media call with Cody Fajardo and Simoni Lawrence (Photo: The Canadian Press)

“If you think Simone happened a lot before, wait until that first match, he’s out there,” QB of Calgary Stampeders laughed..

“Hey Simone, let me ask you something,” said Simony Lawrence, longtime Hamilton Tiger Cats midfielder, who, for the record, has been caring about his own company and just enjoying seeing some familiar CFL faces.

« Every year you are voted the trash speaker. So you have a lot of interaction with other players while talking about trash, right? Who is the worst? Who gets you the worst responses ever?

In a moment as rare as a double eclipse, Lawrence was at a loss.

“I love messing with you but I’m only walking away because I know that . . . The gene that you carry inside of you. You just have to get to know who you are, really. Nobody talks that way.

« When Mike runs and lowers his shoulder in you, does he not speak anymore? » Mitchell asked, thinking of his friend and rival Mike Riley.

« But do you know who you loved? » Lawrence said. « This kid from Streveler, that’s why I’ve always loved playing against Streveler because he’s one of those people who really loves soccer, he’s going to take everything that comes with it. ». I’m talking about staining the shoulder and all of that. Mike doesn’t say much. Mike gets paid, he’s just shivering.

It was a 90-second random chat where the three players on the call forgot 30 or so members of the media who were watching. They just started talking the way they would if they met each other at an event during any other week in a Gray Cup.. It was good to hear the banter again, to see the personalities of some of the big players in the league again. For that faint moment, thousands of kilometers vanished between us all.

This feeling continued during the 45-minute media session. Hearing Fajardo, Lawrence and Mitchell talk about their teammates next year, and even about what this year might be, was a reminder of what we usually do at this time of year and what we can do a year from now.. Some important things need to be put in place for it to happen the way everyone wants it, but over the past week or so, there has been real optimism on this front rather than quiet hope..

Lawrence has been in Hamilton since the 2012 season and has been in love with the city and fans of Ticats for the past eight years. He wants to be back on the field next year at this time, and host the Gray Cup, but you feel he wants to be there no matter who’s playing the game..

« I think if everything goes the way it’s supposed to, then the 2021 Gray Cup in Hamilton will be legendary, » he said.

“Maybe one of the funniest cities, the low-key cities to enjoy and the fans are crazy.

He laughed, “There are guys like Bo Levi and Cody Fajardo and all the stars coming from all over the league, you know, they might get attacked by a couple of fans and stuff,” “but it’d be a great time..

“Lots of small businesses in Hamilton would like to own them. Fans, just everyone in the area. We have a lot of local suburbs outside of Hamilton too that will have all in common and eat it all. It is possibly one of the best gray cups in history.

Thursday introduced a moment of normality and let you wonder what it might feel like a week later on the road.

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World News – CA – O’Leary: Banter over players gives Sample recall from 2021 – CFL. California

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