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Tyler Justin Pruyn 28. November 2020 – 10:44 am

Through The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Pictures is debating the release of their latest great monster movie Godzilla vs.. . Kong and none other than Netflix have reportedly made an offer.

The offer is said to be for around $ 200 million, which would most likely cover the film’s budget for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., who have a stake and will ultimately determine the picture’s American fate.

HBO Max is another option as Wonder Woman ends up there for Christmas 1984. The fourth episode of the Monster saga, and in many ways the ultimate team-up movie, « Avengers, » which Warners has tried to make for nearly a decade, is slated to open on Jan.. May 2021 published. A time when they hopefully don’t have to choose between streaming services, but could simply release the film on the big screen.

The film is a culmination of six years of films starting with Godzilla in 2014. This was followed in 2017 by Kong: Skull Island, which opened the world with an after-credit scene. Then Godzilla: King of Monsters 2019 finally came out to set the final stage for this cumulative film in Godzilla vs.. . Kong. I see the two monsters King Kong and Godzilla come together to fight. The films have all received mixed to solid reviews.

After the devastating loss the film industry has suffered from the COVID pandemic, it will be interesting to see where Hollywood leads in 2021. Warner Bros and other studios have to stand ready to make tough decisions. There are so many movies out there in the middle of being made or filmed and you can’t just wait until everything is back to normal to get money back on your investment.

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World News – CA – Netflix offers $ 200 million for ‘Godzilla vs.. . Kong, ‘Warner will likely put it on HBO Max –
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