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Can the world be saved in the middle of a crazy year by two aging slackers from San Dimas? Rick Brough tries to find some answers. He’s watching « Bill and Ted Face the Music » for this week’s Friday movie review. Right away you know that the premise here is challenging – that Bill S. . Preston Esquire and Theodore Ted Logan are middle-aged fathers now, but they’re still dumb after all these years. Is that funny – or somehow pathetic? I mean, could you listen to Beavis and Butthead talk about their prostate problems? When we rejoin Bill and Ted, we find that they have not yet fulfilled their destiny and wrote the mega-hit rock song that should unite the world. But again, « strange things are going on » – even though Circle K is no longer there. An emissary from the future – Kelly, the daughter of George Carlins Rufus – tells them that they have to write and perform the perfect song by 7:17 a.m. that night or all time and space will collapse on itself. Bill and Ted take the only hero course open to them. They cheat and try to leap forward far enough in time to get the already written song of themselves. However, they only manage to meet future « uses » who are determined, moody or bizarre. « Face the Music » brings back screenwriters Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson from the first two films. Director Dean Parisot is in this genre for the science fiction comedy « Galaxy Quest. “The results here are good news and bad news. Since 1989, the stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been another case of Simon and Garfunkel syndrome. Reeves has seen a star orbit that includes the « Matrix » movies and « John Wick ». . Winter has been busy as a director. But after 30 years he doesn’t look bad. And it’s fun to see, in fact it’s the most fun in the movie. He looks beefed up and brings back the Wild Stallyns in all of their air guitar glory. Another fun player is William Sadler as Death. The Grim Reaper plays a mean bass, but he broke up with the Stallyns a few years ago after some sort of David Lee Roth episode. However, many of the characters end up dead and in Hell, so there’s a chance we can bring the band back together. The disappointment here is Keanu Reeves, who looks scarred and tired – like he’s playful enough to show up for the team, but the ghost just wasn’t there. In the meantime, the film deals with a girl power theme. Bill and Ted’s teenage daughters jump into their own time machine and hop through the centuries to collect musical geniuses and form a super band. Bill’s offspring are played by Samara Weaving. Ted’s daughter is Brigitte Lundy-Paine, who takes advantage of some of the sweetness of the airhead that Reeves lacks. In the meantime, there is a contentious mother-daughter mood between the time ambassador Kelly (played by Kristen Schaal) and her mother, the Grand Leader of the Future (played by Holland Taylor). ) And there is a killer robot that turns out to be Kelly’s lame friend . . . Since we already had Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, this film is only the second most confusing time travel film of the year. « Bill and Ted face the music » brings back fond memories. But in the Most Excellent spectrum it is only two and a half on a scale of five.

« Uncle Frank » premiered at Sundance 2020. These top-notch cast tell a unique and emotional story that you won’t want to miss. Here is Barb Bretz with her Holiday Film Review.

Uncle Frank writer / director Alan Ball was deservedly recognized for the Oscar-winning American beauty screenplay and television series Six Feet Under and True Blood. The Sundance audience received this latest project with laughter, tears and standing ovation applause.

This week’s film is « Dreamland », which is available on various streaming services such as Amazon Prime and in selected cinemas. « Dreamland » plays Margo Robbie as Allison Wells, a bank robber in the Texas dust bowl during the Depression. After a bank robbery goes wrong and five people, including a little girl, are killed, Allison is forced to go into hiding and a bounty of 10. US $ 000 is offered for capture. The bounty is a potential lifeline for the region’s impoverished farmers struggling to survive in dying small towns after their fields have become arid and barren from being successively pounded by dust.

Libby Wadman has this week’s Friday movie review and is suggesting a feel-good movie for these strange and challenging times.

If the Covid restrictions and recent elections have made you exhausted, stressed and longing to flee to a distant land, cheer up, Netflix is ​​now broadcasting the movie « Fisherman’s Friends ». . While it probably won’t cure these problems, it at least gives you a short break.

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World News – CA – Friday Film Review – « Bill and Ted face the music »



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