. World News – CA – Billie Eilish says she is grateful for the 4th Quarantine. Vanity Fair Interview – Watch Now!


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In this year’s video, the 18-year-old talked about being more famous, getting more involved in politics and what she is grateful for in quarantine.

« This is most of the free time I’ve had in five years, » she said. “I think that goes for a lot of people, but it was even for the first month of quarantine. You know we had three weeks off and I thought, wow, this is the most free time I’ve ever had. I can not believe it. It’s so great, it’s like a free vacation and we’ll be back on tour in a week. We’ll be fine, and clearly we were all wrong, and we look like clowns now. ”

« But I’m going to say that I’ve made and created things that I don’t think I would ever have created without this length of time, » Billie continued. “This time and this just life itself. I want things to be normal, but I would like that too. But I will say that I am grateful for what it gave me. ”

“I really wanted to go on this world tour. We started doing three shows, canceled and went home, ”she added, which she would have wished for this year. “I really wanted to have a Lamborghini. It’s not that I couldn’t have done it, I just gave so many other things that were so much more important. There are more people to give this money to. There are a lot more, and I cannot stress this enough, much more important things than the Lamborghini. ”

« One thing I haven’t had a year ago is my little puppy, Shark. This is Shark, my son, ”she shared and brought her puppy in. “This is Shark! Didn’t have it a year ago because it’s only eight months old. ”

Billie Eilish, Interview, Vanity Fair

World News – CA – Billie Eilish says she is grateful for the 4th quarantine. Vanity Fair Interview – Watch Now!

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