World news – Bill’s coaches continue to attract interest ahead of the AFC championship



Buffalo Bills Defense Coordinator Leslie Frazier speaks to Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​after their 2018 meeting.

In today’s NFL, the prize for success sometimes loses the coaching team that contributed to that success, and the Buffalo Bills were a victim of that during their postseason.

Initially, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was responsible for of the success of Buffalo’s offense was one of the hottest coaching candidates in the NFL, but chose to stay in Buffalo for at least the next season. Now both defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and quarterback coach Ken Dorsey are interested in potential promotions in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks would like to interview Bills’ QB coach Ken Dorsey for her OC job, according to sources. Seahawks also spoke to Rams ‘passing coordinator Shane Waldron and Saints’ QB trainer Joe Lombardi about their OK job.

Bills ‘DC Leslie Frazier and Chiefs’ OC Eric Bieniemy – whose units will compete in today’s AFC Championship Game – have started assembling coaching staffs with the idea that, according to sources, they are prime candidates for the Houston Texans’ HC job. /

For the past few weeks, Frazier has been tied to the position of head coach for the Houston Texans, and it’s going to be hot, according to Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL insider.

In a tweet on Sunday morning Schefter reported that both Frazier and the Kansas City Chief’s offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, began assembling their coaching staff because they were the prime candidates for the opening.

Frazier has privately told some people that he believes one having a legitimate chance of getting the Texans’ job and trying to put together a coaching staff in case he does. Bieniemy has had strong staff, but some of his candidates are starting to take other jobs.

After serving under Daboll this season, Dorsey has also begun to generate interest in offensive coordinator positions in the NFL. According to the Detroit Free Press, he was connected to the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator, which opened earlier this week.

Now Schefter has reported that the Seattle Seahawks are also asking for permission to interview Dorsey for her position as offensive coordinator after they fired Brian Schottenheimer earlier this month.

Before joining Bill’s head coach Sean McDermott in Buffalo in 2017, Frazier was defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two years. But Frazier has been looking for his second chance as head coach.

Frazier was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings from 2010 to 2013, having assumed office in mid-2010. He had an overall record of 21-32 and his only winning season was in 2012 when the Vikings went 10-6 and lost to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Wild Card game.

Although he didn’t have much success in Minnesota, has Frazier distinguished himself for the bills. Prior to this season, the Bills assumed an aggressive defensive personality and often relied on their defensive performance as Allen got used to the NFL. Prior to this season, the Bills had a top 3 defense in the NFL for yards allowed for the past two seasons.

Now the Bills are playing great complementary football. They got off to a difficult start to the season, allowing 28 points per game through their first six. However, the Bills defense prevailed towards the end of the season and only allowed 16 points per game in the last six games.

They also kept the Baltimore Ravens down to just three points in the AFC division round last Saturday. </ Brian Daboll, Josh Allen, and the weapons at their disposal have allowed the Bills Offensive to reach new levels of success this season, and Dorsey is benefiting from that success too. But Dorsey has been waiting for his opportunity.

He spent five seasons in Carolina as a quarterbacks coach before joining Buffalo for the last two seasons. According to the Detroit Free Press report, Dorsey is one of three candidates for the position of Lions Offensive Coordinator. Raven quarterback coach James Urban and former Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn are also candidates.

The Lions hired former Saints deputy head / tight-end coach Dan Campbell, and him earlier this week has started to assemble its employees.