World News – AU – Why It’s Time To Make Room For Electric Scooters On The Road


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For the driver, traveling with an electric scooter is socially complex and complicated. The under 35s envy you and the over 35s want to slap you in the face. Of course, the electric scooter is only suitable for those who drive alone and less than 25 kilometers per day. However, next time you are in rush hour traffic, count how many people are actually alone in their cars.

Recent media coverage has highlighted the large regulatory loophole. While the electric scooter is about as heavy as a bicycle and travels at similar speeds (the vast majority are limited to 20-25 km / h), it is legally classified as a « mechanically powered vehicle » which means it is ready to drive, must be licensed, taxed and insured. However, there is no tax category on electric scooters and most insurance companies will laugh at you when you get a quote. limbo.

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In RTÉ One’s Six One News, parents were asked not to buy scooters for children for reasons of road safety.

And what about security? Sinn Féin TD Darren O’Rourke rightly started this debate by highlighting the 37 electric scooter collisions this year. Is that high We really don’t know. The latest data shows that there is around 1. There are 000 bicycle accidents, but there are many more bicycles on the road. When discussing relative safety, we also need to consider the proportion of scooter accidents that involved alcohol, red lights, scooters without 25 km / h restrictions, driving on sidewalks, and driving without proper safety equipment. We’ll probably need more data before we make a decision on security.

However, the housekeeping of the electric scooter is pretty clear. Traveling with gasoline, hybrid or diesel costs between € 1. 40 and 1 €. 90 over 25 kilometers. While the electric car will cut your costs to around 70 cents (lower if you use night tariffs), the electric scooter will only cost 9 cents, 95% less than a gasoline car. This means that the electric scooter will have over 5. 000 km costs less than € 20 in energy costs.

This difference in efficiency is probably not surprising. When you travel on an electric scooter, you no longer drag a ton of metal with you every time you set off to soak up the milk. If we add up the differences in upfront costs, the electric scooter is also likely the cheapest form of mechanical transportation available, far cheaper than even public transportation. In short, every time someone goes into town on an electric scooter, they have more money in their pocket to spend in the stores.

The environmental cards are also very clear. Compared to a petrol car, the associated CO2 emissions from an electric scooter are 96% lower – and that’s only because of today’s electricity cards. As more and more wind is generated every year, the carbon footprint of our electricity will decrease by 50% by at least 2030. . However, the carbon in a liter of diesel and gasoline will be pretty much the same in 100 years, give or take a bit of biofuel. There are other environmental factors to consider, including the physical space required on the street and, of course, urban air quality.

From Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1, Aengus Cox speaks to members of the electric scooter community who are calling on the government to regulate the use of vehicles in public spaces.

But don’t we already have an inexpensive, environmentally friendly car alternative? Indeed, the bicycle meets many criteria, with the added benefit of movement.

However, there are a number of problems with cycling: gender and distance, to name just two. The 2016 census found that around two-thirds of Irish cyclists are commuters. Recent research from Trinity College Dublin shows that the gender gap and cycling really kicks in in areas further from the city center.

There is a temptation to assume that this is due to gender differences in risk aversion and physique, but there could be another factor: expectations of the appearance of the workplace in women, which might be less acute for men. If so, will the electric scooter (or electric bike) fix this problem?

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World News – AU – Why it’s time to make room for electric scooters on the road
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