World News – AU – Hugh Grant found it uncomfortable to prepare for this movie scene: « That was one of the low moments of my career, if not my life »


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Hugh Grant has won over fans in many charming roles and, while loving many of his appearances, admitted during an NPR to Fresh Air interview that « one of the low points » of his career was preparing for a scene in the film Music and Lyrics was.

Grant has it easy on screen, but there was one scene in music and lyrics that was a little excruciating for the actor.

He plays « a stranded lead singer and songwriter from an ’80s headband, » and Fresh Air host Terry Gross commented, « It’s just a really fun movie. « However, there was one great filming experience that Grant didn’t enjoy.

The actor freely admitted that his singing was “not good” in the film, comparing himself to Julie Andrews, “which isn’t great for rock or pop is way too advertised. ”

He added that his co-star Drew Barrymore is « an awful singer, » something he thinks she would be fine if he shares it. « But what you’re doing with computers now is so brilliant you just don’t know, » he added.

« She sounds brilliant, » he said of the way he and Barrymore could betray their lack of singing talent.

Aside from the bad singing, Grant recalled that “It was a lot harder for me to sneak around on stage, dance and perform with a microphone in hand. ”

« They gave me a brilliant choreographer who worked with Kylie Minogue and all these people, Britney Spears. And I think that was one of the low points of my career, if not my life, was the first rehearsal with him, ”explained Grant.

“It was just him and a big boombox with music in a huge rehearsal room somewhere in Manhattan,” where the choreographer asked Grant to “move naturally. « It didn’t go well.

« He was making music and I only stood still for 20 minutes, » explained the actor. « He didn’t get that from a 40-year-old Englishman at 11am. So it was very difficult. I ended up doing these scenes with a sneaky combination of whiskey and lorazepam sedatives that my faithful makeup girl brought me in a 7UP bottle. ”

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Grant admitted in a 2018 GQ video while re-viewing some of his legendary characters how painful the dance scene in Love Actually was for him too.

« The dance scene was a horrible cloud to me that hung over the entire production, » Grant revealed. « You know, it’s hard enough to dance when you’re English and middle-aged, even with six pints in you, but alone, so freezing sober, at seven in the morning in front of a film crew – freaking out would be misery. ”

He continued, « Not only that, I also thought the scene had the capacity to be the most excruciating scene ever applied to celluloid. And there are many people who still think that it is. But there are also a lot of people who seem to love it. ”

He said to Gross, « These are terrible things to do when you are a firm Englishman. ”

Dear Hugh Grant Actually, Drew Barrymore

World News – AU – Hugh Grant prepared uncomfortably for this movie scene: « That was one of the low moments of my career, if not my life »
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Hugh Grant found it uncomfortable to prepare for this movie scene: & # 39; That was one of the low moments of my career, if not . . .
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