World News – AU – GOG Halloween Sale Has Tips, Treats, Scary Discounts, & Ghostly Indies


GOG is now looking to get a share of the Halloween action with a sale launching today on many seasonal titles You can get your gaming tips and treats here at spooky discounts so you don’t not make your wallet look like a ghost town Then again the people on your money have probably been around for a long time, so maybe your pockets need a If this is the case, you may feel treated with a new library of cool games to help you in the near future

With over 800 games in total, this GOG Halloween sale will take some time to go. For your convenience, we’ve done a bit for you and put together some notable titles to consider Of course, these aren’t your only ones options for seasonal games If you don’t mind shopping the competition, the Epic Games Store has some scary bargains too.However, you can shop with whoever you want, and the best part is that GOG even lives up to it. its competitors on several hot titles Allons-y

Starting with the horror genre, you can grab Outlast for $ 2.99 or its sequel, Outlast 2, for $ 5.99 These are the games where you have to shoot things through a portable camera, which is also your source of vision. nocturnal The first takes place in an abandoned asylum, while the sequel travels to a rural town where cultists thrive. This is not for the sham of the heart

On a related note, you can try the Amnesia series or SOMA The Dark Descent is just $ 1.99, while SOMA is $ 2.99 Both are made by Frictional Games, which also just released Amnesia: Rebirth These are two horror classics that you should definitely consider for the money The last of the horror genre is Layers of Fear for $ 3.99 This game comes from Bloober Team and challenges you to explore the mind of a painter psychotic It features a dark Victorian era setting with lots of supernatural events and downright twisted stuff You’ll get some vibes from something like The Shining or Silent Hill

Stepping away from potentially bad dreams, there are other action-oriented options You can buy Serious Sam 1 or 2 for just $ 1 19 each These will prepare you well for the most recent release of the series if you really want to know the lore and history The Metro series can also tempt you with Redux and Last Light at $ 3.99 each You can explore Russia’s mutant wasteland and kill horrific monsters is not there to like? Metro Exodus from last year is also available for just $ 22.09 This is the Gold Edition, nothing less

Another great monster slayer to consider is Blasphemous for $ 12.49, which is like 2D Dark Souls It boasts strong membership and free DLC Telltale’s Walking Dead series is also on sale again at 50 % on all titles Control: The Definitive Edition is a game that is sure to grab your attention GOG is headlining the sale at just $ 29.99 and clearly competing with Epic It’s a good deal for a well-known game from such a prestigious developer You can also enjoy some really fantastic graphics and gameplay Considering this is for a AAA 2019 game with the DLC, Control: The Definitive Edition is a steal

However, if you’d rather be the monster than kill it, you can try the Vampyr RPG for $ 11.99 or Devolver’s new Carrion for $ 14.99 There’s also Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which doesn’t have to to be confused with the Vampyr series

Going deeper into general territory, you can pick up the all new Ghostrunner game for $ 23.99 (20% off) There’s also Bioshock Infinite: Complete Edition for $ 1379, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for $ 7 49, or The Outer Worlds for just $ 29.99 There’s also The Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition for just $ 17.99 plus Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Obisidian Edition for $ 23.99 The eccentric indie RPG Disco Elysium is also reduced at $ 29.99 and the much-loved Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove edition dropped to $ 27.99 We’ll also mention that Dead Cells is another competing title in the Epic sale right now, and you can grab the Metroidvanian roguelite for just $ 19. $ 99 from GOG

If you just want something light that won’t keep you awake at night, you can buy Overcooked for $ 4.99 or overcooked 2 for $ 14.99 There are also a bunch of add-ons for these games as part from the sale, so if you are hungry for more content you can easily satisfy your cravings on the cheap Also note Yooka Laylee, which is inspired by the classic Banjo Kazooie franchise You can enjoy this fun experience for just $ 7 49

That’s it for the GOG Halloween sale, but there’s a lot more content out there for the seasonal player Epic is currently offering spooky Halloween giveaways, along with a ton of festive in-game events. Live Service This Year You may not be able to celebrate Halloween this year like you normally would, but there are certainly plenty of digital entertainment options out there to keep you safe and busy

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