World News – AU – COVID Vaccine Concerns: Some doctors who may be vaccinated on Monday are baffled because they haven’t received guidance from NYS


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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Frustration at the slow pace of the spread of COVID vaccines in New York State is growing.

On Monday, all medical workers, including those in private practice, are eligible, but some have told Lisa Rozner of CBS2 that they have not received guidance.

The Gramercy Pediatrics staff went to great lengths to disinfect between patients, but owner Dr. . According to Dyan Hes, state or city staff haven’t heard a word about how to get vaccinated on Monday when all medical workers, including those in general practitioners and specialist offices, are eligible, Rozner reported on Sunday.

« This is insane, and yet I see people posting on Facebook like fundraisers in big hospitals who receive the vaccine, do telemedicine and never come into contact with a patient. But as if we were literally in the trenches, ”said Hes. “I have a friend, a colleague, a resident anesthetist who literally intubates patients all day. Their face is in their faces. She tries to do the best she can.

“We want answers. We have been working since March. We are the ones who have been exposed and we have been forgotten, ”Hes added.

The latest statistics from the state show that 630. 000 cans arrived, but less than a third – 203. 000 – were administered.

« We received an email about a week ago that it was January. 4th. However, none of us have been asked to occupy any of these centers. Who gives the vaccine?  » He said.

The city health ministry did not answer questions about the lack of communication. A spokesman would simply say that there are 125 sites that have vaccinations and that additional sites will be set up for eligible groups.

The state said one of these locations were hospitals, but there are no details on how and when doctors and medical staff can enroll, Rozner reported.

“One of my employees went to New Jersey this weekend. They said, “Oh, you live in New York? You can’t get it, « Hes said.

In the meantime, Gov. . Andrew Cuomo practically spoke to the Abysinnian Baptist Church in Harlem on Sunday preaching the importance of being vaccinated.

« I’d feel a lot safer if I took the vaccine, but I won’t be taking the vaccine until the vaccine is available to my group in black, Hispanic, and poor communities across the state, » Cuomo said.

Councilor Mark Levine, chairman of the city’s health committee, tweeted that he was proposing laws that “have at least one COVID pod in every zip code open 24/7. ”

To speed up the vaccinations, Moncef Slaoui, chief of Operation Warp Speed, told CBS’s Face The Nation that there have been talks with vaccine maker Moderna and the Food and Drug Administration to inject half the volume to double that to immunize many people with what is in store.

« People between 18 and 55 years old give half the dose, two doses, half the dose, » said Slaoui.

But those entitled, who are still waiting for instructions on how to get the shot, said they would not hold their breath.

Around 4 million people were vaccinated nationwide. The original goal was to give the injections to 20 million people now.

In New Jersey on Monday at 9 a.m.. m. Health care workers on the frontline of Newark University Hospital are receiving their second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Again, communication is key. So do your job and communicate with the public about this vaccine distribution so that you don’t cause unnecessary worry and frustration, especially among the elderly and other people at higher risk. This should be a basic one; So do your job.

This is yet another utter failure for Governor « Fredo » Cuomo. There is no excuse for its incompetence, especially when NY was the epicenter of the coronavirus, where tens of thousands have died.

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World News – AU – COVID Vaccine Concerns: Some doctors are eligible to be vaccinated on Monday
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