World news – Aphelios, announced Shurima as the new champion, region for Legends of Runeterra


During the opening stream of the 2021 season, Riot Games confirmed that their Legends of Runeterra digital card game will visit the mystical desert land of Shurima as the game’s newest region. Shurima will be the ninth region in the game after Bilgewater and Targon and the third new region since launch.

According to Riot’s Jeff Jew, Shurima mechanics will be about finding buried relics and even predicting the future. The region also has many famous champions including Azir, Nasus, Renekton, Sivir, and Taliyah, and it is likely that the region will start with some of them.

Shurima will start with the next expansion, the date of which is not over The Legends of Runeterra team is also changing the way champions are introduced into the game, even outside of the bi-monthly expansions. The first such champion not connected to an expansion set is Aphelios, who is coming to Runeterra in February. Just like in League of Legends, Aphelios’ mechanic will revolve around his weapons and, according to Jude, bring a lot of complexity and planning into Legends of Runeterra.

A new system that Riot Games is introducing in Legends of Runeterra is the so-called Champion Master . By playing champions, players will improve them and unlock new cosmetics.

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