World news – Alberta increases COVID-19 shots, paramedics added to priority list


Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney says the province is pushing and expanding COVID-19 vaccinations. But at the current rate, he says the province is likely to run out of cans next week.

Watch the action as Chris Wilder’s squad try to build on their first win of the season

ex-governor Rick Snyder, his health director, and others are reportedly charged with the scandal that ravaged the black-majority city of Flint with lead-contaminated water and was blamed for a deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

North American box office revenues hit a 40-year low in 2020 and struggled to reach a total of $ 2.2 billion in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Cinemas had to remain closed for a significant part of the year from the end of March and struggled to recover when the cinemas reopened months later in August. The […]

YouTube has selected the first partner class for its YouTubeBlack Voices in 2021 – a group of 132 developers and artists from around the world who are financially supported by the video giant. Last summer, as part of protests against racial justice in the US and elsewhere, YouTube announced a $ 100 million fund for black creators […]

Trump is leaving office with the country in turmoil, but the Economy may be on the verge of recovery.

Former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing a black man by kneeling on his neck will stand alone on trial, with no three officers charged, aiding the alleged murder and having benefited, a Minnesota judge ruled Tuesday, also on COVID-19 concerns. Judge Peter Cahill said in his ruling that the courthouse space restrictions « make it impossible to meet the physical restrictions of COVID-19 in a joint trial with all four of the defendants, » given the expected number of lawyers and support staff. Derek Chauvin, who is white, was charged with second degree murder and other lesser charges in the death of George Floyd on May 25 after holding his neck to the floor for nearly nine minutes.

The search for the device was made particularly aggravated by wreckage and debris from the crash

The iteration of the biannual US Labor Outlook study for the first quarter of 2021 is now open until January 29.

The shares of space tourism company Virgin Galactic (NYSE : SPCE) increase by 4.7% on Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME. Virgin Galactic is not the same as Virgin Orbit, as pictured here. The main difference between the two companies is that Virgin Orbit’s rockets are designed to carry satellites that remain in orbit, while Virgin Galactic’s rockets carry passengers who then dismount and land back on Earth.

A handful of Democrats on the US Senate Armed Forces Committee on Tuesday expressed reservations about making another retired general the top civil servant in the Department of Defense, some citing last week’s rampage in the US Capitol. Democratic President-elect Joe Biden has appointed retired General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense. The last was in 2017 for Donald Trump’s first Secretary of Defense, retired General Jim Mattis.

Within four days, President Donald Trump’s family business lost its online store, the excitement of Trump’s tweets about its luxury resorts, and the boastful rights as a Hosts one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The mob attack on Congress last week Trump’s supporters have caused corporations and institutions to reckon the Trump organization on a scale well beyond its previous polarization measures. And the Trump brand, built on gold-plated luxury and an overbearing clientele, may not be able to fully recover from the impact of its followers violently storming and destroying the U.S. Capitol, hospitality analysts say, and some people close to the business acknowledge this. Other Trump-related companies, including Deutsche Bank, the president’s largest lender, and Signature Bank, are also looking to distance themselves from him and his company. Sign up for the New York Times’ The Morning newsletter. The backlash is part of a broader avoidance by Trump and his allies are unfolding after the deadly attack on the Capitol. Schools stripped the president of honorary degrees, some prominent Republicans threatened to quit the party, and the New York State Bar Association announced that they had begun investigations into Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, which could lead him out The group was removed impeachment proceedings on Monday, more than a dozen large corporations vowed to withhold certain political donations. Coca-Cola said it would pause its political action committee’s donations and said in a statement that « these events will be long remembered and will inform our future contribution decisions. » Marriott, the giant hotel chain, said it was pausing its political action committee’s donations « to those who voted not to confirm the election, » a reference to Congressional Republicans who have joined Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud. Morgan Stanley and AT&T said they too would suspend contributions to these lawmakers. The Trump Organization has already faced significant financial challenges. Much of its golf and resort properties had lost money and the pandemic had forced them to close some restaurants and bars and drastically reduce hotel occupancy, including the hotel just blocks from the White House. And with more than $ 300 million in debt falling due over the next few years, personally guaranteed by the president, the company was in dire need of new deals. While such a series of challenges would be doomed to failure for virtually any hospitality, Trump Organization executives said they wanted to capitalize on Trump’s global fame with overseas branding deals: « There has never been a political figure with more support or energy than my father « , said Eric Trump, the president’s son helps run the family business, it said in a statement on Monday. The family is already considering starting a media outfit that will do justice to Donald Trump’s tens of millions of supporters. That effort grew in urgency last week when Twitter and Facebook banned the president from their platforms. « There will be no shortage of incredible opportunity in real estate and beyond, » said Eric Trump. Before Donald Trump became president, he had traversed many lines for business, including casinos, airlines, and reality television. Some endeavors have been hugely successful, while others have been colossal failures. But they showed his ability to camouflage his wares and take advantage of opportunities, even when his name seemed irreparably tarnished. This time the challenges are steeper. The fallout began Thursday when e-commerce provider Shopify said it had closed online stores affiliated with the president. The biggest blow came on Sunday when the PGA of America announced that it was undressing Trump’s New Jersey golf club in a major tournament. Trump was said to have been « gutted » by the PGA decision, according to a person close to the White House who had personally worked for years to get tournament directors to hold events on his courses. In a statement pointing to a potential legal challenge, the Trump Organization called the decision « a breach of a binding contract » and added that « they have no right to terminate the contract ». The PGA Championship, slated for May 2022, was the ultimate golf world trophy for the Trump brand.In the past two decades, an international collection of golf courses and resorts has been put together, which, according to the latest financial report, now together account for around a third of the company’s sales . The tournament game itself is not a great source of profit, but hosting an internationally recognized event is of tremendous value to marketing. It would also have given greater legitimacy to Trump and its brand, which includes 16 golf clubs around the world. « It has become clear that hosting the PGA Championship in Trump Bedminster would harm the PGA of America brand, » said Jim Richerson, PGA of America president, said in a video statement. The loss associated with cancellation is difficult to calculate, but it will be huge and last for years, said Jay Karen, executive director of the National Golf Course Owners Association, millions of avid golfers who have a proverbial bucket list « who like to go to big tournaments The PGA Championship is bound, he said. « If a major came to you and he was pulled away from you, it would surely sting. » In an email to members on Monday, the golf club said, « We had a wonderful partnership with the PGA of America and share your disappointment with their decision. « The damage is expected to continue as various companies and industries reassess their relationship with Trump and his family business. Trump’s hotels, such as the Trump National Doral near Miami, had already lost many of its major corporate conferences after making derogatory remarks about Muslims and Mexicans, including during his first presidential campaign, and his comments following a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville , Virginia, in 2017, suggesting « both sides are to blame ». But the aftermath of the attacks last week will be steeper and longer, said analysts and people familiar with the company. Some members of the president’s golf clubs are considering keeping their membership over possible protests and vandalism, one respondent said. David J. Sangree, an Ohio hotel industry adviser, said Trump’s role in the Capitol attack would further undermine the company’s efforts to target wealthy customers who are not Trump supporters. « This is a major disadvantage, » said Sangree. “There’s no question they’ll lose more events because a lot of groups are saying, ‘We don’t want to be associated with this brand.’” That became even more evident on Monday night when New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that he would refuse the Presidential Medal of Freedom because of « the tragic events of the past week ». The president had planned to give Belichick the award on Thursday. Even plans to launch a Trump media platform will run into obstacles. When Trump tries to build a new conservative news network or join an existing network like OAN or Newsmax, corporate recruiters hardly guarantee that they will support him. « There’s only so much My Pillow-Guy can subsidize, » said Jon Klein, former president of CNN US, referring to Mike Lindell, executive director of My Pillow, who is an outspoken supporter of the president. « It’s suddenly a lot more discouraging than it was a week ago for OAN and Newsmax. » Instead, Trump could be more successful at creating a newsletter – embedded with a link to a streaming channel – for millions of paid subscribers. said Klein, the chairman of TAPP Media, a subscription streaming service. « He sparked the passions of his tribe and subscription services are all about tribalism. » After Twitter finally banned the president’s account on Friday, he suggested building his own social media platform, but doing so would likely pose huge logistical and legal challenges. And whatever it is trying to create may require significant resources and possibly credit that could run short from common sources. Deutsche Bank, which has been Trump’s main lender for two decades, has decided not to do business with Trump or his company in the US future, according to a person familiar with the bank’s thinking. Trump owes Deutsche Bank more than $ 300 million that is due in the next few years. The bank has come to the conclusion that, aside from debt relief, it cannot break out of the Trump relationship before the loans mature, Trump’s partner Signature Bank is also cutting ties. The bank that helped Trump fund his Florida golf course and which Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, was once a board member of, called on Trump to step down as president « in the best interests of our nation and the American people. » Susan Turkell, a bank spokeswoman said Signature had decided it « will not do business in the future with members of Congress who have voted to ignore the electoral college. » « Turkell said that following the riots, the bank began closing Trump’s two personal accounts that had about $ 5.3 million. At the end of his presidency, Trump will be returning to a very different business than what he was when he took office Several hotel properties bearing his name have been removed from the portfolio, including in New York, Panama and Toronto. Plans for two new, budget-friendly hotel lines that were once priority have been postponed indefinitely. And a product branding coincidence , which led Trump to endorse a range of items from steaks to mattresses, has shrunk and the company is facing a criminal investigation by the Manhattan Attorney’s Office into whether the president and his company made financial or financial commitments are tax crimes in recent years, but leaving the White House means d ass Trump will no longer face ethical restraints such as bans on international business, potentially opening up new business opportunities. The company could look for new deals in places where company executives believe Trump is still popular, such as Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Saudi Arabia and India. Trump could also get into the conversation and receive high payments for every appearance, said a company director. And some customers are likely to stick with existing Trump properties – especially in red or purple states like Florida and North Carolina – no matter what the president does or says or how many times he’s been charged. Michael Damelincourt, the executive director of the Trump Hotel in Washington, said on Twitter on Sunday that « America’s living room is ready for you » as the hotel’s steakhouse and lobby bar will reopen Friday. (On Tuesday morning, Damelincourt said the reopening was delayed.) In Miami, at Trump National Doral, the bar was full for Friday happy hour, as was the members-only clubhouse. Customers overheard them talk about both golf games and business deals. Almost none of them wore masks. Marion McCarthy and her husband Donald drank drinks there – where they have been members for decades. Dozens of other guests came to the resort for the US Am Tour, which according to a scorecard had more than 100 players. The scorecard read: « Doral Amateur is SOLD OUT !!!! ». « What we see is an overreaction. » Donald McCarthy said. « If he’s not in office, he’ll likely come here and play a little more golf. » This article originally appeared in the New York Times. (C) 2021 The New York Times Company

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According to Kentucky, Ben Jordan, a right-hander who played on the men’s basketball team last season due to a lack of players, has died. The school announced Jordan’s death in a press release Monday, and a Kentucky baseball spokesman said coach Nick Mingione spoke to the player’s family. Mingione said in a press release Tuesday that the program was devastated to learn of Jordan’s death.

Lawyers for Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou argued in court Tuesday that she should leave the house without left the security details that have been a condition of her bail since she was released after she was arrested in December 2018. Meng’s husband, Liu Xiaozong, made an affidavit citing the negative impact his wife’s detention conditions had on her and her family. 48-year-old Meng was arrested two years ago at Vancouver International Airport by Canadian authorities who were acting on the basis of a US arrest warrant.

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CHICAGO – Orlando midfielder Andrés Perea has received approval from FIFA to change his affiliation from Colombia to the USA.
The 20-year-old trained with the US national team in December and is this week in the US U23 selection in Bradenton, Florida.
Perea, who turned 20 on November 14, started for Colombia in the 2017 U17 World Cup, including a 3-1 group stage win against the US and a quarter-final loss to Germany. He started all five games for Colombia at the 2019 U20 World Cup.
The US Football Association made the announcement on Tuesday and said it was informed of FIFA’s approval on Friday.
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The Associated Press

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Senators’ owner says he plans to allow 6,000 fans to play home games during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Eugene Melnyk said on a social media post on Tuesday that his « robust public safety plan » includes « health protocols ranging from adequate physical distancing, rapid testing and the wearing of masks at all times » at the Canadian tire center.
Melnyk’s plan would use about a third of the arena’s seating.
Melynk has since deleted the Twitter post, although a reference to his plan with a link to a recent newspaper article detailing the proposal remains on his website.
The NHL season begins on Wednesday evening with all seven Canadian teams in one division playing against each other only to avoid cross-border travel.
None of the seven Canadian teams will have fans in the arenas to start the season.
When asked about Melnyk’s suggestion, Canadian Assistant Health Commissioner Howard Njoo said it was now outside of federal jurisdiction as Canadian teams won’t cross the line.
« I would definitely check with the local health authorities, » he said.
Ottawa Public Health said in an email to The Canadian Press that the NHL return-to-play plan it was reviewing contained no plans for fans to play games at the Canadian Tire Center.
Currently, public events and indoor social gatherings organized in Ontario are restricted to members of the same household. An order to stay at home will also take effect on Thursday.
The NHL expects three American teams – the Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, and Arizona Coyotes – to begin the season with a limited number of fans in their respective arenas.
The Columbus Blue Jackets and Pittsburgh Penguins are other potential contenders, while the Tampa Bay Lightning have OK from the local authorities but announced over the weekend that they will be playing in front of an empty building for the foreseeable future.
The league relies on fans participating in games for around 50 percent of their traditional sales. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday that the league is expecting billions in losses this year.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 12, 2021.

The Canadian Press

Aim for Optimal Product Manufacturing and Worldwide Customer Satisfaction The recipients of the Six Sigma Green Belt at the Rajant Corporation manufacturing facility in Morehead, Kentucky are Austin Clark, Dave Keeton, Jon Lacy, Ryan Lacy, David Mays , Travis Miller, Travis Pettit and Zach Wagner. Malvern, Pennsylvania, January 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Rajant Corporation, the mobile operator for Kinetic Mesh®, has received Lean Six Sigma certification for eight of its Morehead employees after an eleven-month process. Process phases that support Rajant’s culture of continuous improvement in engineering and manufacturing included an operational assessment from February 2020, five days of training in the Green Belt classroom, and three days of Kaizen training. The goal of Lean Six Sigma certification is to reduce waste and optimize efficiency in all of Rajant’s operations in Morehead, Kentucky, while maximizing the value of its products to customers with the lowest possible investment. Rajant has partnered with the Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA) to support them through all phases of Lean Six Sigma certification. AKA’s Scott Broughton (Center Director), Bill Rouse (Client Services Manager) and Bertram Wells (Sr. Continuous Improvement Specialist) introduced Rajant staff to a variety of Lean Six Sigma analysis tools and received training under the guidance of Mr. Wells how to properly select and use the tools to identify and correct operational gaps. The members with eight teams were assigned individual projects, which ultimately had to prove the realized savings, projected savings or cost avoidance of each project. The projects were successfully completed and final approval was given by Brad Feick, Senior Hardware Director in Rajvern, Malvern, Pennsylvania. The total savings from the projects were approximately $ 40,000. Mr. Wells said it was a pleasure to train the eight Rajant staff. This effort was supported locally by Dave Keeton, Manufacturing Manager for Rajant. Green Belt recipients are Austin Clark from Rajant, Dave Keeton, Jon Lacy, Ryan Lacy, David Mays, Travis Miller, Travis Pettit, and Zach Wagner. During the five days with the Rajant team members who participated in the AKA’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification program, I was impressed. Their commitment to making decisions based on verifiable data and statistical methods learned during the training should have a direct impact on Rajant’s future success by motivating its employees, improving customer satisfaction, and being clearly measurable and quantifiable focused financial returns. Austin Clark, engineer at Rajant Systems, said, “The Six Sigma Green Belt course gave me an invaluable set of new critical thinking tools and methods to help me tackle my daily tasks. It allows me to look at problems from different angles and make sure that I explore each solution to find the best possible. Now continuous improvement is applied to everything I do. The results of the work products are of higher quality and the schedule for completion has been improved. Six Sigma strengthened my leadership and my ability to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. I am grateful for the skills I received as a certified green belt in Six Sigma as they will help me throughout my career. « Travis Miller, Rajant Systems Engineer, adds, » Bertram Wells, a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Instructor, has always emphasized this. It is up to me to constantly strive for improvement and innovation. Lean Six Sigma made my brain think more like a leader. I am now analyzing the whole process and how each part of a project fits together for a more successful outcome. I have already seen improvements in the quality of the work and the products I create and this is a lifelong professional and personal godsend. “By 2021, four of these eight Rajant employees will receive Black Belt Six Sigma certification with the goal of achieving even greater operational savings. About Rajant Corporation Rajant Corporation is the exclusive provider of private wireless networks based on the patented Kinetic Mesh® network, BreadCrumb® radio nodes, and InstaMesh® network software. With Rajant, customers can quickly deploy a highly customizable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver mission-critical business intelligence when needed. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networks are a low latency, high throughput, and secure solution for a wide variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications. They offer industrial customers full mobility and can take their private network applications and data with them wherever they go. With successful deployments in more than 60 countries for customers in the military, mining, ports, rail, oil, & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities and agriculture. Rajant is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania with additional facilities and offices in Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, visit or follow Rajant on LinkedIn and Twitter. Appendix * IMG_6088 CONTACT: Alice DiSanto Rajant Corporation 914-582-8464 [email protected]

Naples, FL, January 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sandcastle Community Management, an Associa® company, announces the recent Tina Swanson announced that he was Director of Operations. Ms. Swanson began working in the property management industry in 2013. Within seven months of entering the industry, she acquired her Community Association Manager (CAM) license and started managing her first property. Ms. Swanson joined the Sandcastle team as a Senior Community Association Manager, maintaining a portfolio of properties, training new portfolio managers and overseeing a team of dedicated staff who provided excellent customer service. In addition to her community management experience, Ms. Swanson has over eight years of banking management experience. As the new operations manager, she will focus on the day-to-day operations of the branch, customer growth, and employee training and retention. « Tina has been an integral part of the success of Sandcastle Community Management since joining the Sandcastle team, » said John Tague, regional vice president for Associa. “Tina has always shown an exceptional commitment to customers and the team members she leads. So there’s no doubt that she will continue to exceed expectations in her new role as Director of Operations. We are pleased that Tina is expanding her responsibilities as our branch continues to expand our customer contact. ““ As a natural leader in our management team, Tina really set a good example and quickly earned everyone’s respect. Her excellent work and background make her a great choice to lead our operations team and look forward to her continuing to drive our management service standards, ”said Damian Schaeffer, President of Sandcastle Management. Ms. Swanson has a Bachelor of Psychology from Paine College. With more than 200 offices across North America, Associa provides unmatched management and lifestyle services to nearly five million residents worldwide. Our 10,000 team members are industry leaders with unmatched education, expertise and groundbreaking innovation. Associa has been providing solutions to help communities achieve their vision for more than 40 years. More information is available at Stay connected: Like us on Facebook: to the blog: us on Twitter: https: // Join us us on LinkedIn at: CONTACT: Ashley Cantwell Associa 214-272-4107 [email protected]



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