. Weltnachrichten – AU – Today’s little drama is about two influencers who quarrel because they both called their children « baby ».


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We’re five days into 2021, and Twitter has already seen people like Bean Dad and this guy who fried a hot dog in the air for 120 minutes. Now two IG personalities are fighting over naming their baby baby.

The baby beef (sorry) started after Australian model and founder of Luma Beauty, Jessica Hart, named her newborn daughter Baby. She shares the Munchkin with her longtime partner, NASCAR driver James Kirkham.

« Baby is everything I ever imagined and a lot more, » Jessica shared in an Instagram post last week. “Thank you for choosing us as your parents, baby. I promise we won’t let you down. ”

That was very cute and all, but it apparently upset her close friend Sasha Benz, who named her kid Baybi (Blue Benz) almost three years ago. I mean, I guess Baybi is pronounced like Baby despite the spelling differences.

« Sasha was devastated that her close friend was copying her daughter’s » unique « name, especially after she came to her for name ideas, » a mutual friend told The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday.

According to the friend, Jessica let Sasha know a week in advance that she was calling her baby Baby, adding that Sasha shouldn’t worry because « it’s spelled differently ». ”

And that’s it. A week later, Jessica gave birth to baby Rae Kirkham – the Rae is a reference to Jessica’s mother. They just call her baby though.

Jessica spoke on Jan.. Exclusively with People on December 23, explaining that she first heard the name Baby in the movie Dirty Dancing. Well, that’s their story anyway, so make it what you want.

Through a source, Jessica vehemently denied that she « copied » Sasha’s baby name. The source – Salzkorn – told the Daily Mail, “It was always on her list of names before she even knew Sasha and her baby. ”

I don’t know when Jessica and Sasha first met, but it sounds like the two became friends after Baybi was born.

After baby was born, Jessica and Sasha stopped talking. The baby / Baybi beef had cracked.

But it seems Jessica and Sasha were able to put their differences – or similarities – aside because they seem to have improved their friendship.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sasha did not address the Rift directly, but did share that she is speaking to Jessica again.

« Of course Jess and I are still friends, » she said. “We talked about it a few weeks ago, and I’m glad she has a name that she loves for her beautiful girl. ”

« Baybi is now almost three and our new babies are only weeks apart. So it’s more important that they all grow up knowing that there are more important things to take care of, and both Jess and I agree. ”

Last October, Sasha gave birth to her third child, Haze Heart Benz. Jessica would have baby in the next month.

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Jessica Hart, toddler

World news – AU – Today’s little drama is about two influencers who quarrel because they both named their children’s baby.
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