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TELLY’s most discussed riddle will finally be solved on Monday evening – who killed Elena Alves?

Sky Atlantic’s The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, will reveal what happened to the worried mother in its dramatic conclusion.

If you’re not up to speed with the gripping six-part thriller, look the other way – and catch up quickly.

Viewers were blown away to see the perfect world of Grace Fraser, the wealthy Manhattan therapist played by Kidman, collapse after the murder of another school mother.

Elena (Matilda De Angelis) is a struggling artist whose son was accepted into the elite private academy on a scholarship.

And she seems to have a thing for Grace too – even planting a kiss on her lips at a fundraiser for fancy schools.

But after she was beaten to death in her studio, it is revealed that Elena had a long-term affair with Grace’s husband, Jonathan (Grant), a pediatric cancer doctor who treated her son Miguel.

Unsurprisingly, Jonathan is the prime suspect in this case – not least because he had sex with Elena the night she died.

By the end of last week’s episode, we were in the middle of his murder trial – which has many twists and turns.

The song on the opening tracks, Dream A Little Dream Of Me, is sung by Nicole with a little help from real country star husband Keith Urban.

And besides singing, Nicole has brought Grace to life with a hectic, paranoid energy, suggesting that the « undo » of the title isn’t related to her marriage but to her sanity.

She received multiple calls from a mysterious number – which she did not answer – that turned out to be Elena.

And it turns out that Elena had painted a detailed portrait of Grace – did she do it from memory?

Worst of all, Grace was caught on video surveillance near Elena’s apartment on the night of the murder.

She insists she had no idea where she was and was only on a nightly hike to clear her head.

Although Grace is a well-known upper-class psychotherapist, she either doesn’t know those closest to her – or she doesn’t quite know herself.

Did she kill Elena in a fit of jealous anger and then bury her deep?

Or did something happen in her childhood that made her determined not to see the truth – to explain why she stood by Jonathan against the odds?

Whoever is guilty, one thing seems certain – Grace’s privileged bubble has finally burst.

JONATHAN’s hot attorney Haley Fitzgerald tries to cast doubt on the case against him by suggesting that Elena’s husband Fernando (Ismael Cruz Cordova) is the real killer.

Fernando could certainly have been furious when he discovered not only that his wife was having an affair, but also that their little girl had been conceived by Jonathan.

His alibi that he took care of his little son Miguel, who was sleeping at the time, is hardly watertight.

Fernando had followed Grace too and seems to have some real anger at the Frasers.

SPEAKING from Sylvia (Lily Rabe) Her desire to be in the middle of the drama was a little unsettling.

Yes, she is Grace’s close friend and a lawyer herself, but is she a little too involved?

There was something strange about her nod to the prosecutor as she took her front row seat at the beginning of the trial.

We know Jonathan turned to Sylvia to defend him when he was discharged from the hospital – quite a big event she didn’t tell Grace about.

And she was the one who insisted that Elena’s behavior on the fundraising committee when she exposed her bare breasts and started feeding her baby was « hostile ». ”

Jonathan admitted to defense attorney Haley that he only betrayed Grace once before Elena – a connection Haley calls « the sad shit. ». ”

Did she think Grace would leave him after the murder, then she could have him all to herself?

HE does not deny that he was with Elena on the day she died – and there is no doubt Jonathan had the means, motive, and opportunity to kill his beloved.

When he realized she was getting close to Grace, Jonathan could have decided to get her down – and visiting her studio for a late night romp was the perfect alibi.

He had already gone to great lengths to cover up their affair – and even lied to his wife about the hospital discharging him about the secret relationship.

Law enforcement is clear – Jonathan’s DNA can be found all over the scene, including the victim, proving that they had sex the night she died.

But he insists that he loved her and that he only ran because he knew what things would be like. Can we still believe him?

Like Grace, viewers have only just discovered that Jonathan was « responsible » for the death of his younger sister as a child, who was hit by a car while he was in charge.

His own mother insists that he showed “neither guilt nor sadness” after this tragedy, which sets him apart as a possible sociopath.

He’s the obvious suspect – but is he a little too obvious to be the real killer?

One person who is clearly outraged by his grandson Henry’s proximity to his father is his grandfather Franklin Renner (Donald Sutherland).

He says to Grace, “Murderer or not, Jonathan needs to be as far from your son as possible. ”

The super-wealthy Franklin has long held a grudge against his son-in-law and thought he was not good enough to have married his precious daughter.

Even so, at her request, he increases Jonathan’s $ 2 million bail and pays the city’s most expensive lawyer to defend him.

Is Franklin really doing this out of love for his daughter – or is he trying to divert suspicion from himself?

He has revealed that he repeatedly cheated on Grace’s mother, and there are references to Elena being linked to « other men ». ”

He hates Jonathan enough to frame him – he once threatened to kill him, so sure he has to be believed.

There is also the opening sequence of the show, in which a little red-haired girl is portrayed – presumably a young Grace.

Jonathan and Grace’s teenage son Henry (Noah Jupe), who spoke about unlikely suspects, would have been one – until the murder weapon was discovered in his violin case.

The cliffhanger in the penultimate episode of this week showed his mother’s horror when she found the hammer in her sleeping son’s bedroom – and his eyes opened in alarm.

Henry recently announced that he knew of his father’s infidelity after seeing him outside the school gates with Elena.

He clearly adores his father and seems convinced of his argument that Elena was « not healthy » and « wanted to destroy us as a family ». .

Fraser’s recent obsession with reporting the case was evident from the start – was he paranoid?

We’ve all seen enough TV drama to know rich kids are messed up, but does Henry have the ability to commit murder?

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