Weltnachrichten – AU – Sia goes to war against the autism community for her new film « Music »


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A war has broken out online between the singer-songwriter Sia and the autism community over her upcoming film Music.

The controversy was sparked by the release of the trailer for the film, which features a young woman with autism, played by dancer / actress Maddie Ziegler. The representation was rated « offensive » and « inaccurate » by the Twitter mob, which turned into an insulting game and encouraged various organizations not to watch the video or film.

Sia eventually tweeted that she was « so confused » by the negativity about the movie she wrote and directed. Previously, she had a different attitude when announcing the trailer release.

« The news you’ve been waiting for! » Sia tweeted Thursday morning. She extolled the work of Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. . and her long-time employee Ziegler on the film. Ziegler’s engagement was the spark when the audience got upset that Ziegler was portraying a child with special needs.

« May I ask why you haven’t cast a disabled actor for this part? » Irish actress Bronagh Waugh asked. « It’s pretty offensive how you portrayed this character. People with disabilities are not broken and do not need to be fixed. ”

Sia replied that she was trying to “represent the community lovingly. That triggered Twitter, and many asked why a disabled actor couldn’t have filled the role. Sia struggled and said once: “Duh. I’ve been doing research for three fucking years, I think that’s why I’m so crazy. ”

Sia claimed she hired many « children with special skills » to work on the film, including a girl from the Spectrum, before casting Ziegler.

When a tweeter said that she and a number of other autistic actors were ready for a role, Sia replied, « Maybe you’re just a bad actor. ”

Ultimately, the film appears to have caused trouble in the community it was trying to satisfy. The UK’s National Autistic Society said: “Sia got it wrong. ”

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) also responded by saying, « Don’t watch the Sia video. ”

« F *** ity f *** why don’t you watch my film before you judge it? » She wrote on Twitter. « ANGER. ”

Dear @Sia, with respect as a fellow artist, is this the kind of response you want people to see when discussing a topic as important as people with autism? Please don’t be deaf to what they have to say. Marlee Matlin

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World news – AU – Sia goes to war against the autism community because of her new film « Music »
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