Weltnachrichten – AU – Jogger attacked by crazy kangaroo for sex and the city star’s perfume


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A jogger who is being pursued and attacked by a kangaroo in Melbourne’s far east believes the animal is « attracted to her perfume ». .

Tracy Noonan was walking in Beaconsfield, southeast of town, on Saturday when the kangaroo knocked her to the ground.

« As I was running down the street, I saw the kangaroo out of the corner of my eye and didn’t think about it much, » she told 7NEWS.

« It got closer and closer to me and then it jumped over a fence. . . Then I panicked and thought, « What is this kangaroo doing? ».

« I felt like it hit me in the back and actually knocked me to the ground. ”

The young mother said she believed the kangaroo who continued to follow her to a neighbor’s house was attracted to her perfume, Sarah Jessica Parker.

« It kept chasing me, chasing me into someone’s driveway and front yard, » she said.

While Noonan’s account of the rabid Roo was humorous, at the moment she said it was anything but.

“It was something out of a movie. . . Where do you think you are being attacked by a kangaroo? « , she said.

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World news – AU – Jogger attacked by crazy kangaroo for sex and the city star’s perfume
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Ref: https://7news.com.au


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